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First I want to express a little disappointment that my card had to be charged for shipping Order # 2588731. Since the rest of my year is under financial scrutiny the card I am currently using only had enough money on it to cover the next four months of the monthly $3 monthly use fee. Now I don't know how well that's covered. This leads into the next part.

Since I know I am not going to have the funds available on my card to process the shipping fee of Order # 2590931, I request that the shipping fee be deducted from my store credit. If that can't be done then please cancel Order # 2590931.

Louis Agresta wrote:
It's in the main Razor Coast book.

Thanks. When you say the main book, I assume you mean the massive compilation tome, the adventures stripped out and the naval info stripped out should make this product (Freebooter's Guide) the "main" book of the smaller books.

Also, no Blood Sense feat.

On page 20, under the Granted Powers of the Hunger domain, characters with it gain Chosen of the Shark God as a bonus feat. In Chapter 10 there is no such feat.

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As per the title of the thread. I'm a bit stymied by this. Bless Water is a [Good] spell, why isn't Bless Weapon?

Wow, these rules questions get buried fast.

If I give a race the Envoy and Magical Linguist racial qualities, would the granted spell-like abilities stack to allow more uses of overlapping spell-like abilities?

Now that the hardcovers have vanished from the product pages, I am curious if this going to affect my pre-order.

Anyone have any news about the books?

I pre-ordered back in May. And my copy is still in limbo.

The hardcover is now unavailable?

Due to a hiccup in my expenses I need to put my subscriptions on hold for a month.

Does the printed version include the Forgotten Realms Lower Left Quadrant map?

I know it says it does in the description, but I want to know if the magazine is still sealed or if it comes open.

Will be buying this real soon. Any chance for a Bullet Point: Anachronistic Weapons PDF?

Quick question: Will this also be available as a Swords & Wizardry book, or does this version make the need for a S&W specific one unnecessary?

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I'm a little lost. Is that a yes?

Goblin Squad Member

Have they been sent out?

Heine Stick wrote:
Twin Dragons wrote:
Hardback! Very interesting.

*blinks* Where do you see that this is hardback? The only reference to anything hardback, as far as I can tell, is the phrase...

Product description wrote:
The must-have expansion to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game’s newest and most ambitious hardcover, Mythic Adventures, this guide to epic legends, secret places of power, and mythic hotspots infuses the Pathfinder campaign setting with phenomenal new power.

...which indicates, to me at least, that Mythic Realms will be a companion to the hardcover Mythic Adventures, not that Mythic Realms will be a hardcover.

Not that I'd mind a hardcover Mythic Realms, mind you! :)

Misinterpretation on my part....d'oh!

Hardback! Very interesting.

Just curious as to why these are still pending?

With eight issues of Wayfinder and the Chronicler Anthology under it's belt perhaps now is a good time to Kickstart a compilation of everything produced by Paizo Fans United.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Selling a million copies over ten years is different than selling a million copies in one?

I think it might have something to do with secondhand sales.

As a backer of the Pathfinder Online: A Fantasy Sandbox MMO who is in for quite a bit of money, I am a little bit nervous about the whole survey thing (about it potentially not going out).

So now I need to know, do I absolutely need to have my Kicakstarter and Paizo accounts synced up so that I can be sure of getting what I want out of it? If yes, how do I sync them up?

And Thornkeep. Thank you.

Any news, Liz?

I only have one issue with this product, as graphic intensive as it is it is rerendered every time I scroll down. Any chance of include a lite version with the download that is more screen friendly?


Thanks or the 411, Cosmo.

I'd really like to add an extra AP subscription to my account to be able to get additional copies for Reign of Winter. As an experiment I tried to see if it would work, but I'm guessing Paizo folk are going to have to do something on their end to ensure that subscribers who want more than 1 sub to a specific product line can have them.

My rabbit-folk write up!

So what is the deal with getting this as a POD?

Is the cost of the APs increasing with Reign of Winter?

Please cancel my Modules, Campaign Setting & Player Companion subs. Thank you.

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I just received my order today and even though the package says Do Not Bend on it, some moron decided to try to bend it and thus I received my package mutilated. Is it possible to get a replacements for my books?

House of Thrune: Current ruling house of Cheliax, which took power following Aroden's death by making compacts with the devils of hell.

Compacts or contracts?

My Anchorite class.

My card shows that I've been charged, but according to my order history this is still showing as pending. Just curious to know what is up.

I'm in.

Please cancel my Adventure Path subscription.

Looks like I'm not going to be able to afford this after all. Please cancel.

Never mind. Please cancel this order.

Please retry payment for this order. Funds have been added and transfer of funds payment should prove successful.

Unboxing and overview of contents on YouTube!

So when will The Ultimate Guide to Godlings be released? I want all Godling material in one release, one PDF!!

Many thanks.

Any chance of this going POD like the campaign book on

Bump just in case this wasn't seen yet.

I'm really interested in getting this, but I'd prefer to get a print copy. Any chance of that happening?

Many thanks.

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