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Don't smurfing forget us! We are part of Paizo's ecosystem. Like smurfbeetles on rotting threads. Hey, we even have our own movie and everything!


Gary Teter wrote:
Why am I not playing this game RIGHT NOW?!

Holy Smurf! Did you smurf out the smurfin' price smurf? That's kinda smurfy.

What has Gargamel done in his three years in office? He promised if we sacrificed 10% of our population that we would be able to pay the deficit with the resulting gold production. Instead he goes golfing and throws lavish parties at his house with royal minstrels while starting wars with the Efreeti! And we owe more money than ever before! I say enough!



Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Traveller Smurf wrote:


"Another apple brandy if you smurf Sharinda."


The kobold's eyes narrow. "You a svirfneblin?" Surprisingly, he pronounces this word perfectly.


Wow, this brandy packs a whallop! Am I seeing a smurfbold? Holy Smurf! Sharinda, mebbe I need to get a coffee with extra extra smurf instead...


"Another apple brandy if you smurf Sharinda."


Traveller Smurf wrote:
Dr. Double Honors, Ph.D. wrote:
If people don't see the value of the little blue gnomes, either they haven't seen them stomp out a combusting thread, or they love to bask in everburning flames.
Oh it's getting even better now Dr. Double D. The smurf is hitting the smurf!

Hurm indeed the smurf hit the smurf. Ah well, haters gotta hate, smurfers gotta smurf. You'd think for such an imagination-based game there wouldn't be so many dried up humorless lurker-posters involved in posting.

Plus another reason why posters' proper names shouldn't be used in FAWTLY. Here there be (lurking) dragons.

Dr. Double Honors, Ph.D. wrote:
If people don't see the value of the little blue gnomes, either they haven't seen them stomp out a combusting thread, or they love to bask in everburning flames.

Oh it's getting even better now Dr. Double D. The smurf is hitting the smurf!

Obi-Jack wrote:
There is much anger in this one.

We smurfs are an oppressed minority! Down with the humorless oppressors!

THIS ... IS ... SMURFTA!!!!!!!!!!!

Karrin! Your smurf is getting cold! And there's a big smurf of smurf here for you!


I smurfing LOVE cake!

Happy Smurfday Karrin!

Holy smurfaronics!

Smokey Bogwash wrote:

Don't look at me, my PbP folded ...

Hey! You're the smurfin' smurfhead who got me smurfed to the World Serpent Smurf!

Oh and you might be a Paizo nerd if you have a dedicated smurf alias..

I never smurf what's smurfing on in this place ...

O Smurfs! my smurfs!
our fearful thread is back,
The thread has weathered every smurf,
the forum we smurfed is on track,
The smurf is near, the smurfs I hear,
the smurfs are all exulting,
While follow smurfs the steady thread,
the forum smurf and smurfing;

But O smurf! smurf! smurf!
O the bleeding drops of blue,
Where on the thread my smurfs they lie,
Fallen smurf and true.

Now to practice a bit of smurfromancy!

Smurf of newt
and smurf of toad
let this archived smurf

Traveller Smurf belches contentedly

Another toast! To the neverending Game!

He holds out his second Apple Brandy shot and fires it down

Smurf on smurfy dude!

Traveller Smurf raises his apple brandy

"I'll smurf to that!" He cries

Smurf Jack wrote:
Patrick Curtin wrote:

I'd love a Modron avatar M'self, but we know that Avernus will have a blizzard about the time that happens ....

Hmm, maybe if I ask real nice I could get a Flumph ....

Maybe you could be Flumph Smurf.

What an intersting NPC! A smurf with a Flumph template!

Or would that be a flumph with a smurf template?

yeah he needs to smurf out. It's only a smurf after all.

What a neat idea! Change his name to Paranoid Smurf for the day! Tee hee!

Regrows head

Smurf of raven
Smurf of crow
I've said my curse
And now I go!

Disappears in a puff of blue smoke

A Smurf in kabbalistic wizard's robes suddenly poofs into the thread


Abracapocus! Hocuscadabra! Walla-walla Washington!

Waves his stubby blue arms at the orb in a complex manner

Smurf of toad
And smurf of newt
Change the kobold's birthday suit!

Traveller Smurf grins

Smurf me up some apple brandy Mitchifer! He squeaks

Traveller Smurf starts

"Oh I am smurfy if I got you all smurfed up Hop Toy!"

He nods

"But you are right those storks are real smurftards."

Traveller Smurf answers


::It sounds like you have a good set up there Hop Toy. I smurf several toads that are always hungry cause they can't smurf any crickets or they get smurfed by hawks and foxes::

Ware the smurfs!

Mitchifer wrote:
"Ya know I once knew a mad old hedge wizard who wanted to bake a bunch of little blue folk into pies or somesuch... Barmy lugged about the most bedraggled cat I've ever seen around too! Heard he got 'et by a warren of Xvarts in Acheron."

Traveller Smurf starts

"Gargamel! Oh I hope that rumor is true Mitchifer!"

Traveller Smurf turns to Hop Toy:


::I'm more than happy to smurf with you Hop Toy! It must not be very much smurf not being able to smurf with anyone for so many smurfs but your friend Malfaerr::

Traveller Smurf responds in a croaking voice


::I had to speak a lot of it when I traveled in the forest. Frogs and toads know the best hiding spots::

Traveller Smurf nods his head

I guess so Hop Toy!

He speaks Amphibian, grig and honeybee, being a Smurf

Traveller Smurf looks up from his apple brandy

"Wow. What the smurf is up with this smurf." He whispers to Hop Toy

Traveller Smurf harumfs

"I have a weird smurf. You should smurf yourselves smurf some time."

The Witchbrand wrote:
The Witchbrand nods. "Thank you, Olli. It would appear that there's quite a crowd of...unusual folk here. I'll fit right in."

The small blue creature looks at the newcomer

Yeah there are some smurfing weirdos in this place. It is a smurfing weird place all together!

Traveller Smurf sips a thimble of apple brandy

we shall smurf on the seas and oceans,
we shall smurf with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our smurfs, whatever the cost may be,
we shall smurf on the beaches,
we shall smurf on the landing grounds,
we shall smurf in the fields and in the streets,
we shall smurf in the hills!

Actually we smurfs are from Belgium

Vive Les Schtroumpfs!


of Smurf tossing

SMURF! WAIT FOR MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raizen wrote:


Oh and do you need help with that smnrf?

Traveller Smurf peeks out from Karrin's hair.

"And just what the smurf do you smurf by that tall, dark and smurfy?"

Traveller Smurf shivers, holding onto a stray curl of Karrin's hair for balance.

"Well, thank smurf for that. I appreciate it, Karrin."

Traveller Smurf nervously eyes both the alien cat creature and the evil-looking goblin.

"Out of the smurfing pan into the smurf." He mutters to himself.

"I'm starting to smurf that smurfing from Azrael in the forest all the smurf wasn't so smurfing horrible after all."

Traveller Smurf peeks out from Karrin's curly tresses

"By Papa Smurf's beard that is one smurfing ugly thing."


Traveller Smurf runs quickly up into Karrin's shoulder and hides in her thick hair.

"Smurf me Karrin! That big smurfing ugly thing is trying to smurf me!"

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