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One of the things for me is that I either try out concepts that I don't see often, especially in Starfinder, or I just try out classes that I usually wouldn't choose.

So, in Starfinder for example, I tended to see nothing but ranged Technomancers. All three of the other Technomancers I had seen to that point tended to sit back with a gun, cast magic missiles, and otherwise stay away. Thus my Trox Technomancer was born, and I've been surprised at how well he did and how much I enjoy playing him.

And in Pathinder, I tend to heavily avoid casters. So I made a wizard to try it out. Hated it, but I was more glad that I tried it out. One of the benefits to organized play is that I wasn't stuck in a long campaign with a class I didn't enjoy.


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I know that part of this is related to the Achievement Point system not being fully up and running, but I feel like Starfinder Society has spoiled me on getting pretty easy access to playable races fairly easily. So having things like Tengu locked away feels very restrictive, in comparison. I was looking forward to reviving my Tengu Hellknight from 1E PFS, and it seems that I'll be waiting at least as long as one of my friends has been for the Lizardfolk.

On the other hand, all of Starfinder Society's decisions are ones I'm happy with. Someday, I hope to get a starship boon to add a ram to our ship.

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The Punch Gun description explains it in the last two sentences: "All punch gun projectile weapons have a range equal to their wielder’s natural reach. Although these are ranged attacks, they do not provoke attacks of opportunity."

It's a ranged attack that doesn't provoke. Entropic Strike is a melee attack, and can't be combined with the Cestus Pistol. Same with an unarmed strike or natural attack, much like you wouldn't combine Shell Knuckles with your unarmed attack damage.

They can benefit from the Energetic fusion if you're worried about reloading.

It's a small arm, so I think all classes offer Weapon Specialization with it.

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Desert: Crazed old men distribute magic swords to try and overthrow Geb, only for their hopefuls to fall in love with their sisters and retire. Then they become the crazy old men distributing magic swords. The heat breaks people.

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I'm partial to Tar Kuata, in Osiria. The Pahmet dwarves there revere Irori, are secretive, and are also interesting since they reject dwarven traditions. They believe their dwarven traditions hold them back from reaching enlightenment. So they do things like shave their head and beards, and train in a secluded monastery.

Naturally, being a dwarf would be best, but I'd assume you could stay human and just have trained there.

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Look, all I want is a way to kill Deathwebs from orbit because spiders driving a giant undead mecha-spider is not something that should be dealt with while you're on the same planet...

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With all classes, I'd say the Bladed Scarf is better.

It doesn't have a style that is alignment locked, like the Starknife's Divine Fighting Technique from Desna. Not every class can be Desnan.

Beyond that, the Bladed Scarf is more versatile than the Starknife. It is a two-handed finessable weapon that deals damage to enemies that grapple you. The Starknife can be used to damage in a grapple, but you're almost always better off trying to get out of the grapple than you are sticking around to do damage.

The Bladed Scarf also has the disarm and trip qualities, which allow builds that want to use those maneuvers an appropriate weapon that helps them accomplish that.

At 2 lbs., the Bladed Scarf is lighter than a Starknife, which the classes that dumped strength will appreciate.

And as for unique magical weapons, the Wanderer's Scarf is good if you're around any undead. Hide from Undead, 1d6 positive energy when striking undead, and a +1 enhancement. Most of what you need in a nice tidy package that you can still wear to fancy parties without drawing much attention.


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I had never heard of PFS where I lived for the longest time. It wasn't until a bad break-up and an unwanted move that I saw a local game shop advertising their weekly Pathfinder games.

I didn't have friends in my new home, and I loved Pathfinder. So I tried it out. After a rocky start, it's become the thing I look forward to the most every week.

PFS helped my creativity by having adventures set in Golarion. I had only done the homebrew games, and only vaguely knew of the Golarion setting. The players seemed to be familiar with all the names being thrown around, so I sat down with the Inner Sea World Guide and started reading. It was amazing! Golarion is so big with so much thought and creativity in it, and now I could make characters that were tied to it.

I love that my characters have their own unique stories as they are sent on missions that they probably had no business surviving in. Meeting groups of people that my characters were both revolted by and attracted to, made every mission thrilling.

Getting to spend prestige on things like ships, land, and titles made my characters have a chance for a life outside of adventuring, which my home games didn't always lend themselves to.

It's also made me want to do PFS wherever I go, so that other people can have the chance to jump in and have fun like I did.

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Well, if part of the character's growth is to stop groping his childhood friends and grow out of flirting with everything that moves, then I actually think that the Chosen One paladin would have made the most sense. Take a pervy character, have a familiar who tries to keep them in line and train them to be a gentlemanly paladin, and it would have made a lot of sense.

If we're talking about keeping the paladin horny throughout his career? There aren't any because paladins don't tend act like that. I mean, by all means, be flirtatious and charming as a paladin, but using Lay on Hands to "grope" others doesn't usually fit what most people think of as acting honorably. "Sure, I will heal you. While I'm there, though, I should probably cop a feel." Even if you and your players are fine with it, it doesn't fit what most are going to see the paladin like. There won't be archetypes that fit with that them well.

Now, A Neutral Warpriest of the Green Mother on the other hand...

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How about having both weapons?

The heirloom sword isn't supposed to take you all the way to 20, it is something passed down to your own heir for when they start their own adventure. Maybe your parents were adventurers that fell into hard times when they retired and lost the treasures they had earned. They made sure that the sword was kept to pass on to you, though. Now, you have to let go of living up to your parents' legend and forge your own.

So you carry that weapon with you, because, in essence, the blade absorbs your experiences. It isn't a useless weapon, but it is going to be eclipsed by magical weapons that you find. You'll have your own weapon with your own story to tell, but the heirloom blade is what has connected generations of your family who've owned it.

So take up the new weapon, take a deep breath, thank your parents for their love, and turn that weapon into one that the land will never forget.

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I think it is because they don't always know what to spend their wealth on. They don't need enchanted weapons, except to walk around in humanoid form, so they just rest and try and think of something that they would buy.

Though now, if I put a dragon into a game, I think it would be fun to have a massive hoard of feather tokens (tree) as his bed...


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I'd like the Elder Mythos Cultist from Horror Adventures to be playable. I can understand why it is banned (it just screams "I'm crazy and gonna kill everyone!" to the right number of people). However, having a cleric that only used charisma was so nice since I didn't have to make a choice between channels and spellcasting.

I played one in campaign mode, and it was a lot of fun. Probably the funnest cleric I've played, since I got to be live life behind a golden mask and laugh at the fools who keep order, not knowing that the Old Ones would come one day to claim them all.

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Well, the main issue I see is that people are too hung up on having the "best" weapons. They look at average damage, critical rates and ranges, usually decide that about ten weapons are worth having because the rest are subpar. Personally, I think that people with "optimized" characters should be comfortable using any weapon, but they don't seem to be.

One of the guys I know is very proud of his level one character who readied a spear against a charge, critted, and did a ton of damage. Nothing wrong with the spear, except for it generally doesn't excite people to say they have one. You have a nodachi for your polearm? That sounds so cool. Bec-de-Corbin? Take me out to dinner before you lay that on me. Spear? Yeah, the bartender keeps them on the table next to the peanuts.

And for thejeff, there's Spear Dancing Style which is a fun and exciting style. Do silly things like give your 15' sarissa reach and the double weapon property temporarily. It basically lets you use spears/polearms the way they are used in the clip you have.