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With a lot of people on VTTs these days I'd love to see the licensed dice designs wind up on them. The Rollsmith makes custom dice for Foundry and I'd like to be able to buy the dice on there too. I already collect the sets for the APs I run.

Has Paizo considered licensing the current dice designs or new dice designs for digital dice?

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Great to hear the Foundry support! The software and community is out of this world awesome!

Side note: Link to Foundry (https://foundryvtt.com/) is missing in the first sentence.

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Still a week away from release but I've been combing through my PDF and I've found a couple things that may need to be addressed so I figure I should make a thread to help compile stuff as it gets spotted.

Watch and Learn Pathfinder Agent feat - This feat does nothing. You already gain this as a benefit of the dedication feat without having to spend a reaction or see an ally using the skill.

Reflexive Grip Swordmaster feat - Similarly the first part of this feat duplicates the benefit of the dedication.

Loving the book though!

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My party is getting closer to the end of the campaign, likely done in 2-3 months or so. I'm going to get them each a gift related to the campaign, since this is the thing we've been doing together for over a year now. I've found a button with Baba Yaga's hut on it, bottles of Old Rasputin beer, and a cross stitch pattern my wife is going to stitch together for them of a weasel (a running theme of my group is they claim to be weasel hunters). I was thinking about getting them a winter themed dice bag or something, but does anyone else have any ideas that fit thematically?

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This order says it is stuck waiting for valid payment information, but the payment info should be valid so I'm not sure what is going on with it. Also, the world guide is sitting in my sidecart. Could this be put into this order or is it too late for that?

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I realized in some down time this weekend that I hadn't downloaded my PDFs in a while, so I decided to take the chance to go download them. But it turns out I hadn't downloaded anything since Strange Aeons (grad school really does eat up your time). So I had well over 100 files to do. Since I didn't want to manually rename over 100 files I made a Python script to do it for me and figured I'd share it for others who might also be in a similar situation and don't want to spend forever unzipping and renaming things.


It's written with comments so even someone new to Python should be able to follow it. If you don't know how to run Python but want to use it https://automatetheboringstuff.com/chapter0/ will walk you through the process of installing a basic Python environment (or just install anaconda). The only thing you would need to add on top of that is the numpy package which either comes with anaconda or just run

python -m pip install --user numpy

from your command line/terminal once Python is installed.

Hopefully someone else finds it helpful.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

I thought I had changed the payment method for the order but apparently I didn't get it in time. It tried to charge the order on Friday, but that failed. I don't see the option to try payment again now that I've changed it to an up to date card. Will this go through soon or did I get kicked to the back of the line?

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I suspended subscriptions a while ago while I was moving and I guess the message boards ate my post asking to renew them a few weeks ago. could we get those rolling again? Thank you.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Hi, I'm about to move across the country and won't have a definite address until maybe August. Is there a way we could place a hold on the July and August orders until I can get my shipping information settled? The June order should be fine unless there is a chance it won't be delivered before the end of the month.

Thank you.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

I need to cancel my subscriptions for the Pathfinder Player Companion and the Pathfinder Campaign Setting. Getting married and I need to put the extra money aside for the wedding for the next couple years.

Thank you.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Please restart my suspended subscriptions.

Also, if there is any way to make sure the January and February subscriptions get shipped in the same order that would be best.

Thank you.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Can I get my January subscription order placed on hold to be combined with the February order? Money will be tight until then but I would really rather not cancel.

Thank you.

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With the +20 to initiative given to mythic characters, I don't see any corresponding bonus to the mythic monster initiative (except for agile monsters). Doesn't this simply ensure that all monsters (even most mythic monsters) always go last in a fight?

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Can I have the NPC codex removed from this order? If need be we can cancel the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game subscription then re-activate it later since I do not want the NPC codex.


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Seeing as how one has not been started yet...

Here is the typical format for obituaries:

The Gory Details: (optional)


Name: Hob
Race: Halfling
Classes/levels: Bard 3
Adventure: Haunting of Harrowstone
Location: Harrowstone Prison
Catalyst: The Splatter man
The Gory Details: Empowered magic missile hit the bard for 14 damage (max damage on two missiles) and dropped him below 0. The summoner (synthesist) kept chasing the SM from cell to cell to get in hits on him while the Magus had retreated to recover from being knocked to 1 HP (only a three person party). Rounds passed and eventually both the splatter man and his haunt died which triggered the collapse of the room. This knocked the summoner to 1 HP and the bard to -11 (12 con) no one was close enough to administer a potion before he bled out.

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So, seeing that some people think that the party needs more reason to interact with the townsfolk and more ways to earn trust, I came up with some extra stuff to throw into the town to help with that when I run it.

Helping some townsfolk: I figure some easy haunts around town would help to get the PCs interacting with the people in town and give an opportunity to gain some trust. These are basically benign spirits that are becoming restless and serve not as a threat but as an irritation to the townsfolk. These still need some fleshing out but I figure they are at least a start. Each of these could give the PCs 1 trust point and should have some way for the PCs to find out the history of them.

