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Weapon Masters Handbook wrote:

Your weapon strikes deal more damage than usual.

Prerequisites: Ascetic Form; Ascetic Style; Weapon Focus with the chosen
weapon; base attack bonus +7 or monk level 7th.

Benefit: You can use the unarmed strike damage of a monk 4 levels lower than your character level (minimum 1st) instead of the base damage for the chosen Weapon. Ascetic Strike functions in all other ways as the brawler’s close weapon masteryACG class feature. In addition, you ignore the still mind class feature prerequisite for the Monastic LegacyUC feat.

Silly question but does this apply to unarmed strikes? i don't think it does but i would like some clarification if possible.

hi! i just have a few questions

can you take a 20 on say a strength check? had someone trying to break a door down he decided the best course of action would be to take a 20 until he got finally broke it down (i know that taking a 20 means you fail but didn't see a issue i mean its realistic kick a door over and over till it breaks right?)

had someone say thats low allowed just want to make sure.

Second question if you roll that naturally is a natural 20 a auto success mostly asking cause now im thinking its like a 65 break dc to break through a stone wall and mr mcwizard rolls a 20 on a str check said wall is now broken i don't see the logic there they still need to be able to make the str dc right?

does dispel magic mage's disjunction and anti magic field do anything to the bonuses from automatic bonus progression?

fell into a situation that brought question if these enchantment bonuses are considered magic or are they like say....a masterwork weapon where its a enchantment bonus but you can't dispel it.

i looked everywhere and can't find anything

does mass inflict spells work in what manner?

1. you touch a target and it splits at the given radius

2. its a range spell

3. you have to touch every target?

just need clarification since it doesn't say how exactly is performed.

i read the rules but i don't understand if i can put any spell or not in a staff?

mostly confused cause the feat says i can make a staff but then theres a list of made staves then says "it can hold 10 charges" but then some as the staff of charming only has 3

anyhow my question is how does a staff work then? does it come with preset spells or what or can i make a staff with my own spells on it.

A spellcaster always has the option to fill a higher-level spell slot with a lower-level spell.

As written but my question is does it increase the DC of the spell? it doesn't state anywhere this if it does or doesn't unless "with a lower level spell" is the implied indication that it doesn't but yeah...not sure anyone know?

i know i'm not insane i could have sworn i saw a pazio book that had some premade builds and leveling guides in it (showed how to level from level blah blah to level blah blah) but for the life of me i can't find it must be really obscure anyone know the name?

Little confused with the wording

The spell can locate a creature of a specific kind or a specific creature known to you. It cannot find a creature of a certain type. To find a kind of creature, you must have seen such a creature up close (within 30 feet) at least once.

"located a creature of a specific kind, it cannot find a creature of a certain type"

isn't that like saying you can find water but not H20 water? can someone give me a example? cause it sounds a little contradicting what exactly can i find as wording? cause i'm thinking of examples "humans hiding" nope type "monsters hiding" nope type "humanoids hiding!" nope type

whats the difference between "kind" and "type"

when a character does a ranged attack against a character that threatens them/is in melee range and the character has combat reflexes, does he provoke attack of opportunity once or does he provoke per attack roll?

Situation: player 1 shot player 2 3 times (not a surprise round ect ect none of that) and player 2 had combat reflexes/ enough of a dex modifier to do more than Aoo per round.

so the argument was that player 2 could get 3 attacks of opportunity per ranged attack roll that player 1 did. where as player 1 said he only got 1 no matter how many ranged attack rolls he did because he never left the threatened area against him.

The rules are pretty vague regarding this situation, that is unless player 2 is reading to much into them so which one is it? i went with saying only once cause i wasn't sure on my ruling.

looked for hours and hours and i apparently can't find anywhere to confirm any of this information.

gunslinger = fighter
Cavalier= samurai
Ninja= rogue

are these the only alternate classes for x class are alchemist, magus witch a alternate for anyone?

Me and a DM ran into a small problem (it got easily solved via Dm discretion) but we couldn't find a official awnser.

Horse Lord (Keleshite
Requirement(s) Keleshite
You grew up racing along the plains of Paresh, hoping to one day compete in the Histaqen. You gain a +2 trait bonus on Handle Animal checks, and a +1 trait bonus on Ride checks. This trait applies only to horses.

Genie Blood
Requirement(s) Human - Keleshite
One of your ancestors was genie-kind. Select an element (air, earth, fire, or water). You gain a +1 trait bonus on saving throws against attacks that utilize that element (cold for air, acid for earth, fire for fire, and electricity for water), and gain a +1 trait bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Sense Motive checks made against creatures of that subtype.

If you notice one Human race trait says Keleshite, and the other says Human-keleshite it wasn't that serious we where just like w/e is a trait pick it but we still would like to know how it works

if it says Human - Keleshite does that mean any human nationality can pick it plus keleshite?

ok so i see different age categories for these three all over the place as far as max age ect goes which is the real age category and where can it actually be found if one of these two aren't.[

and i also found

My friend wants to make a character using the half fiend graft from the unchained rules (Unchained book).

