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It was brought up because of this class feature.

Child of Acavna and Amaznen wrote:

Lore of Acavna and Amaznen (Ex): At 2nd level, a child of Acavna and Amaznen is further initiated into the arcane secrets passed down from Azlant. This gives her minor spellcasting abilities and access to lore collected to give her an edge against the enemies of humanity.

The child of Acavna and Amaznen gains a spellbook containing 4 0-level wizard spells of her choice. She can prepare and cast these spells as a wizard, using her fighter level as her caster level. She can prepare a number of 0-level spells each day equal to 1 + 1 per 6 fighter levels.

She also gains a +2 bonus on Knowledge checks relating to Azlant and the Azlanti, and on Knowledge checks to identify and learn the powers and weaknesses of aboleths, demons, serpentfolk, and undead.

This ability replaces the bonus feat gained at 2nd level.

A minor question raised in my group is if the Child of Acavna and Amaznen's cantrips are cast as spell slots or are at will. Some in my group argue for the former because the archetype lacks the cantrips class feature. We're looking for some clarification.

The faerie dragon would need scribe scroll and would have to scribe it itself.

So I've always run Grease as a 10' radius, the plus shape area described below. My current DM is trying to explain Grease as a 5' radius as below. I'm just trying to get some clarity as I've found nothing outright. As I've understood this is cast on the grid intersection and would make it the 10' radius.
Spell templates

The only spells you have an issue casting are those aligned with your opposition element. Void gets to choose it's opposed element.

Since it's once per day that you retrieve something as a swift action then once per day you retrieve as a swift action. Specific beats general.

I would warn that large pdfs might render your kindle a brick until it reboots. Had that happen with my kindle keyboard and the core rule book at one point. I haven't tried it with my paperwhite though. I've also never tried converting one to mobi format, I might have to dig out the old kindle keyboard and give it a shot.

Like many people have said, reading on the e-ink kindles just aren't very pleasurable. Honestly your best bet is probably to pick up a kindle fire, from what I understand they go on sale fairly regularly.

Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:

Honestly I gave up Society play a while ago because of our Venture Captain. We were starved for Judges and he knew I DM'ed back in 3.x and 4e so at the start of a game day he'd just come up to me, hand me a mod, and tell me I was running.

I'd have maybe five to ten minutes to prep. It's not that I hate to DM cold but it's not as enjoyable for the players; one of the last straws for me was when he handed me the third part to a series and I had to run it. I'd never played the first two mods so I didn't know the story and the players had played parts one and two a while before hand so they didn't really remember. Mid way through the players asked me what they were there doing and I blanked because I didn't know. "Old School" DMing kicked in and I started looking for the top sheet to read them off the blurb. But Society doesn't have blurbs like Greyhawk or Arcanis did.

I never refused to run. People regularly did a fair bit of travel to game and I didn't want to turn them away. Even when I asked him to to have me run during second slot, or the occasional third slot, I'd still do it. I know what it feems like not to make final muster and have to sit out a slot and hope for second. I want players to play.

The final straw was when I noticed he wasn't reporting tables properly. I completely gave up when he started to ask my boyfriend to DM. He doesn't have as much system mastery as I do, which I admit is limited (No way am I trying to read through the fly rules again).

The occult classes are a crazy ball of weird, I get that, I really do. They require a bit more system mastery than some other classes, I originally got some of the same responses when I started my witch. Once people finally understood how she worked and what she brought to the party everything changed. They'd hear that I was bringing Aradia, my witch, everyone at the table would begin changing characters. Screech is a beautiful spell.

I understand the strains a new source book puts on a DM so I went the extra mile. I went through and wrote up a crib sheet on the bare bones for the DM, and anyone else interested at the table. I tried to make it as simple as possible.

Occult Adventures was the first book the boyfriend and I bough after Ultimate Magic and was one of the main reasons we started back in PFS. But due to the general aggression and hostility we were shown we've stopped going all together.

When crafting a wand, scroll, or potion you decide on the caster level, up to your maximum. The caster level then increases the base cost of the item. Using the wand equation, 375 x Spell level x Caster level, the cost of a wand of mage armour at caster level five would be 1875 gold pieces.

To the best of my knowledge --this might be a houserule, I'm not completely sure -- you would count the extended mage armour spell as second level, like normal, for the equation. Though in Pathfinder Society you cannot use any crafting feats.

