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Yeah the general consensus is that I should have clocked her to make her fearful of spreading such hate to those less thick-skinned than I.

But, "Yes, officer, I know I have 80 pounds and 20 years on her and 8 years of martial arts training, but I honestly thought she was a threat," doesn't seem like it would fly...

EDIT: Though I did find it charming that GothBard tried to reassure me that I don't come across as feminine. I've been an iconoclast for nearly 40 years. Attacking me over my appearance is pretty much the last possible way you'll get a rise out of me.

Oh, don't hit her. Just mess with her.

pause, look of utter shock " know what, sir, neither can I. Please help me. I haven't been able to use the bathroom for weeks." And slowly walk toward her.

scint. Stop being chaotic good.
If anything, it's Lawful Evil. I'm advocating something that breaks no laws of any sort, turning her own guidelines against her, and leaving lasting psychological scars.

*pointy blood-stamp of approval*

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Korvosa is saved. Somehow.

Yaaaaaaay! =)

Did I get what I came for?

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Well it is....

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Trying to level Laori up to the rest of the party since they kept her around, and they're several levels ahead of her. Said screw it, rebuilding her as an inquisitor.

<spiky hug!>

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Thank you guys! This was SO MUCH FUN! I can't wait until we get to play again! And I got to meet Salvatore Scream! EEEEEEEEEEEE!! I need to show you guys some of the stuff he's painted, it's WONDERFUL.

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Oooh wow! Do me next!

I'll stop you, you ridiculous monkey with your amazing open brain! Then I'm gonna find out how you did that because that's kinda awesome.

Awwwww! *spiky hugs!*

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I Blame Cosmo for the fact that work starts busy at the start of the week and slows down very much at the end of week that it is killing my hours.

I Blame Cosmo for not being able to go to sleep till around 6 AM the last two nights.

I Blame Cosmo for one of those being waken up after just going to sleep my my other cat (not Floyd) meowing her brains out pretty much right out my window.

And Finally I Blame Cosmo for the fact that I am still waiting for my shipping e-mail from Pazio for my subscription items.

Oh P.S. I Blame Cosmo for whatever Rysky find wrong with this post.

I blame Cosmo for the continual criticism John Kretzer gets from Rysky for his posts. Hasn't he suffered enough?

Sigh it is okay...I have suffered so much in my life I would not know what to do without it.

As the saying goes...Make a friend of pain and you have a friend for life.

Yay! We're BFFs ^w^

*sniffles happily* It's so beautiful....

You wouldn't believe what people will pay to get this done right. And by "right" I mean tying them to the pole with razor wire so that certain dance moves dig in just right.... *girlish squeal of delight!*

The next poster gets a kick out of being tied down, too!

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What is it all my alias' are serious business? I should make something humorous.

*jumps rope using "fresh leather"*