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Michael Brock wrote:
If you still need help with this, email me tomorrow at mike.brock@Paizo.com and we wil get you squared away.

How so michael? I have lost the sheets but my GM has reported the adventures. What should I do?

And Dave, I would gladly do that trade :D


Thank you for your help, fellow freedom fighter :D


Hello everyone, I have a big problem:

By accident, the cleaning lady at my house threw a bunch of role playing stuff, including my chronicle sheets.

Is there a recovery process? Will I be able to keep on gaming with my character?


Hello everyone

Down here in Lima Peru, we are going to run PFS for a small local convention. We tought it would be a great idea to display some banners of the factions of the Society during said convention at the RPG area, but we have no idea if it is legal.

Would it be legal to print banners from the Community Use Package?

PD: Please excuse my poor english, it is not my first language


SunsetPsychosis wrote:
Then Archer Fighter is a great choice for it. The archetype has the potential for a lot more than most people give it credit for.

That would be the best archetype for doing combat maneuvers...you can find it in the APG.


Bialaska wrote:
I think it is important that the bard can pull his own in combat, not only be a support bot. A good strength gives you that. So does Power Attack. However I think the most important feat at low levels might be Lingering Performance. If you activate Inspire Courage, you can stop maintaining it, but it runs for 2 extra rounds. Thus instead of having something like 11 or 12 rounds of bardic music (14 or 15 if you use the bard favored class option from APG), you can have the effect of inspire courage for 30+ rounds. Of course you'll need to spend a standard action to use it again every 3 rounds, but it's still better than running out of bardic performances in your second fight of the day.

I really don't think that power attack would be a great option, the bard having just a medium BAB...if you want to go for a bard that does some dicent damage, Arcane Strike would be, in my oppinion, a better option. It is not as strong, but it won't affect your already meager chances yo hit.

About the lingering performance, I completely agree, it's a realy god option.


You should check out all the bard archetypes that are available in the APG, UM, and UC.

In Ultimate Magic, there is a "celebrity" archetype that would go well with the flavor you are looking for. The ultimate magic content is available on the PRD. Another archetype I love, from the AG, is the court bard, that uses debuffs instead of the average inspire cougage.


If your GM is allowing 3rd party products, I think you should check Super Genious Gemes Guide to Feats of Critical Combat. In that small PDF, there is a feat tha allows a monk to do critical hits to unanimate objects, sch as golems and also walls.

It's only 3 dollars, and is a great buy, just as everything else Super Genious.


Weapon specialisation and disriptive shot should be good enough feats.


Once you have a couple of lvl4 spells such as black tentacles or confusion, you should consider Dimension Door, it's great for getting out of trouble.


If your GM admits 3rd party products, you should consider chechins Super Genious Game's Genious Guide to rune staffs and wyrd wands.

It's a product that gives different options of staves, and one of them is giving yu an enhancment bonus to caster level checks on some circumstances, including dispel checks.


Definatly Black Tentacles.


Benicio Del Espada wrote:

Just a bit of strategery here, but if you're going with a bonded item, I think it would be easier to use a ring or amulet. It's worn, rather than wielded (so it's a little harder to lose, and you don't have to whip it out for spells).

That said, if you're thinking about a wand or weapon because it seems cool to you, go for it. It would be a rare enemy who knows that you even have a bonded object, or which item it is, or concentrate on taking it from you. That one free spell per day can really be a lifesaver.

I completely agree with your first statement. Having one spell slot open is just great, but wielding the item is too risky for me. That's why I'd rather have a pendant or a ring, it's way way safer.


For more spells, you could also check Super Genious Games Genious Guide to Ice magic.

It contains lots of fun spells for an ice casters.


If you want a bigger AC, the simplest way is trying to get your Natural Armor bonus bigger. You could also get some deflection bonus from a nice ring of protection.


This is actually my favorite SGG product, and that's a LOT to say, because I love most of your products.

At last, I can build a combat alchemyst with a steampunk flavor without deformin Pathfinder mechanics.

Many, many thanks for this.


Sometimes I arrive early for my Thursday Pathfinder campaing, and the owner of the house is always watching that show. It's not bat, in fact, is surprisingly good, and there are a los of monsters fron D&D.

It's not the best show ever, but in this times of crappy kids TV shows, The Troop is actually refreshing.


Five years ago, when I was 13, I started playing with D&D 3.5...I remember that I was playing a human paladin whick was quick to anger. In my first encounter, y party was going against gruop of Drows, and, thanks to two natural 20's, smite evil and my cleave feat, the first time I roled the dice for a battle I killed two drows at one. It was truly awesome.

Too bad the Paladin died three sessions from there!


First of all, let me tell you that developing a man bear pig is a great idea.

In my oppinion, you could use a human ranger with the APG variant of shapeshifter, using the form of the bear and using the natural weapos option.

You could use a sligtly altered form of the dragon (that gives natural armor bonuses)as form of the pig.

At 12th level, you can use the Dual Form Shifter feature to actually be a Man Bear Pig.


When I was 15, I used to play at my local FLGS, but that was because the owner was a friend, so we played after the store closed. Nowadays, I play at the house of one friend on Mondays and Saturdays, and at another friend's house at Thursdays and Fridays.

Both houses are convenietly located near stores that offer both printing and a wide array of snacks.


Magister is a fine name.


Kolokotroni wrote:
I'd love to see more divine traits, scion talents, and ascendancies. There already is a nice variety but I doubt that all the options have been exhausted. Particularly divine traits for all 4 classes, I feel like there could be alot more there.

Actually, that's exactly what I would like to see...some new traits and talents would be great.Some additional feats would be nice to see too.

And if there could be some way to have exalted domains in a godling, that would be pretty awesome indeed.


Blackerose wrote:

I ran a game at a con that was all Super Genius game classes..It went quite well

In the games I play we use SGG classes too!

They merge perfectly with the core and APG classes, and most of them are not redundant, with core and APG classes.

For me, SGG classes are some of the best 3rd party classes there are on the market.

The War Master, Godling, Time Thef, Shadow Assasin, Justicar and others are REALLY good.


Another sequel of the Godling would be truly awesome. Is one of the favorite classes in my gaming table.


If you are looking for a fun and functional whip user, try Super Genious Games products....they have a PDF that focusses on martial archetypes, and one of them is whip.oriented. It's reallly effective, and the PDF's are really affordable.


I had a problem like that for some friends back in the time I was GMing (I only play now).

What I think you should do is inspire them, make them feel important and crucial in your campaing, and when they are feeling confident, throw a big challenge to them, one that they can only win by working together.

That will help to make the party members more close, and the bickering and fighting should stop.