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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

You can still play with all the legacy options. Some things will get tweaked slightly but we are moving copies of the renamed and reprinted items to a module, and while alignment will be vanishing from the sheets in a dedicated section it will stay accessible in actor data and the same module will make it show up in the actor traits (which, they probably should have been in there all along actually).

The remaster is not the giant change people seem to think it is, and we are trying to make it as seamless as possible for people while also not ballooning our compendium size to unmanageable levels or offering conflicting sets of legacy/remaster data and rules to people. We're treating the remaster as errata, and most groups will hardly notice the changeover.

If roll 20 works better for your group, great. Use the VTT that works best for your group. We'll keep working to make the PF2e system better, and trying our best to manage a fairly difficult situation data wise in a way that makes the most sense going forward.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber
rokeca wrote:
Hi - will the Foundry VTT adaptation of this AP be compatible with the last pre-remaster version of PF2e on Foundry (I think v5.2.3)? Thanks!

No. Modules are made to be compatible with the latest versions of the system and Foundry at the time they release. To do otherwise would require us system devs to go back and add actors to the old versions of the system and we aren't going to do that.

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Swiftbrook wrote:

Several questions as I'm am new to Foundry VTT.

I received the Kingmaker PDF through the crowdfunding campaign. Am I still eligible for the code only purchase?

I play Pathfinder 1E and purchased the 1E Kingmaker Bestiary. While looking through the Foundry web site, I have found Pathfinder 1E tools but only through a Google search, not by navigating their site. Is Pathfinder 1E still supported?

If 1E is still supported, can I use 1E rules and this 2E Kingmaker package?

Thanks for all your help in advanced!

As long as the PDF is connected to your Paizo account here (ie, you can go to your downloads page here and get it) then you can buy the code only version.

This module however, is made for the PF2e system. You can run a Pathfinder 1e world and use the assets (maps and tokens) but the import will not work and the actors and items are built for PF2e. You could go through and remove every token from a scene and export it from a PF2e world then import it into a PF1e world to get the walling for the scene, but all the features of the module that tie into something in the Pf2e system just won't work, and the journal styling can only be done in a PF2e world because the module cannot be activated in a PF1e world. If you did take the journals you'd also have to scrub out every item link and inline piece of automation (We do skill checks in journals with strings like @Check[type:acrobatics|dc:20], and other systems don't use our syntax if they have inline automation like this at all, so those links wouldn't render and it would just look like weird text).

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ogionito wrote:
In fact, that makes the price even more absurd.

In what way? You really don't know the amount of work that went into this. Try to do all the work yourself: remake the maps, make your own journals, code up hexploration and macros, source music and sound effects, and make tokens for every single creature used. I think you'd find that it would take you an absurd amount of time and even if you only valued your time at pennies an hour this would still be an absolute steal at the full price of the module.

If this was sold at a low price point then Foundry would be losing money making it. Video games rely on selling millions of copies to make back their money, this one isn't going to sell millions of copies. The market just is not that big.

So, yes. If you don't like the price don't buy it, it is in fact that simple. Don't try using the fact that the core Foundry software is a great deal as an argument against charging fairly for the work they did.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber
ShallNoiseUpon wrote:
Is the changelog posted somewhere? Noticed it took an update from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1 and was curious what was fixed/addressed.

1.0.1 changelog from the Foundry Discord's package releases channel:

Foundry wrote:

Changes which DON'T require re-import

Editing Hex Data should should now work as expected when removing features or marking a hex as unclaimed
Font issues for handouts such as Handout 1-1 should now be corrected
A small localization string issue with hex exploration tooltips

Changes which require a re-import
Excess tokens removed from Hargulka's fortress level 1
Scene grid scale corrected on Candlemere Basement
Corrected a small lighting issue on Beast's Den
Solved a few small typographic issues
Fixed missing fade duration on two playlists
Removed empty 'tournament soundboard' playlist
A few minor cosmetic corrections

If you do a reimport all scenes will be reset, so any changes you have made would need redone.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber
Dexter Coffee wrote:
Edit: foundry team is fantastic so should be able to have fun putting them through their paces this 3 day weekend. Also so glad the name wasn’t actually demigod.