I like where this is headed but I am a bit sad at the lack of witches hexes. I almost get the feeling that they should have some tucked up in there somewhere. I would probably have the pick form a list of witches patrons instead of domains; I don't know maybe I just associate the domains as being inherently organized and consistent where as I see the fetishistic nature to be more organic and personal. If you wish to keep the domains I would suggest limiting them to one domain apposed to two, the Druid only is able to choose one.

The alignment spell portion sounds a bit off to me, if they are so connected to their tribe I see it as a bit of a disconnect for them to also be enthralled to a deity to such and extent that said deity's alignment influences their spellcasting.

Poison Use and Solo Tactics both sound a bit off to me. Because of their community ties I would maybe see about them granting their allies virtual teamwork feats for a number of times per day, maybe one for every five Tribalist level? I am unsure of their ability to change teamwork feats on the fly, as I am repetitively unfamiliar with the teamwork feats. That ability seems like it could be extremely powerful when paired with Solo Tactics.

On to the fetishes. One quick thought, I think it would be nice/interesting if they need their fetish to prepare spells, now obviously that probably wouldn't work out so well with the Woad. As the Fetish passives aren't provided I can't comment on them.

Cursing Dolls. I see no reason for Pithing Magic to exclude allies, it is effectively the Spell Poppet from the Gravewalker witch. As for Cursed Needle, Bestow Curse is a third level spell and from what I can see the Fetish abilities are at will. I would probably use the Agony hex instead. Doll Counterspell should be a number of times per day.

As I am getting a headache I will finish the rest of the Fetishes tomorrow but I can already tell you that you need to clarify the number of totems that the Tribalist can have active at a time, if they can be attacked, and their statistics. They should probably also have a number of rounds per day like bardic performances.

If I recall the template this is based on correctly the Feytouched template changes the creatures typing to fey. I see no real problem with that here. I also recall them being immune to mind-affecting effects and having a spell-like ability or two.

All together I'd put it somewhere around the Tiefling if you tacked on a bonus against mind-affecting effects. Maybe drop the speed down to standard. Honestly I don't have much experience with non-core races as my games are usually core only so I may be in the wrong ball park.

Obviously the eidolon doesn't level as a normal PC and saying "Yeah, don't", isn't very helpful. I am of the mind to allow them to do it and I merely wished to find some thoughts and ideas on the subject of performing it.

I am leery of the greater portion of the Advanced Class Guide and while I have two players playing classes from there I would rather not add to my work load and read through and comprehend the hunter.

Yes the player as an eidolon may be cute for a taste but not for a swallow and am inclined to allow them to attempt it, as I give each player a free character rewrite I don't think it would be a problem.

I am currently about to DM Second Darkness and two of my players come to me with the idea that one would play the eidolon and the other the summoner. I think it is a very interesting concept and I would love to help them do it, yet I am not sure how to implement it.

I am currently thinking of removing the second half of life link and allowing the eidolon to exist while the summoner is asleep or unconscious. I would probably increase the ritual to summon it as well.

If anyone has any ideas or thoughts I'd love to hear them.

I've only had one psionic character that I've DMed, barring 4e mind you. It didn't go well, it was partly my fault and partly the players. I was swamped with DMing and couldn't read through them carefully. I am allowing a Soulknife in my new game but that's only because the player built the character before I had a chance to inform them that I won't be using Psionics.

On principle I don't have a problem with Psionics, my favorite setting uses them quite a bit, I just am in the dark about them for the most part.

I don't see it being much of a problem, I would probably roll it into the Magical Tail feat with a special tag that they must take the magical tail feat after getting fox shape to cast in said shape. Mind you that wouldn't preclude them from taking it before the fox shape feat but it would give more of an incentive to take the magical tail feat.

I believe the added natural spell would be a bit too much for one feat but a bit too little on its own.

If you're looking for a game I've got a game that plays on Wednesdays using maptools. We're playing Rise of the Runelords with a bit of the mythic rules used as well. We play around noon central time if you'd like to join us.

mamba wrote:

I am hoping to get ranged (hmm... bombs) attack, as I am unable to hurt non mind creatures (stone characters and/or statues, for example).
I have hexes (Witch1):
Evil Eye

No ranged or melee weapons (as my character is weak = STR 7), except boar spear (this weapon is presented like stick/branch with sharp peak)

Any other suggestion, as I will love to have abilities as witch and ability to create/throw bombs and using mutagen.

