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Hmm's Dark Archives Duology: 'Lady of the Harvest' & 'Tomorrow's Feast' [OUTPOST VI]

GameDay XI: DM S's "Expedition into Pallid Peril" [5-6] (inactive)

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Assumes Thimble Scouting
[dice=Apollo]d20+12+1[/dice] Search (LLV)
[dice=Jayma]d20+10+1[/dice] Detect Magic (LLV, DV)
[dice=Krek]d20+9+1[/dice] (DV) Defend
[dice=Makai]d20+13+1[/dice] (DV) Defend
[dice=Samantha]d20+11+1[/dice] Search
[dice=Thimble]d20+11+1[/dice] (DV) Scouting

[dice=Apollo]d20+12[/dice] (LLV)
[dice=Jayma]d20+10[/dice] (LLV, DV)
[dice=Krek]d20+9[/dice] (DV)
[dice=Makai]d20+13[/dice] (DV)
[dice=Thimble]d20+11[/dice] (DV)

GM Blazej's - Lodge of the Living God Gameplay (inactive)

GM Chadius [PbP Gameday] PFS2 1-02: The Mosquito Witch (inactive)

GM Doug's Path Of Kings [Outpost IV] (inactive)

GM Numbat PFS2 1-06 Lost on the Spirit Road (inactive)

GM Tyranius (PF2) Perennial Crown Part 1 and 2 (inactive)

GM Tyranius (PF2) Star-Crossed Voyages (Tier 3-6) (inactive)

GM Valen's The Sandstone Secret (PFS2e Quest 1 - March 2020) (inactive)

PFS #2-08 A Frosty Mug (inactive)

PFS2e 3-17 - Dreams of a Dustbound Isle (KS) (inactive)

Tier 5-8
Subtier 7-8
Tags: Faction (Radiant Oath, Verdant Wheel), Metaplot
26 Challenge Points
E21, S23, H25

[GDX] GM Blake - PFS(2) 2-02: Mountain of Sea and Sky (inactive)

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CP 16 (6-player)

[Outpost IV PFS2 1-05] GM Chadius - Trailblazer's Bounty (inactive)

Discovery Points: 25

[PbP Gameday][RD] PFS2 1-07: Flood Kings Court (inactive)

[PF2/Farol] 3-04 The Devil-Wrought Disappearance (inactive)


[PFS2, Outpost05] 2-23 An Agent's Obligation (GM Watery Soup) (inactive)

[PFS2] 2-14 Lost in Flames (GM Watery Soup) (inactive)