The classes are both done already and the playtest module will go live tomorrow when the playtest document drops. Animist is basically designed in a space that is nigh-unautomatable for us, with swapping of spell lists and lore skills being one of the largest gaps in what the system can do right now. Exemplar is in a good place though, there's only one thing I left unfinished that could still be done and maybe I'll circle back but I wanted to take a day off last weekend too :D

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber
Tcheekiin wrote:

Excellent write up and I am excited to see where things go.

Question: Did you modify a PF2e game system on Foundry VTT for the test? Or was it a complete rewrite?

(all hail the Foundry PF2e community)

I don't know what they did specifically but I can give some insight on how you would run a comprehensive playtest in Foundry. I am one of the system devs for PF2e on Foundry, and did the module for the Starfinder Field Test.

The PF2e system on Foundry built out a lot of homebrew tools, allowing GMs to quickly add traits, languages, damage types, etc to the system and then the way we automate most things, rule elements, let anyone tie proper automation to their new homebrew traits. For a playtest this kind of stuff should change often, likely even mid session, so setting up automation beforehand may be overkill. But for things that are stable in the game you can solidify them either inside a test world or as a module which could be shared among testers by just sending a zip file around.

We have a guide on how to make modules and have those modules contain some basic automation like pre-registering custom traits, adding trait descriptions for easy reference on hover, custom base weapons, etc. Once rules become more locked in place it's easy to add them in to things like that for automation purposes. Stuff like class features, etc require more knowledge of rule elements which is a specific skill but it's easier to pick up that skill than it is to learn to code and we have a wiki detailing how to use them if you want to implement your own automation for something. Simple things like a bonus to X in Y circumstance is easy to do because we have a form for that kind of rule element. More complex things like selecting class features, granting abilities, modifying how rolls are made, implementing auras, etc are all doable but require a deeper dive into the system.

If we get more official field test documents I will happily update the module to reflect the new rules, and yes we will put out a module for the upcoming class playtest when we can just like we did for Kineticist, Magus, etc when they were in playtest.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

We answered this on the discord but I'll post something here to at least put our (The PF2e on Foundry VTT team) position on the remaster where people can see it.

We will be treating the remaster as a large errata. Nothing we've seen thus far looks to be too big a change that the game won't be entirely recognizable. We are not going to fork the system or maintain legacy options unless Pathfinder Society also supports those legacy options. Things like the removal of alignment will likely come with guidance as to what to do with creatures that deal alignment damage on their strikes or abilities and we'll know more about how we'll handle that when we finally see the remastered rules. But things like negative damage becoming void damage is an easy switch for us to do. Removing ability scores, likewise, is something that should be easy to handle.

For changes like creatures not being reprinted, we have no plans to remove creatures from our compendiums. We would need a real reason to actually delete an NPC. Some spells will be rendered useless, like Divine Lance, that will get removed and some new spell will be put in its place in theory but we'll know more when we get the remaster. Things that are getting renamed will just be renamed, and if needed we will migrate the name change. This is most likely in the case of Flat-Footed -> Off Guard, because our automation relies on the item "slug" (A version of the item name that is stable even for people using translated versions of the system) and that slug would change if we change the name in the main system repo. But that's an easy migration to do and for 99% of users they won't notice anything except the normal migration message on loading the system for the first time post remaster.

For premium modules let's lay out what the premium modules even do so people know what the system controls and what the module adds. When you enable a premium module like Gatewalkers it asks you to import the adventure. That adventure is a set of pre-made scenes, journals, macros, etc. The module does not store the full actors it uses, instead it stores a reference to the system's version of those actors. So if the module needs a Mitflit it doesn't use its own version it grabs a new copy from the system and applies any stored changes they have for that actor (such as elite / weak or changing the name of the actor to be a specific NPC). This way the module doesn't have to update or maintain its own actors, they piggyback on ours. If we find a mistake in an actor that actor will be fixed in the next system update, and we have fast turnaround on system releases so we can get fixes out faster than the modules can. So, for the premium modules when you do an import it will grab the remastered versions of monsters when you import, and if you've already imported we will handle migrating any breaking changes on your world's existing actors.