The missing ring: Anyone who tries to pull the bucket up from the well in town finds it much heavier that it should be. Once the bucket is lifted out of the well there is nothing apparently weighing it down and its weight returns to normal. A search of the well reveals a ring.
History - Some time ago a man planned to propose to his sweetheart, he got his grandmother's ring and proposed... and was promptly rejected. He threw the ring into the well and now the spirit of his grandmother wants the ring brought out of the well and returned to the family.

Good luck: Every night small bundles of twigs, or flowers and found spread around town. These are a good luck charm that appear seemingly out of nowhere. People find them in their stew, in shoes,anywhere really.
History - There was a particularly superstitious man who was buried a few decades ago. His spirit senses the unease in town and is simply trying to give them luck, annoying though it is. His spirit will be at rest if the PCs find his grave, and replace the now crumbling horseshoe embedded in the headstone.

A rap on the knuckles: When people cuss, tell a dirty joke, or spit on the ground they find that they experience a stinging slap on the back of their hand.
History - Father Grimburrow's predecessor was a stern man and spent his time patrolling the town with the goal of cracking down on indecency. He carried around a switch and anytime he heard swearing, or lewd talk he would deliver a swift swat to the knuckles. This father had a favorite sermon and would deliver it at full volume in the town square from time to time. Father Grimburrow can provide this sermon if the PCs wish to read it in the town square they will calm this spirit by convincing him that moral people are here in town.

Melody on the breeze: When the wind blows a faint song can be heard, usually played at funerals as an instrumental the townsfolk are worried about the music as a bad omen. No one quite remembers the lyrics.
History - The song was written by a bard from town and now the spirit sings the sad tune into the wind, should the PCs find the lyrics (or know the lyrics with an appropriate knowledge check) they can sing along with the wind to calm the bard and stop the haunting music.

Setting a mood: A horror campaign needs a good mood set, as such there should be some strange events going on. Things like one of the PCs hearing their name whispered in their ear with no apparent source. If you have the 3.5 Ravenloft book they have a list on page 15 of strange happenings that fit well in most horror games. If you don't they aren't too hard to come up with but here are some of mine:

1: Ashes in fireplaces form crude faces, enough to be disturbing but not enough to say it is not simply pareidolia.
2: The path to Harrowstone has fresh footprints in the mud, when no one has been around to make them. The PCs may even see boot prints being made by nothing at all as they make the trek to the prison.
3: Bells sounded in town seem to have a slight delay from when they ring to when the sound begins.
4: Animals are becoming hard to find, except carrion species, who are becoming disturbingly present.
5: Tea leaves at the bottom of cups, dropped harrow cards, dropped sticks, or other common Things used to divine the future come up as woe. (This should not affect divination magic, but for example: a harrow deck could be dropped and the first card picked up could be a bad omen or some such)
6: Metal objects tarnish quickly even after a polishing.
7: Blood stains are becoming incredibly difficult to remove from clothing.

These should not really have any sort of in game effect but should be used to set a mood and further the "something really wrong is going on here." vibe that should be cultivated with a horror game.

Anyways, figured I would share these with everyone else.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Go ahead and list your vote here. I will count them up and see if we can predict the winner.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

List who you are voting for here, results will be updated ~once a day and tallied by me here.

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The order arrived today and I am missing one item from order 1363633, the giant eagle miniature.

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My group finished the sixfold trial this week and it did not go as I had planned.

The Flawed One failed his stealth check (I rolled a 1), and the first person in the room was the rogue carrying Anvengens Edge. When I told him there was a mummy staring at him and not moving he began to test the waters and figured out he could command it. So he had it follow him... right into the fight with the outcast king, who failed his save against the aura of dispair and and was paralyzed for 4 rounds. The fight was pretty anticlimatic needless to say.

Oh well we ended the session at an interesting time.

My party just identified the runecurse, while simultaneously failing the third save. Going to be a good start to next session...

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I am looking for something interesting to do with the capturing bandit’s side quest in case I need to run it to close the XP gap between levels two and three. I can always just run it quick and simple but I want to make it more interesting than just run to the woods, fight some bandits and come back to town.

I already ran the Bluehood side quest, I made Bluehood an assassin who did not want the PCs to bring her the corpse of a shadow beast but instead wanted the PCs to make a distraction outside a particular house at a particular time of night, this took the form of fighting shadow beasts in front of the house while making a lot of noise. This served to add an assassin NPC that one of my players can learn to be an assassin from.

I will be running whitechin this week just before the party goes after the Bastards as a Willard like goblin were rat who lives in the sewers and is beginning to expand his rodent empire beneath the streets.

Just looking for something interesting to run for the bandits (or something else to run in their stead) in case I need them.