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Love it!


I love this for my game.

I did use two-sided tape to attach it to a $2 one-piece acrylic picture frame from Target so it can stand on its own and everyone at the table can see it.

Pics here:



I also printed out my players' names in appropriate fonts, cut them out, laminated them and used magnetic tape to make personalized character markers for them.


A very useful tool!

Beautiful, but too small!


These are great sculpts with tons of cool detail, but the minis are really small, such that they look like they are of a different scale than other Privateer Press models.

It is a shame because they are really cool in concept.

Great Ratman Bruiser


I have three of these and use them as Ratbrutes in my Ptolus campaign.

It is a great mold for this foul beast with its malicious sneer and hulking posture.

Size Medium


Love this mini. Great detail, but be advised, it is only Size Medium, not Large like your standard minotaur.

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Excellent sculpt


This mini's dynamic pose makes it one of my favourites of the Ptolus minis.

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What he said...


This mini is so much better than the Iron Wind Litorians, especially the head, as Benoist has noted.

It is a great sculpt with some nice detail, e.g., the braids in his mane.

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Very Useful Mini


Who can't use more cultists?

I like this sculpt as it is easy to paint if you want a simple fig or you can add as much detail as you like if you want an more intricate one.