I personally am really looking forward to seeing more of the remaster. Additionally, if anyone wants to help out with our system data entry now is a great time to jump in and learn how to before the remaster comes out so when people get those PDFs we can make sure we keep up our streak of getting content into the system for major books on the release date. We have a Discord server where all us system devs hang out. Feel free to ping me if you want to try a starter data entry (or code) project, as I have a few things good for people new to the process and we can help you get set up.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

It's real weird to see myself on the Paizo blog. Thank you to all of the other volunteers who help make the system, it really wouldn't be possible to keep up with Paizo's firehose of content without help!

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

You can load all the books at once. Generally it's best to wait until you are closer to finishing a book before importing the next one though. The reason for this is that Foundry works by having everything in world loaded in RAM and sent to each client. 3 books worth of stuff isn't going to grind your game to a halt but you may still notice some slowdown on the initial load into the world from it. It's also good to wait because the module works by pulling actors from the system's compendium, and we update those creatures all the time, fixing errors or adding in new automation. So by waiting until you are closer to using them you likely get more accurate and better automated NPCs in your game world.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

The treasure actors being a generic icon is due to a bug in the Forge that will hopefully be fixed soon (is already fixed?). The module does in fact use a custom icon for them.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Name: Jangle, the Goblin Sorcerer
Level: 8
Location: The farm
Catalyst: Sometimes the dice be like that

The Gory Details: The party pulled the caligni and some of the children of Belcorra into a fight at the same time. They were able to funnel them down but the cleric had to step back to heal. When they set off the first caligni a chain reaction tore through the group, of caligni setting off the next. This knocked the sorcerer down, but he was brought back up by the druid with battle medicine then casts dancing lights to blind the caligni.

So, now at wounded 1, the sorcerer decides to stay in the fight given that the things they are fighting are pretty weak, blind, and funneled down into a line. He drops another caligni with an electric arc, the caligni's explosion takes out one of the children of Belcorra and hits the party. The last two caligni are all that's left and they are in rough shape and blind. One swings blindly into the square Jangle is in, rolling a 17 and 20 on the flat checks, then rolls double slice: 20, 20.

The first critical hit dropped Jangle to dying 3 and the second finished him off. The party finished the fight and scurried home, they debated how to bring him back and settled on the only true answer for the chaotic goblin: reincarnation.

So anyways Jangle's a shoony now.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber
SLger wrote:
I've the Beginner Box PDF and the code for Foundry VTT. In Foundry VTT i can't find der "Warden Human" Heritage. Please help

Warden Human is a special heritage in the Beginner Box that is a bit weird in that it does not follow the normal guidelines for heritages. I'll double check and if we don't have it in the system currently I'll get it in for the next system update (~a few hours from this post unless we find some horrendous bug).

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zmor wrote:
Does this include versions of the tokens where the art doesn't extend past the borders of the "ring"?

The module includes the tokens and the full portrait art, plus blank rings. You can easily use that ring and the portrait to stamp out a regular pog token of any creature you want. The pop out style isn't for everyone but from my experience the majority of people enjoy it. Only a few creatures extend far beyond the frame and those are ones that maybe deserve to be a bit more imposing or visually exciting I think.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Yes. The OGL and CUP cover the game rules and much of the other text (but not adventure text, so no room descriptions, etc). See the [PF2e system on Foundry](https://github.com/foundryvtt/pf2e) for an example that follows CUP/OGL while automating the game rules. You can even use our data entry for your own project as long as your project follows those two licenses and our own Apache 2.0 license.

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Nyarlathotep wrote:

Where do we report errors in the module? The Foundry Github doesn't list Outlaws of Alkenstar or Blood Lords as being reportable under the Premium Content listing.

