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The Ultimate PDF for Sorcerers


Here we have a big ole book that has everything you need to play a sorcerer. The PRD-only version clocks in at 150+ pages, and the 3pp has 350+ pages. The difference between these two PDFs is pretty straightforward: PRD document contains information from the Pathfinder Reference Document and the 3pp version contains content from other 3rd party publishers. In this review, I'll cover the PRD-only PDF.

The PDF has both bookmarks aplenty and links that make it easy to hop around this large document. The document is clean, simple, and printer-friendly. Additionally, Echelon Game Design regularly updates this products, ensuring that the content is up-to-date. Very cool!

The PDF starts off with legal stuff, table of contents, an introduction to the Echelon Reference Series, and then we jump right into things. The sorcerer's base class features are crunched into 3 pages, including a standard table. Worthy of note is the listing of class skills. These skills are sorted by ability score instead of the standard alphatetical order. I must say I'm a fan of this!

The next chapter covers sorcerer archetypes. The first half of the chapter has a brief overview of each archetype. The second half of the chapter has a "Sorcerer Archetype Classes" section. This section shows you how your class looks once you apply an archetype to it. The archetype classes get a table, class skills, saves, class features, the whole bill! There's no needed to backtrack and see what class features you do or do not have. Of note is the Crossblooded Sorcerer. The table shows you your adjusted spells known, instead of simply stating "one less spell per spell level."

The next chapter goes into greater detail about each sorcerer class feature. We're even shown feats that each class feature qualifies the sorcerer for.

Next we have the Feats chapter. Since the sorcerer doesn't have very many feats exclusive to it, this section is very short. It's in the standard ERS format with feat webs. However, I heard there are plans to add bloodline feats to this section, soon.

Following that is the Spell List chapter. This is pretty straightforward. It has all the sorcerer/wizard spells in the PRD. This PDF doesn't have spell descriptions for said spells. This is understandable considering that these would almost double the length of this PDF.

Next is the NPC chapter. Here we get a couple dozen sorcerer NPCs. Ranging from CR 1/2 to CR 19.

Finally we have the ever useful appendices chapter, Which includes an expansive index and diagram index. And then it closes off with the OGL.


In short, this is a large PDF chock full of everything about sorcerers that can be found in the PRD. This is simple and printer-friendly. Be aware this book doesn't have any art nor any new material. This fills its purpose and nothing more. It saves the reader time by collecting all the information you'd want in a single place. Additionally, Echelon Game Design does a great job of regularly updating their products. If I had a complaint, it'd be the lack of art to fill the occasional page that has plenty of black space. That's not much of a complaint though since I'm not even sure that I'd want there to be art filling up a simple, sleek PDF.

5 stars. I can't recommend this enough if you are playing a (pure, non-multiclassing) sorcerer and want to have everything you need to know in one place.

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Fun and Useful


[My longer review got gobbled by an Internet outtage. I'll try to revisit this with a more detailed review later.]

For those of you like me that are into tables and diagrams and love world-building, I suggest you pick up this printable PDF!

It provides worksheets to create a balanced pantheon using the points/faces of dice as a base. Each point/face gains a domain. A deity is placed on a point/face and gains that specific domain and the adjacent faces/points.

Each die (d4 through d20) has an associated template for a pantheon. As you may imagine, the d20 pantheon is much bigger with 32 deity/domain slots.

This is easily one of my favorite products from any publisher. An easy 5 stars (maybe 6 stars for being free!)