Shall I multiclass only on one level for alchemist instead of four?

Personally I wouldn't multiclass as a witch it hurts, I would even say it hurts the witch more than any other full caster. I usually forget my PFS witch has spells, my hexes tend to be a bit more helpful in those situations. I highly suggest Prehensile Hair, while yes its a melee attack it does use your intelligence and it has reach.

I've used it mainly to deliver touch spells, I've ran into quite a few people who won't let me use scar on them and Prehensile Hair has saved their lives time and again. I've also used it to keep things off of me, an inflict spell delivered via my hair usually has creatures thinking twice before getting close to me. I would suggest taking Prehensile Hair around level three and Flight at five, mind you my witch took flight early and at will feather fall and once per day levitate has saved her quite often.

The Sanguine Sorcerer Bloodline gets +1 caster level on necromancy spells. If this is a homegame I would say that your best bet would be to see if your DM will let you use the Practiced Spellcaster from 3.5.

Deylinarr wrote:
I know you say the timing is flexible, but what has the 'norm' been recently? Id love to get into another game but Im on EST and my 3 kids have lots of Wed night activities......so if it was late enough Id love to throw my hat in the ring.

I plan on it being around noon my time, which would be around 1pm your time. I plan on it going for about four hours.

Sadly I am going to have to postpone the game tomorrow until next week. Long story short, I suffer from migraines that usually mess up my sleep patterns; I suffered one yesterday and was completely bedridden until this afternoon. I apologize if this was an inconvenience.

If you guys would like to get together on skype to chat and get to know each other just inform me and I will start making calls.

FalconEx wrote:
Is Wednesday definite for the day?

Wednesday is fairly set in stone, but I'm sure it can be negotiated.

FalconEx wrote:
And do you have a time?

I was planning around Noon central time.

FalconEx wrote:
Also what classes do the characters have so far, if we're allowed to know?

A Psion, I am only allowing one psionic character I don't really like how they work. A Conjuration Wizard, a Sanguine Bloodline Dhampire Sorcerer, And possibly a Rogue or a Ranger. I currently don't know about any others.

FalconEx wrote:
This sounds awesome if the time works out

If you'd like to join you're welcome to.

DM Crustypeanut wrote:

1) May I take a Drawback for an additional trait?

At this time I am not currently comfortable with drawbacks.

DM Crustypeanut wrote:
2) Does a Boulder Helmet count as a 'hammer' for the Foehammer archetype? The helmet as it stands has no weapon type (I.e, hammer, close, etc), and is found in the ARG.

It sounds fine it me, I just need to read up on the combat maneuvers.

DM Crustypeanut wrote:
What are the character creation options? Point buy, how many traits, etc?

This should have all of the information you need.

DM Crustypeanut wrote:
Would you allow someone without a mic, though who can listen easily enough? I can talk through text.

That's fine, I already have a player who will be typing for a portion of the game.

DM Crustypeanut wrote:
If so, I'd like to throw in a dwarf fighter to the mix.

I'm sure my players wouldn't say no to a fighter.

Pip the Kid wrote:
I'd love to create a halfing rogue if thats any good to you?

I have no qualms with it, if you'd like we can discuss the character now on skype if you're free.

Zotsune wrote:
Have skype though I have a supremely crappy mic so would that be a problem?

That would depend on the mic to be honest, if you're free I could message you with my skype name and we can figure out if it will be a problem.

Zotsune wrote:
Also what roles have your two players filled?

One of them pushed for the Psion class and I've allowed him to make one. The other player is possibly a rogue or maybe a ranger, I haven't been in contact with him much but I believe he has expressed an interest in the rogue.

Zotsune wrote:
Also what is maptools?

Maptools is a program that creates a virtual tabletop it can be found here.

As the title says I am planning on running Rise of The Rune Lords and am in need of a few players, I would like players that haven't played Rise before but I am not apposed to having veterans of the path. This will be my first time running an adventure path and I thought what not start at the beginning.

I am looking for two or three players; I've recently had a player bow out and another has taken ill, it is currently unknown to me if he will be well enough for the game. I have two players who will be ready. We will be making use of both skype and maptools for the game. The day and hours are fairly flexible, with the current day chosen being Wednesday. This game is shaping up to be a week game, the time is yet to be determined but likely to be either in the afternoon or later.

