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Dr. Tes

The esteemed Dr of Words gets sidetracked as Bradan and Poke walk into the dressmaker's shop. Several people are standing around shooting the breeze.

"The rascal was finally caught. Too bad it wasn't in his hideout."

"They say he wouldn't give up his hoard. They even offered mercy from Gilly if he would talk."

"At least his band is leaderless. They will turn on themselves quick enough...gold does that to a person."

"Glad they convicted 'im, chop off 'is head and lets be ride of scoundrel."

"Crime doesn't pay here or in Foggy Lake.'


A second group of people talk.

"The trial was quick and clean. He was found guilty."

"May Mr. Turner's soul rest in peace. Now, his widow will now be able to rest easy when she heads back to her Manor house.."


Grungsdi wrote:

1d20+14+2 fort

Grung slams down the next drink, he doesn't even grimage

Now! That is a good night! Men, in the morning we fight, remember the comradery of this evening on the morrow, these are your bothers and sisters! We fight together, we live together, and we will get to drink together tomorrow!

1d20+1 diplo

"YES WE FIGHT TOMORROW." the general roar goes up.

One of the townie on-lookers shrugs, "Big boom..mag'c...fun'ie type of potion fire...maybe. All the strange folks mixin' and tinker'n wit stuff that ain's suppose to be messed wit."

"Whoa b'g fella, we's be 'ere to look fer work." The one snaggle toothed man answer. "Beside yous want to bash some skulls, you'd be spendin' some time in jail." He nods towards a squad of dragoons walking the wharf.

His eyes are as big as saucers when he gets the confirmation of that he is cursed. Instinctively he mumbles prayer. He nods his acceptance.

"Curse!!!! I'm cursed????" One of the bitten fisherman squawks. Wide-eyed he looks at the priestess, "Well take it away...cure me." There is fear in his voice.

"W..w...how do we get out?' The nervous fisherman squeaks. "W...w...we're just simply fisherman, were not thugs and we're not weapon masters like yourselves."

"There's a terrifyin' one...he's so fast. He tripped up half the crew 'fore we knew we was und'r attack." The fisherman looks around the dead weresharks. "He's Dalang's right hand." Everyone grabs a weapon from that's been piled up.

The young boy has been biten along with 3 other merchant sailors. Each has fever and looks haggard, malnourished, and will explain that they are the crew from the schooner called the Angel’s Breath that ran afoul of
the weresharks. There is one young man who has not been "Kissed" in the blessing ceremony. They explain that a massive black shark administered the blessing when they are thrown into the water.

Another chimes in, You fool. The Lodge sent Perrin on a longrange
patrol in the Albatross. They’re covering up the real mission by claiming it’s about Garr Bloodbane’s Gold. That gold aint be found."

Bri finds the rundown apartment house that is on the piece of paper. There's a group loitering out front and they catcall you as you approach. You gather that he lives on the third floor from the noted. The building itself is wooden and has a light lean to left which is more pronounced on the higher floors.

"Four copp'rs fer a half hour."