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Vic Wertz wrote:
Travioli wrote:
Still havent answered my question... Whens the Next puzzle gonna be?
We're thinking right around Oidhche Shamhna.

So Around Halloween, Hope its a good puzzle . . .

Still havent answered my question... Whens the Next puzzle gonna be?

So When's the next puzzle?

Any idea as to when the next puzzle will be?

oh and As much of a pain in the *SS this puzzle was, i enjoyed it and i hope there will be more

I have solved it but i must say that you people that have created this puzzle are EVIL. I look back now at the posts about people solving it and the clues that they give you. Now i see where they all fit in. I congratualate all those that solved it before me and those that will solve it after me. To those that have yet to solve it, i wont give anything away, i say Good Luck

i got a total of 26 capstones other people got 30 and others got 28. How many are there?

This damn puzzle has me so confuzzeled. it is killing me. all i got to say is that the solution better be worth it.

I have come to the conclusion and EVERYONE should know this: The 7 ?s represent a 7 digit (number) code. i dont know what code it is or what the Titanic T could represent except that it represent the starting position of the code. That being said i have tried every possible combination that i could think of to solve this but have come up with "you have not found the key". It is starting to get bad. i am starting to see this puzzle in my sleep and trying to figure it out in my sleep isnt helping either. My head keeps flashing "You have noy found the key"

Vic Wertz wrote:
Lord Stewpndous wrote:
There was a post earlier stating that Cyan is actually representing BLUE in this case and the one that most people call blue is actually INDIGO. As in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. Hope this helps. I haven't solved it either :(

While this is correct, it doesn't actually matter whether you call a particular frequency of light Violet, Purple, or even Lilac. Technically, you could solve this puzzle even if you only spoke French, Portuguese, or Pig Latin.


So by saying that you should be able to solve the puzzle if you spoke French, portuguese, or Pig Latin he basically said that the seven ?'s are represented by a number sequence. it has absolutely nothing to do with any letters.

about what time Central standard time is this clue goin to apprear tomorrow? that would help And will this clue appear in the picture or will it appear elsewhere like at the actual stonehenge? Wait . . . isnt tomorrow the actual equinox?

R Lawrence wrote:

Here's a hint:

What do you get when you combine all the colors of the visible spectrum?

This person knows nothing about what he is talking about. he is just a jackass who is trying to throw you off. This puzzle has to do with the equinox. What is has to do with the equinox? I have no clue. R Lawrence is not a message board moderator or anything like that dont let him fool you.

Ok what exactly are all the colors? starting from the left, i have blue, red, green, purple, a lighter blue sort of cyan, yellow, and orange. how would these be arranged in the visible spectrum? mainly all i wanna know is where the cyan color would fit. This puzzule has baffled me. I havent taken my eyes off of it since i found it and that was two days ago. Havent slept either. some help would be appreciated.