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"My Lord son...did yeh stab yerself in the eye? Does this look like a tanner? This is a fine dressmaker...git those smelly things out of 'ere or I'll call the guard in fer disrupting the peace." She gestures wildily overhead, "And take that beady-eyed goblin with you." she points at Poke Poke who has juicy sauce smeared over on his face.

She yells as you leave, "And take a bath!"

The townie quickly looks at Desmond then back at Nym. " thanks....I'll get the and sheriff." She turns and runs away.

The townie begins by saying the "Oh, the Slywink is my favorite tav..." She notices Nym and her rose cheeks blanch, like she saw a ghost.

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Two days later you find yourself walking into Fentonville the small town in Nirmathas which as served as a base for group in the past. A short description and map are located in the campagin info tab under the settlements spoiler.

You can see when you enter that the town is bustling with activity. It seems as if there are couple caravan's staging there and that bought about a influx of people and goods.

The smell of warm honey cakes fills the airs as calls to you begin. "Sirs ...sirs, warm body needed? How 'bout the best ale in town? You need gear clean'd or sold?" I can help you with all." The friendly voice offers.

The sparkle bullet actually whack the naked girl singing her. He groans in pain but doesn't react beyon d she drugged ....mortified...entranced ...or afraid?

Quell you notice the dank interior of the run down three story building is in desperate need of repair. There are shoes and an assortment of clothing lining the entry hall but it does appear to have some order to it. the shoes are in small cubbies each marked with name.

"Oh thank Quell your 'ere. Little Tommy One Thumb and Tiny were bit while fishing. I did the best I could." she will escort you up to the second floor and an overcrowded room filled with 5 boys. Two of which have been bitten by sharks. One thumb is scrawny little rat of a boy that is missing part of his left hand. While Tiny is a heavy rotund boy. Each has their leg wrapped in bloody bandages.

"We care for 44 kids here...I say we but it really is only me, Auntie Murth she does the cooking, and cousin Maballe who helps with cleaning and the kids letters." She brightens up. "But since the gods brought us Jin 5-weeks ago things have gotten much better at least we have food, newer shoes and britches."

Jin leads you through the city a few times on the trip crowds seem to appear out of no where flock to him, seeking to ask him questions about various fights. He politely exchanges words to most but is quick to continue on with his journey. Of course, there are stares at his female companion. Several of the woman fixate on you like nasty daggers.

Eventually, you are lead through a couple dark twisting alleys until you come to an old weathered pine door with a stone knocker. There's a small sign over the archway, Urchins Home. Jin raps on the door with his knuckles.

There is a screech behind you. Two cats snarl and hiss at one another fighting over garbage. A creaking door opens, a bare flicker of light pierces the darkness.

"We've no more beds. No more waifs tonight." The old voices announces. A few whispered words are offered between Jin and the matron, then the door is opened. "Yes...yes do come in."

"Damn sharks biting everything, Jo Bo and his cousin were bit yesterday. Lost lotsa blood."

The above commoners and town folks are bantering about the topic mentioned.

"Why of course, a bit ole privacy is needed." She starts to lead people to various rooms, baths, steams, and saunas.

Map with characters spread out a bit relaxing

Miss Molly's Bathhouse

A bit further away standing like lighthouse beacon on the horizon is "Miss Molly’s Bathhouse and Laundry" It's a large, three-story building has a large water tank atop it painted with a buxom lass, elbows deep in soap suds.

A cheerful lady greets you as you enter, she looks like an older version of the painted lass on the water tank.

"git yerself real clean 'ere, dirt and grim ain't got no place to hide." She proudly announces. Waving you inside. "Now a good public 30 minute steaming bath be 1 silver, semi-private be 1 gold, and private be 5 gold. We offer some mending of clothes for 2 coppers per item."