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Early and often. I pass them out for heroic feats of bravery, doing things in character that are detrimental to the character or party. Things that make us all laugh. Doing extra work like keeping notes or party inventory.
Like others have said above, I find that if you give out hero points often, they get used, a lot, and that's the kind of game I like.

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As someone who DM'ed all through the D&D Next playtest, let me just say that I LOVE the use of as many keywords like this as possible. I don't have a dog in the "what word do we use" fight, but man, I love having consistency. Pathfinder players and GM's can turn into legal scholars when debating rules, so the more concrete they are, the better.

Um, actually. The Barghest has a base skill modifier of +4. That gets added to stat modifiers only for untrained skill. So a untrained Dex based skill is +6 on the roll. His actual trained skills are Acrobatics and Deception at +11 total (you don't add the plus 4 again, see page 22 of the Bestiary) and a +9 total for Stealth. I don't think the results are quite as dire as made out to be.

Heck yeah. I'm all in.


Matthew Pittard wrote:
Have you had a character actually enter the gnome containment area?

I ran this yesterday. Int 5 Wis 8ish Bloodrager. I make him roll Sense Motive vs the Gnomes Bluff to not get talked into entering the circle. Then the gnome grapples her and threatens to pop her head like a pimple unless the party gets busy getting him out of the circle. The very round they free the Azata, he grapples the Bloodrager, taking her to -12. One banish later, the party rushes in with cure potions to bring her back up. (On a side note, I had a 7 player party with no divine casters and a lvl3 Sorcerer, lvl 1 Rogue as our only arcane caster. Fun times. Nothing like watching the Str 18 fighter in full plate and the Str 20 Bloodrager go onto the dias and be trapped. )

I'm expecting an ugly, ugly AP.

I'm the GM, the party is this:

Tiefling Alchemist, with a CHA of 5 and a bad reputation.

Halfling Slayer, a ranged combatant with the highest AC in the party.

Elf Magus, in love with the Professors Daughter, and

Human Musket Master.

No divine caster, no social skills to speak of. Two (Tiefling and Slayer) are on the cusp of being evil. I'm expecting villagers with torches and pitchforks by week 3.

I guess I could give the rest of the party for completeness.

8th level Dwarven fighter (currently headless.)
4th Ranger/3 Rogue/1 Cleric of Calistria (headless)
7th level wizard.

The three "survivors" are: (and oh, I'm converting this to D&D 5th edition as I go, so these are D&D classes.)

8th level Human Valor Bard.
8th level Champion fighter.
6th level Monk/2nd level Warlock of Calistria (Fey pact.)

Greetings all, first time, long time.

I'm running a 6 person group through the Asylum stone, and they had more than a little trouble with the Black Keep. The Dark Rider beheaded 2 of the party. They decided "one more room", and lost their Wizard to Olanna. Again they went "one more room", and the last three party members went down, but are stable.
I don't want to wipe the party, the group likes their PC's and is willing to raise the dead. The Monk and Dark Naga that the Librarians hired are still alive and in the Library, I was thinking of having the Caulborn contact the library and tell them they think something is wrong and they need reinforcements. They have already killed Olanna, the Dark Rider, and the simulacrum from Eox. Two of the party are in service to Calistria, so she could lend some aid to get them on their feet. Thoughts?