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Title: the Most Hated Man

Alignment: CN

Domains: Chaos, Knowledge, Madness, Trickery

Portfolio: satire, antagonism and irreverence

Worshipers: devil's advocates, comedians, gadflies, scapegoats

Symbol: A crudely drawn picture of a man sticking his tongue out

Favored Weapon: slingshot

Favored Animal: dodo bird

Ethos: Nothing is above mockery.

Garb: offensively ugly

Herald: That One, a doppelganger-like creature that can only appear as a crude caricature of the person it's trying to imitate.

Relations: Every other god hates me, I make absolutely sure of it. (Except maybe Shelyn, who occasionally admits that I'm funny and treats me civilly. This makes her absolutely terrifying.)

Prayers: Loud, incoherent strings of profanity and colorful insults directed at me

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The Shifty Mongoose wrote:
Time travel. Unless it's implemented as a one-off backstory thing to explain retcons. Though once it gets used, it's never a one-off thing.

Oddly enough, I have to respectfully disagree.

Normally, I can take or leave time travel as far as Sci-Fi tropes go, but the opportunity to cross over with PF Classic is just too enticing.

Dotted with extreme prejudice!

You, sir, are what all homebrewers aspire to be! :)

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SkinnyD wrote:
Casmaran/Vudra, Southern Garund, Arcadia, and Sarusan. I really want to see the rest of the world.

I would kill to have an Acadia-based AP about repairing relations with the Stryx and Wyrwoods in time to fend off an invasion by some kind of semidivine Syrinx monarch.

Edit: Also, more Proteans and Protean-related material.

Mechagamera wrote:
A 0HD large race of tall, thin smart (but weak) people from a lower gravity world would be interesting. Maybe with some kind of occult bonus.....

This has my approval. Bonus points if they're related to the Grays somehow.

Also, is it wrong that I want B6 to include the Pinata?

Dragon78 wrote:
We need at least one tiny 0HD race before we get another large size one.

Fair Point.

But why not both?

Bonus points if one or both of them end up being the first 0HD undead race! (no, damphir don't count. They don't even have the half-undead subtype IIRC)

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- More Chaotic Outsiders/Proteans
- More Large 0HD races
- Cyberlitch
- Krampus
- Flatwoods Monster (Chitterwood Monster?)
- Brain-in-a-Jar
- Maybe some non-AP specific Summon Monster/Nature's Ally lists?

I am disappointed by the lack of gargoyles on people's wishlists.

Really diggin' the idea of putting Mi-Go and Veggipygmies in though.

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On a good day, probably Brigh.

If (when) I go off the deep end, probably Haagenti.