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Stay thirsty my friends.

Hi-ho hi-ho off to work I go. First we start start with the [redacted], then with much furious [redacted] we move to the [redacted]. Now that is done the [redacted] can be removed and [redacted] and [redacted]. Hold still this next bit will hurt I promise.
the Next poster will fetch the [redacted] and insert it in the [redacted]
*slaps GT* Stop crying or I'll give you a reason to cry.

Meanwhile at the Hall of Justice...
KenderKin attempts to fill the awkward silence with yodling.

But I don't like to run that much silly boy. But if I must, we need to go back to the begining of it all.
Next poster would you kindly fetch me some 3D glasses and a yo-yo?

He poops on people's lawns.
The next poster has a phobia of posting on message boards.

80. Droughts
81. Heat waves
82. The Elemental Plane of Fire

Yes and he was my finest pupil ever, he absorb all my lessons so quickly and completely.
The next poster has the worlds largest Justin Bieber collection.

After being anywhere near GoatToucher you need a bath. Allow me to help. Here is a large vat of fresh holy water.
*grabs TFF by the ankles and begins dunking until the bubbles and screams stop*

YES, YES, GODS YES! Finally someone needs me.
Quickly next poster would you kindly use me to remove the ice cream and coco butter from this poor sod?