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Resisting the urge to to create a elderly human ranger or fighter or something focusing on 'thrown' weapons. I really don't have the time. Darn compulsions.

I prefer my nerdy little 'Risan Sunset', an AP with Earl Grey, a splash of light red wine (Klingon Blood Wine) and some Rum(ulan Ale). I don't drink often though, maybe once a month.

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But what to use? The same flavor that you are now locked into until the tray is gone? Or do you brave the mixing? Some flavors don't go well together.

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All the citrus, which is Floridaish. I like to name the different AP's I make to differentiate between them.

On hours, I generally work 10 to 9 Tuesday-Thursday, and 10 to 10 friday. As I live closest to work and have been a Pantry cook (sandwiches, Salads, Desserts, and prep for the Line cooks) there the longest, I am also the one most often called in for covers and holidays. At the ends of Fridays, I am usually wiped, I don't see how you stay alert through shifts longer that 12 hours Caesar. Also, Fun Fact: If you wish to implant many human hosts, people seem to love Caesar Salads on Mothers day.

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If I could eat it to try it, I would work up a sweet pizza recipe that might a la mode rather well. I'm thinking keep the dough as is, too much more sugar could overfeed the yeast, leaving you with a goopy mess that eats flour at an insane rate while you try to knead it. Tomato is a fruit* so I would work up a fruit pie filling type for the sauce, wouldn't need much of it for one pie. Coconut flakes for the cheese, unfortunately, as most cheeses are too flavorful to go well with sweets like the sauce, but bacon works well enough with them for the topping. If only I wasn't allergic to tomatoes I would try this out, and probably tweak it some more, but alas. If anybody else is feeling adventurous, let us know how it goes.

Unrelated to pizza, wishing I had time to make a 'Florida' AP, Biglow Lemon Lift and Orange spice for the tea, makes it really citrusy, but I'm off to work too soon to brew it. Should have started it earlier, mothers day gets busy.

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theblackteagamer wrote:

So let me just ask this straight up...

Did anyone else first get into drinking tea by ordering "Tea, Earl Grey, hot"? Or was that just me?

I have used Mint teas to settle my stomach for years, but that is how I got into other types of tea. And it still surprises me to this day that it tastes ande smells like hot, liquid, fruitloops. I never expected that, it sounds so sophisticated, and tastes like a cereal I haven't had since I was ten. Its not bad, it just threw me for a (fruit)loop.