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Anguish wrote:
Jun 2, 2016, 12:27 pm
Anguish wrote:
Backordered order is ordered. Yay.
Doobie-doobie-doo. Poke. Any chance someone forgot to ask Jeremy to send some of these Paizo-wards? Been a half year and my backorder is still just waiting for inventory.

I'm also curious if the print version will be available soon. DTRPG shows it as being available there, but I'd prefer to order it from Paizo.

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This book has me tempted to stat out Rocket Kitsune and his Ghoran bodyguard.


and gives GMs and players unique powers to use as their characters ascend to the ranks of the gods

I'm interested in hearing more about this.

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I want that Merisiel banner.

It would look great in my office.

eakratz wrote:


Thanks for this. I've been looking for different assassin prestige classes. I like the idea of giving them rogue talents!

That makes me sad, but I'm confident that it'll be worth the wait.

Was this really pushed back to December now, or is that a typo?

This thread has become a little tl;dr, so forgive me if this was already mentioned, but it would be nice to have some kind of rules for ruling a domain that isn't a traditional domain.

For example, something to model the running of a huge city. It's the end of CotCT or CoT and the city is yours - now what?

The Dark wrote:
Caveat Emptor was the one I was originally trying to find (I have that issue somewhere in my collection). That one would be a great scenario to run, since it's heavily investigative. When I tried to run it about six months after it was published, my group never did figure out what was causing the problem.

I really liked Caveat Emptor. It was set in Ted Zuvich's "Volkrad" setting, which was low magic - which is why one of the side quests in it was to find a rare +1 weapon to defeat the bad guys.

Speaking of, does Pathfinder have the equivalent of a sea wolf lycanthrope? Could they just be werewolves with the aquatic subtype and amphibious sq?

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I've been compiling a list of Dungeon and Paizo adventures that I can use for Skull and Shackles. Here is my (by no means complete, but still worth mentioning, I think) list:

Dungeon Magazine:
002 - Keep at Koralgesh, The
003 - Deadly Sea, The
006 - After the Storm
009 - Ghostship Gambit, The
011 - Wards of Witching Ways
012 - Light of Lost Souls
012 - Intrigue in the Depths
015 - Wreck of the Shining Star, The
016 - Vesicant
019 - Serpent’s Tooth, The
021 - Incident at Strathern Point
023 - Old Sea-Dog
033 - That Island Charm
034 – Isle of the Abbey
034 – Lady Rose, The
035 - The Whale
039 - Last of the Iron House
040 - Draven Deeps' Menace, The
047 – When the Light Goes Out
048 – Oracle at Sumbar, The
049 – Dark Place, The
049 – North of Narborel
050 – Back to the Beach
050 – Vaka's Curse, The
051 – Nbod's Room
058 - Caveat Emptor
063 – Huzza’s Goblin O’War
063 - Beauty Corrupt
064 – Grotto of the Queen
065 – Flotsam
066 – Operation Manta Ray
066 – Sunken Shadow, The
070 - Maze of the Morkoth, The
071 - Wildspawn
074 – Scourge of Scalabar, The
077 - To Walk Beneath the Waves
079 - Akriloth, The
096 – Hollow Threats
099 - Fish Story
106 – Tammeraut’s Fate
111 – Strike on the Rabid Dawn
113 - Practical Magic
114 - Torrents of Dread
118 - Box of Flumph
120 - The Forsaken Arch
123 – Salvage Operation
137 - Siege of the Spider Eaters
Plus many of the adventures from the Savage Tide AP.

Pathfinder Modules/Society Scenarios:

From Shore to Sea
Treasure of Chimera Cove
Silent Tide
The Hydra's Fang Incident
Perils of the Pirate Pact
The Devil We Know—Part I: Shipyard Rats
No Plunder, No Pay
Murder on the Throaty Mermaid

AD&D 2nd Edition Modules:

TSR 9542 - Evil Tide
TSR 9550 - Night of the Shark
TSR 9560 - Sea of Blood
TSR 9422 - The Murky Deep
TSR 9478 - Thief’s Challenge II Beacon Point

Dale McCoy Jr wrote:

  • Do you allow your players to use a copy of the kingdom building rules as presented in the Book of the River Nations: Complete Player's Reference for Kingdom Building? If no, why not? Are you using some modification to the rules? If so briefly describe these modifications?
  • I use the original Kingmaker Rules, Book of the River Nations, and the material from the two Wayfinder articles.

    Dale McCoy Jr wrote:

  • Which of the following would you like to see in an expansion? More building? More castle customization options? More environmental options (i.e. desert, planar), More kingdom events? Other?
  • A short list of things I'd like to see:

    1) More buildings (building tiles for those buildings would be a huge plus!)
    2) More open space developments
    3) More environmental options
    4) Options for different cultures - Far East, Viking, Middle Eastern, etc.
    5) Expanded rules for trade and diplomacy.
    6) More army tactics and upgrades.
    7) More castle customization options. Or even better, city wall upgrades. I've considered using some of the castle upgrades from BotRN and applying them to city walls.

    Jeff Erwin wrote:
    Valadorn wrote:
    Evil Midnight Lurker wrote:

    Page 11: "The speed of a ship bearing a brigantine rig is" what?

    I'd actually love an answer to this as well.
    Is the same as the base vessel. Sorry about that.


    Evil Midnight Lurker wrote:

    Page 11: "The speed of a ship bearing a brigantine rig is" what?

    I'd actually love an answer to this as well.

    Devastation Bob wrote:
    Sci-Fi City ain't what she used to be. They've got a ton of space and not a lot of stock. Basic stuff like dice and mini's you'd still probably be able to find there though. Colliseum of Comics, also in Orlando also has some gaming stuff if Sci-Fi doesn't have what you need.

    IMHO, they were never the same after they moved to their current location. I used to love Enterprise 1701 back in the day.

    Sci-Fi City is indeed the place to go in Orlando. I used to buy all of my RPG stuff there before I started buying directly from Paizo.

    Here's a map.