Half fiend wrote:


This creature is heavily tainted with evil power, most likely demonic or infernal.

Required Creature Type: Outsider.
Automatic Traits: Gain a f ly speed equal to twice the base speed (good maneuverability); options—DR 5/magic (increases to DR 10/magic at CR 12), energy resistance 10 (acid, cold, electricity, and fire), immunity (poison), secondary magic (evil), smite (good); skill—gain one additional master skill.

i personally have no problem with it and she said she is willing to just have this graft and nothing else she just wants to play a half fiend for the campaign.

feels like i am cheating her seeing how the core rule template gives more.

is it legit to just give her this and nothing else?

Can a worshiper of Gozreh use metal weapons? i know a druid can't use metal armor but what about a cleric?

Faiths of balance wrote:

You are forbidden to pollute the sky or despoil the natural world, unless the end result is a net gain for nature (such as the sacking of farmland so that it may be reclaimed by the forest). When such damage is unavoidable, you must clean it as soon as possible. Your failure to do
so may result in your own water being fouled or your breath coming short in your lungs until you have made your error right or cleansed pollution
left by another. You’re unlikely to build with brick or forge metals, and in general attempt to keep your tools as close as possible to their natural state, opting for materials like beautiful wood, ivory, pearls, or seashells for decoration.

got that off the book faiths of balance i plan to make a cleric of Gozreh but not sure what my limitations are.

alright so i ran into this problem, two players decided that their characters would get into a fight over some treasure they was not the surprise round so no one was flatfooted.

Now player 1 decided to use rapid shot on player 2 (with a longbow). the problem we ran into was that player 1 was right ontop of player 2 as in melee range.

Player 2 did a aoo trip against player 1

now the argument that happened was this: rapid shot is a full attack action you can't attack with a longbow while prone so therefore due to having used the full attack action and they fell, their turn got "Interrupted" entirely due to having stated they where trying to use rapid shot.

player's 1 argument was that they should have still gotten their whole turn to try and use a dagger after the aoo was resolved.

thoughts on this?

when you crit with a lance do you multiply the modifiers too from the extra damage if you are using spirited charge?

does the person that pick this feature gain spells as the secondary class?

for example does a 3rd level fighter get 2nd level spells? or just the class features?

Unscathed: You are amazingly resistant to energy attacks because of either your upbringing or magical experimentation. Each type of energy resistance you have (if any) increases by 2 points.

^ the trait in question

Elemental Resistance (Ex): At 3rd level, you gain energy resistance 10 against your energy type. At 9th level, your energy resistance increases to 20.

^ elemental bloodline

I know normally this stuff doesn't stack but would this stack because is trait?


You question the target, backed up by the threat of magical pain. You may ask one question per two caster levels. The target can either answer the question or take 1d4 points of damage plus your Wisdom bonus. The target is not compelled to answer truthfully, but the threat of pain gives it a –4 penalty on Bluff checks to convince you when it is lying.

that's the description is that a goof? its saying wisdom for wizards or is it intelligence for them and they typo

^ link for spell

ok the bloodline power says any spell with the fire descriptor gets +1 fire damage per hit die roll

ll of the target's weapons (both natural and manufactured) inflict +1d6 points of fire damage on a hit <--- from the firebrand spell

so is it 1d6+1 or 1d6? and would it work on similar spells that deal x amount of fire damage a round (such as flaming sphere)

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Does the amulet work with them? i mean i know the enchantment bonus wouldn't stack but lets say you have normal masterwork gauntlets and happen to find a +2 amulet would it work with them?

is it possible for a composite bow (longbow or short) to have a higher str mod rating than +5? everywhere i look they seem to stop at +5 is that set in stone or just used as a example? friend of mine has 22 str and the DM won't let him have a composite longbow that gives him a +6 bonus to damage.

i know that clerics can only worship gods 1 step up or down from their alignment but what about normal characters? i haven't found anything about it and i got into a argument because a lawful evil character wanted to worship a Chaotic good god.

That made no sense to me at all that's total alignment opposition so whats the ruling regarding non cleric type characters and god alignment worship?

Masterwork Weapons

A masterwork weapon is a finely crafted version of a normal weapon. Wielding it provides a +1 enhancement bonus on attack rolls.

does that mean it should be treated as magic?

The enhancement bonus granted by the masterwork quality doesn't stack with the enhancement bonus provided by the weapon's magic.

^ i think that is saying no but it caused a argument on one of my sessions .

do you lose dex bonus to ac when you double move? i can't find anything that says yes or no.

i'm just curious about the roughrider fighter archtype and weapon mastery. i noticed alot of abilities such as weapon mastery and armor mastery get replaced by mount related abilities but it doesn't state that weapon mastery stays or is removed.i am assuming that because weapon training 1-4 is no longer in play that weapon mastery its not a offered feature but on the other hand it doesn't say anything regarding that.

anyone happen to know if weapon mastery for a roughrider is kept or is it removed?