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"Alright, enough horsing around. It's time you got to your ship, Pathfinders!" Valsin says. Turning to Brondulf, he answers one last questions. "Blackthane is a friend of mine, and a retired Pathfinder agent. I trust him. All he's been asked to do is gather the materials from the wreck and keep them safe until you arrive to bring them back."

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"Hmph. That's enough of that, agent. You've a job to do." Valsin snaps his fingers and a clerk appears in the doorway. "Drumknott," Valsin addresses the man, "would you please fetch some coffee for our friend here? Black, by my guess. He has some sobering to do."

He shuffles some papers on his desk, then continues. "As for your questions: Alysandro is the captain of the Durven's Query. Who else would sign the ship's manifest? And if there is carting or lifting to be done after meeting with Mr. Blackthane, then I expect you to take care of it. Pathfinders do what needs doing. Now, does anyone else have any questions?"

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Guntram Falk wrote:
He listens quietly as Valsin describes the mission. Whit kin' ay unusual events?

Ambrus counts off the occurrences on his fingers. “Unfavorable winds. Constant storms. Hull covered with barnacles—repeatedly. Struck by lightning—repeatedly. Clots of seaweed that blocked passage. The crew also had to make several detours to avoid sea creatures of unusual size. The team now has the dubious distinction of providing the first confirmed sighting of a kraken this close to Absalom in almost two decades.”

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”Never mind that now!” he snaps, grabbing the notes from her. ”Well, despite the best efforts of my young messenger here, you still might just make it on-board before the Hungry Ankheg sets sail. Balentiir will explain your mission when you arrive in Sothis. Now hustle!”

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”What are you lot doing here? Your ship for Sothis leaves from the Docks in twenty minutes! Didn’t you get my message?”