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Can someone advise on how the Punch Gun rules actually work for both unarmed attacks or something like the Vanguard's entropic strike? Would you roll to hit with the unarmed attack/entropic strike, and if it hits, you would add the damage from the Punch Gun on top of your regular damage? Would the Punch Gun require it's own attack roll on top of the unarmed attack/entropic strike roll? Would the Punch Gun damage benefit from specialization?

It doesn't seem like it would make a bunch of sense for it to be an independent weapon, with a range of "reach" and ammo capacity of 1, and not great kinetic damage.

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The Punch Gun description explains it in the last two sentences: "All punch gun projectile weapons have a range equal to their wielder’s natural reach. Although these are ranged attacks, they do not provoke attacks of opportunity."

It's a ranged attack that doesn't provoke. Entropic Strike is a melee attack, and can't be combined with the Cestus Pistol. Same with an unarmed strike or natural attack, much like you wouldn't combine Shell Knuckles with your unarmed attack damage.

They can benefit from the Energetic fusion if you're worried about reloading.

It's a small arm, so I think all classes offer Weapon Specialization with it.

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