Outlaws of Alkenstar and Blood Lords are made by Sigil, not Foundry. So bugs should be reported to Sigil using the link in the "Landing" journal page.

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KyleS wrote:
So this is kind of a big one then that should probably be asked. The PDF to Foundry module worked off of purchased PDF's. Can we anticipate some support to those of us who have used this route to help create our games? And being as the Beginner's Box is very common in the Humble Bundles, will there be future support for that?

PDF to Foundry is no longer being updated with new APs. Frozen Flame was the last one. The decision to end support for it was Fryguy's, he was spending ~30 hours a month doing the work on it and spoiled every AP, adventure, and society scenario in the process. He was going to retire PDF to Foundry earlier but when we got word that Outlaws of Alkenstar would be the first premium module he pushed on to close the content gap. There is nothing preventing someone else from stepping up and making a similar program, but they would have to start from scratch as his code is closed source and he won't be releasing it to help reduce piracy. He could decide to add future content into the module again, but given that these modules are beyond anything the importer could ever do it's unlikely to be revived. Nothing in the module as it currently is will be going away. All the APs up through Frozen Flame will be importable as normal.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Fantastic to finally get to talk about it! Everyone is going to be blown away by these modules!

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Started in June 2020 and ended in January 2022, played entirely on Foundry.

No deaths but a lot of close calls, the balor scored 3 crit fails on it's death explosion but I rolled abysmally on damage and 3 characters ended in the ~15 HP range (I was more than 30 damage below the average for that roll).

Faccio - Human Mastermind Rogue, dealt out absurd damage on every crit.

Father Meatbiter - Lizardfolk Cleric, multiclass champion. Tanked for the group and kept the bandages flowing.

Toland - Gnome Wizard, loaded with other spellcasting traditions through archetypes

Brokton - Catfolk Aberrant Sorcerer, learned blood feast and used it + tentacular limbs to kill an absurd number of things.

Killing blow was by Toland, who critically hit with a hail mary Deity's Strike, dealing nearly 150 damage. Just barely enough to put the manifestation down.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Thank you for taking these steps.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Last link is broken.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

One of the Foundry PF2e volunteer devs here. We appreciate the support from the community but we do understand Paizo's dilemma, and don't want to cause problems or headaches. Foundry does not have the same business model as the other VTTs, and for many of us that is why we like it so much. But Paizo has relationships with other companies that need to be maintained, and Foundry's business model makes that a finer tightrope to balance on.

In the end we all love PF2e and Paizo and that's why we do the work that we do. The PF2e Foundry team is affiliated with neither Paizo nor Foundry. We do not want special treatment, and while we would like to see things like high quality art we understand both the position of Paizo and Foundry. We don't want to enable piracy, we just want to keep working toward building the VTT system that we all want to play on.

Remember, regardless of whether you play your games in person, or on Foundry, Roll20, FGU, Astral, D20Pro, Talespire, Owlbear Rodeo, or any of the other VTTs out there: First and foremost we are all fans of PF2e, and while we certainly share your enthusiasm for Foundry we ask that you be respectful and remember that we are all playing the same game.

If you want to show your support for the PF2e Foundry team then be positive about Foundry instead of negative about other VTTs, buy a Paizo PDF and tweet about running it with Foundry, buy the Battlezoo Bestiary Foundry module when it releases (Kickstarter has ended now). Definitely don't make life harder for Aaron, who we all like.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

With a lot of people on VTTs these days I'd love to see the licensed dice designs wind up on them. The Rollsmith makes custom dice for Foundry and I'd like to be able to buy the dice on there too. I already collect the sets for the APs I run.

Has Paizo considered licensing the current dice designs or new dice designs for digital dice?

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber
Zaister wrote:
This is a first edition question obviously, but still an aside: "in second edition you double the dice" is not correct. You roll normal damage and then double the result.

It's actually either double the roll or double the dice.

The GM might allow you to roll the dice twice and double the modifiers, bonuses, and penalties instead of doubling the entire result


Benefits of doing this are that the damage curve is more predictable, and "more dice = more fun" is a true thing. The point about more dice being a pain to roll is not a hassle for those of us using a VTT.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

In both Pathfinder 1st and second editions you double the dice and all normal modifiers, unless something explicitly does not get doubled on a critical.

