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Kaos, like in discworld http://wiki.lspace.org/mediawiki/Kaos

Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
The Smiling GM wrote:
52) build a moat around the city and fill it with green slime. Its now our dump for everything (even toilet waste). Once every couple of days we fireball it to drop the level.

I like where your head is at, but there's a problem.

See bold below.

Green Slime CR 4
XP 1,200

This dungeon peril is a dangerous variety of normal slime. Green slime devours flesh and organic materials on contact and is even capable of dissolving metal. Bright green, wet, and sticky, it clings to walls, floors, and ceilings in patches, reproducing as it consumes organic matter. It drops from walls and ceilings when it detects movement (and possible food) below.

A single 5-foot square of green slime deals 1d6 points of Constitution damage per round while it devours flesh. On the first round of contact, the slime can be scraped off a creature (destroying the scraping device), but after that it must be frozen, burned, or cut away (dealing damage to the victim as well). Anything that deals cold or fire damage, sunlight, or a remove disease spell destroys a patch of green slime. Against wood or metal, green slime deals 2d6 points of damage per round, ignoring metal's hardness but not that of wood. It does not harm stone.

Edit: Also, I think it can climb.

All this is true, but our GM allowed the party alchemist to make a craft alchemy check to alter a green slime sample. Our new green slime isn't effected by sunlight, but rain will damage it.

We have guards whose job it is to keep an eye out for climbing slime.

I've always viewed it that if you resistance to an energy type you have some sort of affinity with that type of energy. So looking at it like that it makes very little sense to have an affinty to all elements. What kind of creature would that be.
just a thought.

Do you mean why is there no resistance to all energy types?

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And squish things with rocks. Thats very important.

And I want prettys. Nice shinny ones.

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On my home world I followed a group of adventurers into the lair of ancient red dragon, while the adventures battled the dragon I crept into his hoard room, where I filled a portable hole with many powerful artifacts. Needing a place to hide it while i escaped I ate it.

After a great explosion I find myself on a strange new world with equally strange powers.

I create a race in my own image with tails (see goblin monkeys) with all the power of Dragons from my home world.

I set them to work building me a tenple in the middle of the greatest forest they can find and command them to make offerings on to me of pickled organs of all other who dwell on this world.

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9. Your father was a kobolds rump and your mother spent most of her days up agianst cave walls with goblins.

Makers of Rome by Plutarch. Gais Gracchus has just been killed and if you ask me I think its a turning point for the Republic...

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52) build a moat around the city and fill it with green slime. Its now our dump for everything (even toilet waste). Once every couple of days we fireball it to drop the level.

We went with Rovin. We took the first letter from the names of our charaters who started the kingdom.

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crit confirmed wrote:
Maybe we should take a poll to find out how many first-timers submitted for the contest. Count me as one.

I am also a first timer.

Forgotten realms (pre spell plague)
Red Death
Dark Sun

I'd pump it into a homunculus using the rules from the alchemy handbook

The orbs are a domination effect, where as i believe Azure wanted more of a following because of love/respect of the human.

Dragon Age Categories
Category Age (Years)
1 Wyrmling 0–5
2 Very young 6–15
3 Young 16–25
4 Juvenile 26–50
5 Young adult 51–100
6 Adult 101–200
7 Mature adult 201–400
8 Old 401–600
9 Very old 601–800
10 Ancient 801–1,000
11 Wyrm 1,001–1,200
12 Great wyrm 1,201 or more

I don't think there is, I am happy to be wrong though.

wraithstrike wrote:

Your friend is wrong. Silver Dragons are good. They are likely LG. Check the bestiary. You can also check the prd or d20pfsrd for the normal alignment of creatures

And dragons don't just start to obey or become loyal someone because they are around them.

when you run the game you may like to play as per what is written to the letter, but not everyone has too. Let up, relax, have a "J", whatever let other people game the way they want to.

perhaps the human in question is a high level Paladin of Apsu that fought to free and return a powerful relic that belongs to the silver dragons.

Maybe the human was once a silver itself and was Reincarnated (as per the spell) after a great battle.

just a couple of ideas that spring to mind