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This is very interesting. I, myself, may use it as an option for groups that don't like to keep track of time and don't like rushing from room to room.

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This pain in my chest is most illogical.

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I think it's the same reason a lot of new players try out monks and rangers. You don't need system mastery to see they get a lot of tools to play with. Personally I recommend a class like them to start out with, that way you can see what type of character you like (melee, spellcaster, etc.)

Ah! It's still 12 hours!

dien wrote:
Thanks for the heads up, Uncommoner! I think you'll get lots of people... :P

I hope so :P There's plenty of talent out here! And I'd like to help in any way I can!

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First timer here, too! I survived the cull, but that's not making me any more nervous!

By the way, I run Flaming Crab Games, and I'd love to have anyone who submitted an item this year on board for my next book (a not yet named magic item tome exclusively for people who've submitted to Superstar 2015)!

I have just posted about that here

Hi, I'm the mentioned player. I'll go ahead and warn anyone that this is a pretty ridiculous build. Also, I don't have my character sheet on me, so I'm doing this mostly on the top of my head.

Master Sensei Build:

Name: Master Sensei
Class: Monk [Qinggong/Sensei] with Vow of Poverty (+1 ki/ level)
Favored Class: Monk (+1/4 ki/ level)
Race: Human (Tian Xia)
Age: Venerable (-6 physical/ +3 mental)
Ability Scores:
Str 1 Int 18
Dex 1 Wis 25
Con 1 Cha 18
Trait: Never Stop Shooting
1) Die Hard
3) Toughness
5) Deific Obedience (Irori)
7) Empower Spell-like ability (Scorching Ray)

From Sensei:
Advice (bardic performance)
Insightful Strike (Wisdom to attack/CMB)
Mystic Wisdom

From Qinggong:
Hydraulic Push (1 ki)
Scorching Ray (2 ki)
Dragon's Breath (2 ki)

Item: (only 1 because of Vow of Poverty)
Ring of Ki Mastery (reduces ki power costs down to 1 ki)

Ki Pool is 25 = 8 (Vow of Poverty) + 2 (favored class) + 4 (monk levels) + 7 (Wisdom).
This allows 25 dragon breaths, scorching rays, hydraulic pushes, etc. per day.
Master Sensei dragon breaths when possible, scorching ray if allies are in the way of breaths, hydraulic push for bull-rushing, and stunning fist due to his high hit chance and DC. He uses his empowered scorching ray when things get nasty.

Character usually spends the majority of combat using a move action to run somewhere and then a standard action to blast.

Never Stop Shooting lets the character use his wisdom instead of his constitution to determine how low his health can go into the negatives. With diehard, the character can continue to use his spell-like abilities while bleeding.

After gaining mythic ascension, this character will be able to go to -50 before dying. In addition, he'll take longevity to boost his physical stats to 7 each.

(By the way, his high intelligence and charisma have no combat purpose. He's simply an evil lich wannabe that acts like a sweet old man. So he can be a semi decent skill monkey/ face)

Sorry I didn't link anything, my Internet became pretty shot after a storm last night. So it'd probably crash if I opened another tab.

The Inquisitor is my favorite class (both mechanics and flavor-wise), so I'm excited to see that this is class is going to be shaping up to be a bit of a nature inquisitor!

The spont. casting, ranger spells, and 6 skills were all basic adjustments that should help it alot!

Also, I think half of the Hunters out there will be Feral Hunters, haha

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Hmmmmm, I get the sneaking suspicion I won't be seeing any more rangers or rogues in my games anymore..

Justin Sane wrote:
I've used poker chips to tracks all kinds of stuff before.

I can definitely attest to this idea.

Our group tried Psionics for the first time a week ago (all of us except the GM). For people like myself, poker chips or pennies help a lot with power management!

Dreamscarred Press did an excellent job with psionics. Ultimate Psionics was a fantastic purchase! I can't say I was initially excited about learning a new subsystem... But after a couple sessions, psionics became much more intuitive than vancian magic. And I've quickly come to love it!

*makes a note to play a skald named Lord Kickass IV*

Drogon wrote:
  • The new spring 2015 book is Pathfinder Unchained. It is described as the book that the developers got to write without being chained down by something like backwards compatibility. So, a more powerful rogue, a monk with full BAB, a summoner that isn't broken beyond belief. These are the kinds of optional rules they plan to introduce, allowing GMs to[/list]...
  • Yesss!! Pathfinder's certainly established itself as a complete creature with no need for 3.5 backwards compatibility. So I'm excited to see what the team can do to fix old unnecessary problems! We want to love you rogue and monk...maybe we shall soon...