Also, you will have better luck asking this in the rules questions subforum for the edition you are playing (I presume 1e since morale bonuses aren't a type in 2e).

Second edition rules forum

First edition rules forum

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Running a server is simply running the Foundry program, for many people that is all that you actually need to do. Others may have to take the extra steps to set up port forwarding on their router, because while Foundry supports upnp not all routers do. Some ISPs may make your life difficult though by either providing a terrible router you can't configure or by blocking things on their end. In those cases there are Foundry hosting services like The Forge which are pretty cheap.

I self host on Foundry and only had to set up a port forwarding rule to do it.

For me the benefits of Foundry are that the system is well automated, highly customizable, and easy to navigate and use.

There's also VTT options that no one has mentioned so far: Astral, Talespire, etc. Which have their own communities, and strengths and weaknesses. I still prefer Foundry but some people like different things.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

I have done something largely similar but with rakshasa. My party has been quick to accept the help of a rakshasa on several occasions (Vaklish escaped from them and has been showing up to offer them tainted deals).

My thought is that Vaklish will sweep into the power vacuum in Katapesh as soon as they have lost interest in the region. For the devils I might assume something similar, in the aftermath of book 6's opening there's going to be a good chance of a lot of devastation and misery and those devils might be waiting for that time to sweep in and make deals with various townsfolk for a strong foothold in the region.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

There's a big improvement to PDF to Foundry in the works as well, but it's not my secret to spill so I'll let Fryguy do it or just have it be revealed on release. Hopefully it will be in the next version some time this week.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber
TomParker wrote:

So I worked through the heist in Book 5. Maybe it all made perfect sense to everyone but I really needed to lay it out visually to follow the action. Maybe it's helpful to someone else. It doesn't include all the heist instructions—I just needed a way to see the flow of exploration activities.

Task 1 Liberation Heist Flow

There was discussion in the GM thread about what counted as a scene and when Awareness Points increased; I treated a scene as each block of activities during a phase.

Thanks, I am going to run this soon and haven't even read through it. I'm being a bad GM right now!

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Fantastic! I would love to see an official token pack for Foundry but it's great to have official support!

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

I just started playing in an EC campaign and made a spreadsheet to help track performance using these rules. Quite a few things are automated (payout calculations, max and starting excitement, most random events, DC changes, etc). If anyone wants to use it or give some feedback of things I got wrong or need to improve. There may be some things I didn't understand correctly when putting the rules in so just let me know if you catch any issues.

Here it is.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Name of PC: Toland
Class/Level: Wizard 11
Adventure: Tomorrow Must Burn
Catalyst: He should have known better than to roll low four times in a row.
Story: The party had already rescued the hostages and fought the Scarlet Triad mooks, but Jagakki remained so they went after him. Fighting through the bears and giants Jaggaki hit them with cloudkill, and the wizard responded by lobbing several fireballs into the room Jaggaki was in while the champiopn and rogue cuut a path through the giants. Toland darted through the cloud to get away from the poison damage and Jaggaki threw a flesh to stone at him. Toland had his own prepared and attempted to counterspell: rolled a 2, hero point changed that to a 1. Then for his save he rolled a 4, exactly critically failing the save. When his turn came around he rolled his next save and got another 4. The rogue then got a critical hit with analyze weakness up off on Jaggaki and earned a spot as the prime target when he comes back.

Even though the party cleric fixed it the next day with stone to flesh I'll still count it as a death.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber
duxfemina wrote:

This thread is priceless with all the great content. Has anyone made a map of Monument Circle in Breachill? I was planning on having my players interact with townsfolk there before the call of heroes when we start up this adventure. I'm using foundry and loving it.

We can, of course theater of the mind, of course.

