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My party is getting closer to the end of the campaign, likely done in 2-3 months or so. I'm going to get them each a gift related to the campaign, since this is the thing we've been doing together for over a year now. I've found a button with Baba Yaga's hut on it, bottles of Old Rasputin beer, and a cross stitch pattern my wife is going to stitch together for them of a weasel (a running theme of my group is they claim to be weasel hunters). I was thinking about getting them a winter themed dice bag or something, but does anyone else have any ideas that fit thematically?

Really great idea! made me think about doing the same. I especially like the dice bag. nice souvenir and useful!

- I don't know where you live, but a piece of winter cloth could be nice (mittens, a scarf or hat)
- stylized drinking glasses. could be a cool artefact for future games, if players around the table tend to change. ("See, I was part of the RoW group")
- If players are also DMing, a custom winter- themed DM screen.

So, Have you set your mind?

On my side, I settled for custom made painted miniatures of their characters. My group and I have been playing together for 15+ years now, on and off. We now play online (FGU) But we all have our individual bookcase with our RPG history (books, old sets of dices and various baubles. Tought it might be a nice memento

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I went with the buttons, beer, some matroshka dolls, and I found each of them a Russian silver coin from around 1918 on E-bay.

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