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Sovereign Court 2/5

Changing what a feat/class/power/trait/etc. does and then telling us we cannot swap it out just seems ridiculously wrong.

I am all for the changes being made to accomodate the World guide, but how they are being done is leaving a bad aftertaste.

Sovereign Court 2/5

cblome59 wrote:
But we've known this for a while. HERE

A buried forum post does not make for common knowledge.

I am all for the changes that are being made, but have some issues with their imoplementation.

Sovereign Court 2/5

I actually find this a little confusing as according the Paizo site here regarding the Inner Sea World Guide:

PDF available Mar 23

And I don't expect the hard copy to show up at my FLGS any time soon. How can we be expected as GM's and players to properly adjudicate many of these changes now until the the actual product is released?

Sovereign Court 2/5

I know my players are going to ask this - Can they add a day job roll to this chronicle?

Sovereign Court 2/5

Thanks to the players I ran for and with, as well as Doug and Neil (and all those I didn't get to play with).

I had a blast running Among the Living Dead today. It was great to meet everyone.

Yarwin had a blast dealing with the Penumbral Accords, literaly. And alchemists bomb blast.

Alas poor Ripper, you were my friend, compainion and faithful mount. I raise my tankard to you in rememberance of your sevice to Abadar.

Sovereign Court

I think I found a small minor error in a couple of stat blocks

In A16, Baillaset's attack modifiers for Tiers 3-4 and 6-7 seem to be higher than they should be. For 3-4 it lists as Slam +7, but I calculate +6 (+3 bab, +5 str, -1 size, -1 cursed). Tier 6-7 seems off by 1 as well however Tier 1-2 seems fine. I suspect the size modifier was missed for both.

Sovereign Court 2/5

MisterSlanky wrote:
Frankly, if one of those benefits isn't pie, I'm not interested.

I want pie!

Sovereign Court 2/5

K Neil Shackleton wrote:


Some great GMs will be running games, including a session of Silent Tide by author Michael Kortes on Sunday! And several sessions with the premiere 5-star GM, Doug Miles! And a couple with the chief co-ordinator of one of Ontario's most regular PFS FLGS games, Cyril Crocker! And now with PFS Podcaster Robert, it's an impressive line-up.

Too bad about the other guy ;)


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So looking forward to running this tonight. It's going to be epic.

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dartnet wrote:

Dear Paizo Games,

I would like it if you would conceder producing a line of pre-painted plastic non-random miniatures to replace the loss of the D&D miniatures.
WOTC's actions have left a niche in the market that you would be in a great postilion to fill, and Paizo has shown a talent as a company to provide products that are useful to players and GM's alike.

Thank you for your time,

David "Scott" Crosson
Long time fan.

Garr. already going to withdrawel. Need more plastics. Gah!

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0gre wrote:

Several people have said it, it's worth repeating. Losing a level in your primary class is rarely worth a bit of gold.

In the long term it makes more sense to dip a level of monk, barbarian, or Ranger (guide archetype) to pick up the class bonuses from those classes since those bonuses stick with your character forever and are worth a lot more than the 1000gp you might snag for guns.

Not only that, but dipping 1 level of Gunslinger prevents you from EVER taking levels of Fighter again.

Sovereign Court 2/5

I actually have a bit of an issue with the resale value of the firearms in PFS.

I understand the idea of curbing the ability to take 1 level for free 2000gp of equipment, but it's really penalizing a gunslinger who just wants to masterwork his weapons.

Sovereign Court 2/5

K Neil Shackleton wrote:
I will just add that bringing a wand of CLW is always welcome, regardless of whether your character can use it themselves.

Or scrolls....

Sovereign Court 2/5

Dang, I just hit my second star the other night. It really is slow going playing only once a week here.

I'm curious as to how many gms are at each level now.

Sovereign Court 2/5

I've been having difficulty scheduling my events so that my players have a chance to hit the higher levels.

So I decided to figure out why, and tallied up the total scenarios for each tier, including upcoming releases.

Level 1-5: 18
Level 1-7: 18
Level 5-9: 9
Level 7-11: 20!
Level 12: 4

So just a request to Hyrum and the boyz (who are doing a great job). Ease off on the 7-11's and give us some 5-9's to run. If you can please.

Sovereign Court

Peter Stewart wrote:
jreyst wrote:
Funkytrip wrote:
azhrei_fje wrote:

To keep the abuse of 1st level PoP to a minimum, I'm going to keep my original ruling. (Otherwise there are a lot of magic missiles flying around from high-level casters who have a dozen 1st level PoP.)

And what would be the problem with that? A wand of magic missile is a whole lot cheaper and does the same thing ;-)

an item enabling you to use a lvl 1 effect once a day which you already cast for 1000gp. Reasonably priced and not abusable imho. There's better things to buy.

Agreed. If the concern is repeatable spells there are far cheaper ways of accomplishing it.
Also agreed. Pearls of power are not strictly cost effective on the whole. There is no reason to further penalize them. Further, I see no issue with a high level caster wasting actions throwing around magic missiles (or other 1st - 3rd level spells).

I'm going to disagree with this. There is a huge difference between a numpty running around with a wand of magic missiles, and a higher level caster with multiple pearls.

As a DM, I find the idea that a spellcaster can literally double, if not more, their spell repotoire with the only drawback being that they extra spells are the same as the first, very disconcerting. I'm letting the pearls play unlimited for now, but they are ripe for player abuse and are close to being on the end of a giant personal ban-hammer.