Look in maps made for book 6, there is an encounter there so a few people have mapped it out.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber
Salamileg wrote:
People who run Milestone leveling rather than experience, how did you do it for this book? They reach level 6 after leaving the Ekujae, but everything between then and the fortress can be pretty much done in any order. When should you level them up to 7?

By the book? When they have half the pillars finished. But I will say that the jungle crawl is really rough at 6th level so you might consider pushing that up a bit.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

I absolutely love this!

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

I went with the buttons, beer, some matroshka dolls, and I found each of them a Russian silver coin from around 1918 on E-bay.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

I made a festival for my players to participate in between Cult of Cinders and Tomorrow Must Burn.


I figured I wanted some way to introduce Vusker and get the PCs to care about him before his story beat, but also give a little more flavor to the town. I'm not sure about the DCs for a few things but they are all roughly right for a 9th level party.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

There's a discord channel set up for converting each of the APs. https://discord.gg/EzysbDb

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

The Adventure Paths I have played all the way through or most of the way through:

Council of Thieves - Very good, especially book 2. May need some tweaking later in the AP to keep it more connected, villain kind of comes out of nowhere for the party.

Kingmaker - Fantastic AP, but kingdom building might be best done between sessions after the first time introducing how it works. The villain definitely needs to be foreshadowed. They are releasing a remake for 2e and 1e next year that adds more story and ties the villain in better.

Serpent's Skull - Played books 1-4, players lost interest due to heavy exploration with little structure. If you do this I suggest almost entirely throwing out book 2. The rival faction stuff just gets in the way. Adopt the Kingmaker hexploration rules to the whole thing, it's a lot of large maps to explore. Also make sure you have rules for overland travel ready. Overall this is an AP I really want to run but I would essentially be rewriting so much of it, great ideas but I think it might have been better if it hadn't come right after Kingmaker when they had a chance to get feedback on exploration and travel rules.

Reign of Winter - Running now, in book 5. Book 5 might be the best 1e AP book, and it's almost worth running the AP just for it. My party lost it when they figured out where they were. We will likely be finished by the end of the year. Books 3 and 4 seem a little out of place in the overall story but they had some really neat set pieces so even if the party doesn't know why they're fighting a dragon siege on an alien planet they still enjoyed it.

Carrion Crown - I've run book 1 twice and it's amazing. You should really play up the mystery a bit, the first time I ran it the party heard "old prison outside of town" and they were like "oh so that's the dungeon let's just go there and find the ghost". Book 2 was hit or miss and both attempts at running it ended there. The trial was interesting but maybe consider implementing more of a victory point system. Also the dungeon at the end makes very little sense and is incredibly linear.

Strange Aeons - Ran part of book 1. This is one of my favorite ideas for an AP and I may try running it for my current group some time in the future. Unfortunately I started running this at a time when my friends were doing things like having kids or going back to school.

Mummy's Mask - Ran book 1. This one got derailed by my senior year in college and subsequent moving across the country for grad school. I love the theme and I enjoyed book 1, my party might have been a bit happier if the rogue hadn't always rolled 2's when looking for traps.

Jade Regent - Ran books 1 and 2. I was looking forward to getting further in this because I like the theme and the idea but it just didn't come together. I think the party also didn't like the idea of traveling across the world just to make an NPC the ruler.

Age of Ashes - Running book 2 now. This is a 2e AP and I really liked book 1, book 2 is a bit of a slog and might highlight that the tighter math of 2e doesn't play as well with open ended exploration where the party can blunder into higher level fights. My advice for anyone running book 2 is to put the easier pillars closer to town, and drop some heavy handed hints that dispel magic might be an effective counter to the pillars.

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Still a week away from release but I've been combing through my PDF and I've found a couple things that may need to be addressed so I figure I should make a thread to help compile stuff as it gets spotted.

Watch and Learn Pathfinder Agent feat - This feat does nothing. You already gain this as a benefit of the dedication feat without having to spend a reaction or see an ally using the skill.

Reflexive Grip Swordmaster feat - Similarly the first part of this feat duplicates the benefit of the dedication.

Loving the book though!

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I'm liking what I see so far.

