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Species, Species, everywhere, but not a drop to drink


This book is a good book to get if you're interested in learning more about some of the species that populate Starfinder. It includes things like some naming conventions, history, culture, and so on.

The Evolutionist looks like a fun class to play. If you're familiar with Solarians and Vanguards, then you won't be that overwhelmed keeping track of Mutation Points and how to use them.

The Species Builder is more broad guidelines than hard rules. I think this is the right direction compared to something like PF1e's Advanced Race Guide, which tried to imply that their point system was balanced when it wasn't. A little thought and self-control does more than assigning point values will.

There's interesting class options, feats, and equipment. The only flaw I saw was a new Soldier Gear Boost that allowed them to do more damage with thrown weapons when they had higher Strength than Dexterity. However, to get this extra damage you have to throw with Dexterity, which I think only an Operative can currently do. So I think someone forgot what system they were writing for.