If you are interested please leave a message here or at my email, ToujoursPurSang@gmail.com I look forward to hearing from you.

To be completely honest if you're going to be asking your DM for anything ask him/her if you can have the Claws at-will, they aren't game breaking and usually more fluff than anything else and make the sorcerer a bit more exotic. If s/he's leery about it being at will then see if he'll let you have the claws at will but not the flaming quality, making the flaming quality 3+charisma rounds per day.

Otherwise I'd take Weapon Focus Claws, Power Attack, maybe Dodge and Mobility. I'd probably take a trait to bump Use Magic Device and then carry a wand of Greater Magic Fang. Arcane Strike also makes your claws count as magic for overcoming DR/Magic, it can be useful at the beginning until they become magical via magic fang or hitting level 5. Chill Touch would be a fairly nice low level touch spell to use with your claws since it gives multiple touches and such.

My only other advice is to talk to your DM and see if s/he will let you take the Improved Natural Attack feat, its fairly nice and may eventually be worth it.

The Sorcerer may use their first level bloodline power at will; some powers are exempt from this rule such as The Serpentine Bloodline, they've got the bite attack at all times the poison is still only 3+cha times per day. To be honest any class that has a 3+stat times per day thats small and is supposed to extend the work day at early levels gets that at will, within reason.

The Bonethrall ability of the Gravewalker Witch grants a subsequent save each day after the first day and unintelligent undead don't automatically fail the save.

The White-Haired Witch uses it's caster level as it's base attack bonus and it's Intelligence in place of Strength while using it's White Hair. The caster level is used instead of bab when using CMB.

The Wizard may take Spell Focus instead of scribe scroll but only in the school they specialize in.

If you are an Arcane Caster who prepares spells from a spellbook, familiar, or formula book you may take Spell Mastery as a feat.

These are just some simple fixes for holes I've perceived and are actual rules I use in my game.

Can swarms take a double move? I haven't found anything saying that they cannot, nothing says that they don't have a standard action and if they can't the standard action is useless to them.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks. ;)

On the subject of a Will-o-Wisp manipulating objects, you could give them an enhanced form of mage hand or you could give them telekinesis. I'd go Mage Hand and let them manipulate things with the dexterity of a human hand and use they're charisma as a strength score.

To be honest the Nymph was my last choice, but I've always enjoyed them. I like most about them is they're unearthly grace and beauty, I love that one minute they can be the lovely inspiring beauty and the next an embodiment of primal fury.

I'd say that they get both of the passive benefits and choose which of the level one and level eight they want when they hit that level, I'd charge them three schools one of which is treated as a prohibited school like Sin Magic.

Inner Sea Magic Page 17 wrote:
A Thassilonian wizard can never prepare a spell that is in one of his prohibited schools—he treats these spells as if they werenot on the wizard spell list. If using a spell trigger or spell completion item to cast a spell from one of his prohibited schools, he must use the Use Magic Device skill to do so.

I decided against dragons personally because I figured they would be everyone's first though.

I thought of the soul doll because of the dolls that protect Irrisens' boarders finding them to be the most interesting of the bunch, I don't have my heart set on them and just wanted to mention them. I'm actually thinking of the Nymph mainly, I found it challenging to find something I found interesting that wasn't bound to a certain place or didn't have a form of teleportation/plane shift.

I'd love to join, I've just never used maptools before.

I'm interested in joining this, I'm very new to play by posts but I've roleplayed on other websites for years. Currently I'm looking at the Nymph, Selkie, Fire Nymph, or The Soul Doll.

I converted the Elorii when the Advance Races Guide came out, I can dig around for the file if you'd like.

I personally love Screech and Vomit Swarm

I have an arcane sorcerer that I have yet to play who was conceived around the time his brothers and sisters where learning arcane magic, with all of that ambient magic in the house and seven siblings each specializing in a different branch of magic he just kinda soaked it all up.

I just finished a witch. I only finished the crunch because it's getting a little late in the evening, I'll add backstory when I get up tomorrow morning. Isabel Vitteri

Hello, I'm interested in joining. I've never done a play by post before but I have role-played on forums before. I'm thinking a Sorcerer or a Witch if you'll have me.