I really like the new scrollmaster stuff, especially the recall knowledge feats! Lots of interesting player options here and some really neat items.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

An argument could be made that as forced movement it does not trigger. Though that clause in forced movement says its because you aren't acting.

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Perpdepog wrote:

This may have been noticed already, and I brought it up in another thread, but,

Shape of the Dragon wrote:
You've discovered how to transform yourself into a dragon. Once per day, you can cast 7th-level dragon form as an innate arcane spell, transforming into your chosen type of dragon. The spell automatically heightens to 8th level if you're 16th level and 9th level if you're 18th level. Any time you score a critical hit with an unarmed Strike gained from dragon form, you recharge the spell's breath weapon immediately.

Note the last part about the spell heightening to 9th level. As far as I can tell no such 9th level form of Dragon Form exists--either in the APG or CRB.

For my money I'd rather correct Dragon Form to grant a 9th level version, because BIGGER DRAGONS.

The spell can still be heightened to make it harder to counteract in case something tries to dispel magic your transformation. It also means that you can transform in an antimagic field, since that only nullifies magic of 8th level or lower (unless it is cast as a 9th level spell in which case only 10th level magic would work).

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My party is getting closer to the end of the campaign, likely done in 2-3 months or so. I'm going to get them each a gift related to the campaign, since this is the thing we've been doing together for over a year now. I've found a button with Baba Yaga's hut on it, bottles of Old Rasputin beer, and a cross stitch pattern my wife is going to stitch together for them of a weasel (a running theme of my group is they claim to be weasel hunters). I was thinking about getting them a winter themed dice bag or something, but does anyone else have any ideas that fit thematically?

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I suspect we got a preview of this with Agents of Edgewatch. The maps in the PDF are much higher resolution than previous APs. Hopefully they do more but that alone is already a big step up for me.

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Bon Mot is big for things that aren't immune to those tags but it has a lot of tags on it. Really looking forward to playing that wit Swashbuckler.

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Lost omens legends has rules for inanimate object familiars for witches.

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A mechanical fire breathing dragon? We've achieved Truckzilla!

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The game could be compressed down a bit, lots of filler encounters can be done away with and some loot should be removed since the party presumably has some already. I in general don't recommend using XP and just doing milestone leveling instead, but going by that it would be a while before you leveled again. It would be fairly easy to tie in a group of established heroes story wise at least.

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Sapient wrote:

I'm going to be running Extinction Curse in a fee months. My crew knows Roll20 already, and we don't use the VTT character sheets. We just want maps, tokens, and video chatting. Roll20 has official modules with the maps and tokens preloaded, so I've been strongly considering it just to save time.

Would you all still move to Foundry given those conditions? I'm not too concerned about money. But some of my people are not technically inclined.

Yes. I'm running Age of Ashes in Foundry and the PDF to Foundry module made setting up the books really easy. Maps with room descriptions and walls were already placed, all I had to do is drag the monsters in and I set up loot actors for each room so I could drag things into the party loot as they found them but that's not necessary especially if you aren't using the character sheets (which you still should think about because they are quite well done in Foundry.

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I tried Foundry about six weeks ago. Looks like it has potential, but I'm giving it several more months. I already have several campaigns running in FGU.

Not willing to Foundry yet until there is a way to install PF2 without having to read a post saying "Install these 30+ essential packs!" I don't know if I'm exaggerating, but that's what it feels like. I want to be able to install ONE thing and be able to run it. And I'd love to have a step-by-step guide on how to use it.

All you need is the PF2e module, everything else is just up to your tastes. I certainly like having modules available to customize the UI and make things run with a bit more automation. Right now the biggest module to improve PF2e on Foundry is PF2e Quick Rolls, which is being integrated into the core system itself so the module will be superfluous soon enough.

I use 12 modules, most of those are very small passive things like Pathfinder UI which just reskins the UI, or Less Fog which tones down the fog of war a bit. None of these are necessary but they are definitely easy to install and use. The ones that add functionality are also largely just personal preference, the PF2e system works in place as its own standalone thing with no modules necessary to work.

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