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James Jacobs wrote:
Another way to look at daemons is that they personify ways that a mortal can die. Demons don't; they personify mortal sins.

What would devils be said to personify?

Kaiyanwang wrote:

Think it differently. I've seen Death Attack being used efficently, but a lot of times 3 rounds are just too many.

I'm not arguing that three rounds is or isn't too many, only that Assassins needing three rounds while ninjas only need one is probably not fair.

Jason Bulmahn wrote:

Yet, the target must be denied his Dexterity. Flanked will not suffice. This is a huge difference in many encounters.

I hadn't noticed that. I still suspect that I'll disagree, but I'll admit that I should get around to actually playtesting and see the difference firsthand before deciding.

I think the assassinate ability being an option is fine. I don't think that it should only take one round of studying while The Assassin needs three rounds to study. That makes ninjas way better assassins than assassins are.

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sunshadow21 wrote:

The one thing WOTC has going for them is that they could just shelf dungeons and dragons and still have magic to keep them going. This means that unlike TSR who basically had to sell the license, WOTC could just stop producing anything under it and make it disappear. This is not a good thing for the game.
TSR had to sell the license because the company imploded due to a wide variety of reasons which I won't bring up here. and was essentially going down for the third time. WOTC on the other hand is in far better shape, and actually not doing that badly when you consider that we're still in the Great Recession.
Just a point of clarification TSR didn't sell the license, WotC bought the whole company.

Another point of clarification. WotC isn't an independent company. It's a subsidiary of a large corporation that bought THEM and isn't going to go all "TSR" any time soon. WotC isn't in charge of its own destiny or finances, really. They're a small cog, not the whole enchilada.

Completely different from the TSR situation in that respect.

TSR was independent, but it had Lorraine Williams. Kinda cancels each other out ;-)

I just got some strange looks at work when I loudly laughed while reading this. :)

This is really great. Thank you.

I'm getting ready to run this AP and was thinking to myself that a map with the district names would really help me.

Kyle Olson wrote:

Mono doesn't support WPF, which is the UI portion, so there's no way to run it. I might be able to push the non UI portions into a dll so the data and monster advancer could be used in a WinForms UI. When I get a chance I'll see what can be done.

That would certainly be great. I would love it, as Combat Manager seems awesome.

If you don't get around to it, I totally understand. Supporting other people's OS choices isn't usually a whole lot of fun.

I'm trying to run Combat Manager on Linux using Mono. I get the following error message:

Could not load file or assembly 'PresentationFramework, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35' or one of its dependencies.
The entry point method could not be loaded

The current version of Mono has compatibility with most of .Net 4. Here is a link showing the current Mono status:

Mono compatibility

Does Combat Manager use one of the Mono bits that aren't compatible yet? If not, do you have any ideas why I'm not getting it running?

Scipion del Ferro wrote:
Well both the ones I linked two are $1 and are pretty generic "armored guy."

I feel very dumb. I didn't notice that your list had hyperlinks. THANK YOU. That is awesome and those will definitely work.

Thanks again.

Thanks for the suggestions. What minis have people used for Hellknights?

Erik Mona wrote:

We are definitely looking into ePub.

Excellent. I will gladly grab a paper + epub subscription; or subscribe to an epub only type of thing, but I would expect to pay less than for a dead tree copy.

I'm very excited about Pathfinder novels, particularly in epub format. I can hardly wait!

I'm getting ready to start GMing CoT in a month or two. Does anybody have any great ideas for miniatures? I'm particularly interested in pre-painted minis.

I really like this idea. I never want my good characters to use poison, and having poison come with the class means that by ignoring it I am doing myself a disservice.

If I just choose the other lines though, it would be fine. I could have a good alchemist that doesn't have any poison abilities.

Poison makes a whole lot of sense for any neutral or evil alchemists I may play (or use against PCs) and it would still be available as part of a build.

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Bagpuss wrote:
I had a pre-order for this. When is the hard copy being shipped, does anyone know?
Mine arrived yesterday. Strangely the address lable said 'mongoose games' threw me for a loop.

Mine arrived last Friday; I was suprised to see the same label. I was even more surprised to see it coming out of Kettering, which is a Dayton suburb. I was expecting it to come from distances much further. At one moment, I was scrambling trying to think what the heck I had ordered and didn't put two and two together until I opened up the contents.

My next thought was ... is there a brick and mortar store out there that has more stuff to check out if I'm ever in those neck of the woods?

There is a store called Krystal Keep in Kettering OH that is a gaming store. It has quite a lot of space, but quite a bit of it is devoted to wargaming. If you just like browsing brick and mortar game stores it would be worth a visit. I did buy my copy of Pathfinder RPG there via a preorder.

Wow. That looks incredibly cool. I can't wait for the Legacy of Fire stuff. Now I'm going to have to buy a cutter and get the players ready for a whole new level of table detail. :)

Thanks everyone. There were some very helpful posts.

The druid level is very tempting, but my GM said that we are probably going to play to 20th level with these characters (provided they live) which is pretty rare for us. I have decided that my monk is going to search for perfection and upon reaching 20th hopefully I'll find it and gain the perfect self class ability.

It looks like the wild cohort feat, which I had never heard of, will fit the bill for what I want it for. I can start with studying something like a crane and eventually get to the tiger. I'm not nearly as interested in the fighting abilities of the pet as I am the role playing aspects.

Thanks again for all the great ideas. I'll show my GM this thread as a starting point and I'll likely just take the wild cohort feat.

I am playing a monk and would like a pet tiger.

On the story side of things my character is studying the tiger because of its perfect grace and to learn its secret techniques and improve my fighting style.

On the rules side of things I have no idea how I could accomplish this. Can I buy a trained tiger? I would like a hunting tiger. I am not dipping into other classes and don't have the skill points for handle animal, which is not a class skill.

Does anybody know of any options?

toyrobots wrote:
gabesword wrote:
Have the grapple rules changed any since the beta?

Yes, you can get most of the details in the preview posts on the blog, and in the Bonus Bestiary.

Long story short, CMB is the same, but the DC has changed to (basically) enemy's Touch AC + enemy's CMB.


Have the grapple rules changed any since the beta?