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Congratulations and thank you.

Buona fortuna per il futuro!


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I had the pleasure of editing the Italian translation of this Adventure Path and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't really like dungeons, but I would gladly be a GM for this adventure full of interesting ideas and great NPCs!!
Bravi, bravi, bravi the three authors. Ben fatto!

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Great map!

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I would like to cancel my Subscription to Pathfinder Adventure Path.

Thank you


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Thrawn82 wrote:
BobROE wrote:
Thrawn82 wrote:
I don;t have any inside information, but I think it's safe to say Coronavirus is whats up with shipping. There's a severe squeeze on ships, actual cargo containers, and port space for loading and unloading. That means anything that goes on a boat is more expensive and probably delayed. It's not just paizo, it's everyone.
Oh, the delays I understand, and totally accept. It's the random price changes that I don't.
You missed my point I think: It's not paizo changing the price, its the international shipping companies. if you look back a few pages you can see the paizo rep talking about how the shipping price charts have been updated for them and they've gone up (because it's a sellers market for shipping so prices are up across the board because of the shortages)

Let's try to clarify. Even if an increase in shipping costs is due to external factors, perhaps even legitimate ones, this does not mean that it is okay for me to receive the order spawning email with $ 5.65 in shipping costs and then in my order history I see a charge of $ 15.72. It is not the money that makes the difference, it is the way in which it was managed.

Now what I am wondering is this: will these be the shipping costs that I will have to expect in the future?

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About measures.
Hi, my name is Umberto Boni and I work on the official Italian translation of Pathfinder, below is our conversion table that we use starting from Pathfinder Playtest.

1 foot (ft) = 30 centimetri (cm)
5 foot (ft)(1 square) = 1,5 metri (m) (1 quadretto)
10 foot (ft) = 3 metri (m)
15 foot (ft) = 4,5 metri (m)
20 foot (ft) = 6 metri (m)
100 foot (ft) = 30 metri (m)
1 yard (yd) = 1 metro (m)
1 mile (m) = 1,8 chilometri (km)
1 fluid ounce (fl oz) = 30 millilitri (ml)
1 ounce (oz) = 30 grammi (g)
1 pint (pt) = 0,5 litri (l)
1 gallon = 4 litri (l)
1 pound (lb) = 0,5 chilogrammi (kg)
1 square yard = 1 metro quadrato (m2)
1 cubic feet = 30 decimetri cubi (dm3)

In the past we converted 1 mile to 1.5 kilometers, but this created some problems over long distances.
By doing some reverse engineering, on the TABLE 9-2: TRAVEL SPEED (Core Rulebook 2e 479) we found that for Paizo 1 mile it's about 1.8 kilometers.
For the "uninitiated", there are many types of miles in the US, but the most used are this:

1 statute mile (m) = 1609,344 metri (m)
1 US nautical mile (nm) = 1853,24 metri (m)

So it seems that Paizo used the nautical mile for his measurements.

To convert temperatures, instead we rely on measurement converters like pocket calculators or google. Too complicated to convert F ° to C ° manually.

Waiting for the US to convert to the International System of Units (SI) like the rest of the world, I hope all this can be useful to you.

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Congratulations to Brazilian friends! Last year, with an enormous effort, we were able to release the Playtest in Italian only in November. This time we decided to take more time and go out in April 2020. So again congratulations to Brazilian friends, they must have spent several sleepless nights to be able to reach such goal!


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As a player, at some point the kingdom has become a burden. I would have liked more opportunities to interact with the neighboring kingdoms or factions.
To be able to stipulate a minimum of diplomatic or commercial agreements would be desirable.
It would also be nice to have a more incisive basic story, the kingdom should suffer a more intense threat level with a tangible and threatening enemy.

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Can't wait!!!
After three consecutive Adventure Path that were not of my liking, finally something interesting!

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It appears that on the map there is a planet whose shape looks like that of Star Trek Attack Wing.

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Nohwear wrote:
User69 wrote:

Personally, I suggest you to wait until September and buy Curse of the Crimson Throne Hardcover, definitely the best ever written Adventure Path.

The plot is full of twists that players, especially those beginners, will appreciate.
While I am sure that CotCT is a good AP and will be something that I would enjoy running, I feel that I am faced with an opportunity that I need to act on soon in order to grow my local community.

Given the urgency, then I support the suggestion of Lord Fyre, Rise of the Runelords Anniversary is definitely the right choice

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In Italy we are lucky.
The Italian publisher Giochi Uniti has decided to do some adventure path in hardcover. Currently we have, Kingmaker, Jade Regent and Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition as a single hardcover book.

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The next 2015 spring AP, could relate to the Darkland under Avistan (element of earth).
We had Skull & Shackles (2012) about element of water (ocean, island, ship, pirates).
Reign of Winter (2013) dedicated to the element of air (cold climate, flying drake battle, long travel).
Then, Mummy's Mask (2014) dedicated to the element of fire (hot, desert).

Possibly Paizo is doing a quadrilogy of the Elements and the next is earth?

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Name: Danae
Race: Aasimar
Classes/levels: Sorceress 8th
Adventure: Maiden, Mother, Crone
Location: The Ratter
Catalyst: Forgot to use Knowlegde skill

The Gory Details:

After exchanging the Babilith for a common giant spider (she forgot to make the knowledge test), she cast the spell Phantasmal Killer on it.
Of course, the monster made ​​the saving throw sending back the horrific hallucinations and killing her instantly.