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The Vagrant Erudite wrote:

So, thanks to everyone for the advice; you seemed to echo what my friends I spoke to in person and over the phone said. 90% of the results are "get going while the going is good", and...

1. Found an old credit card over a decade old with a huge limit. Used it to consolidate all of my credit cards. So that helps a lot.

2. Yamaha said they'll assess no fees while I can't pay due to not having a job, so my scooter won't be repo'd. It won't be useful in winter, but in Spring and Summer...well, Athens is a really small town, geographically speaking, so a scooter is real useful. (GF has her car.)

3. We got "Official Job Offer" letters coming in the mail, so...we made our decision. We're moving to Ohio.

lisamarlene wrote:
Any chance your GF's family can offer you a couch or a basement until you can afford to get your own place?

Possibly. Right now she's talking to a family member with property rentals, and seeing if he has any available reasonably. If not, there's lots of affordable rent in Athens cause it's a college town.

The job, BTW, is actually sorta in my BS field (psychology) working with autistic and mentally disabled adults and children. It's everything I liked about teaching and working at the mental hospital (helping people who REALLY need it) with none of the stupid b&**+%&! hoops to jump through because it's privately owned by someone I personally know! Plus, a very wise man I trust once told me, and I take it 100% to heart, that the inwardly focused man will never find true happiness. To get paid to actually do some meaningful stuff and help people? Hell yeah!

F$~! yeah, bro! Fist bump, c'mon! Here have a piece of cake, bro!

Dude! Holmes!! Bro!!! The only rule of Bro Code is to never talk about the rules of Bro Code, bro.

The Vagrant Erudite wrote:
My brother told me to stop making Oasis jokes. I said maybe...

Bro! You can never have two many Oasis jokes!

Punches cake that looks like Liam Gallagher too underscore point.

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Bro! I could totally shag a cake, man!

Bro! You don't know what i've been doing to that cake, Homes.

Kjeldorn wrote:
John Napier 698 wrote:
As of today, I have been a Security Guard for exactly Twenty Years!

Puts on a party hat, blows a party horn, while throwing confetti at John.

Have some imaginary cake.

Sorry, its the best I can do on short notice, and this being an internet forum and all.

*Pats John on the back*

Whoo hoo!!!

Bro! That's a hot cake you got there, bro.

Follow up riddle bro!

Who f#+&ed my cake while I was hitting on that chick with the crazy big Adams Apple! Not cool man, dude!!... whoever it was!!

Wait! Hold on Homes! Dude! That was me! Whoa

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A riddle for thee!

"Oh no! I'm out of black tea! Now I'm going to have to have 'sick people tea'" - The General.

So, what tea would be only fit for consumption when your senses are decimated by being sick?

Hint: Don't try to guess the brand, it seems pretty generic.

Solar Dragon.

The answer is always Solar Dragon.

Lunar and Vortex Dragons are also acceptable answers.

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That they're best on chicken?

Bro! Holmes! You look like someone that would appreciate a sheet cake! Mmm... so hot!... hey man! Get your own!

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No links brau! I can be annoying Holmes!

Dr. Strangegnome wrote:
Remember, never look a potato directly in the eyes. They do not like that.

Dude! I'd totally eye bang a potato!

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I totally pissed off The Tier Brigade* bro!

It was epic!

* you know the types that insist every class should be categorized like rice fields because math is absolute power! despite the fact that it can't account for real world variances.

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To be fair, energy drinks are gross no matter what you pair it with.

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I just made you a Jasmine "Infused" Tea Cake!

It's my best one yet!

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thegreenteagamer wrote:

Eight years married today. Totally the best choice ever.

I don't even understand those people who b$*+! and moan about their marriages. I completely cannot comprehend that.

Wipes frosting off of hands

Bro! Dude! Homes!

I made you a cake. :-)

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Releases a pair of feral smurf, drunk on tea leaves doused in homemade moonshine.

That should liven up the place bro!

Don't thank me, thank the sheet cake homiepadre!

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I ate cheese today.

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You said Rock Hard!

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Bro! No one wants to see that anger!

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On Solar Dragons.
"Arrogant and proud, Solar Dragons see themselves as the originators of light and life in the vastness of space. They treat all living creatures as their own creations."

*sniff* bro! They totally get me, dude., check it out bro!

Bro, dude, hombre! Guess it's back to the sheetcakes and my homemade filled cupcake business.

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Redbeard the Scruffy wrote:

So many vegan samples.

So happy!

Bro, dude! You gots to try the carrot cake!... So sexy..

Fallout Rampage Cap'n Yesterday wrote:

D'oh! That's right, I don't nuke his actual camp.

Eh, f%&* it, I'll nuke them all.


Homey, I answered my question with your answer already right here.

Maybe Caesar needs 10 minutes alone with a sheet cake.

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Totally bro!

Like, where's the sheet cake come in to it.

I dunno dude, doesn't add up.

That seems like a lot of work, can't we just tip some cars, and start a few fires, maybe poop in the gazebo.

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Not if politics are involved.

Bro! Your tea leaves are showing.

If every politician would shag a cake this world would be a better place.


Bro! Sheet cake?

Dude, Donald Trump hasn't touched it, swearsies!

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Wait! Do you really gratify yourself in a plastic tent, on the beach!

Some people have all the luck.

Bro, no one tops a sheet cake, except me.

But not right away, gotta keep that S$&& classy, yo.

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Bro! Dude!

You won a sheet cake, freshly frosted.

theblackcoffeegamer wrote:

I for one am absolutely peeved that you, Captain Yesderday, have robbed me of my rightful credit.

Way back on August 11, I suggested a thread called " >>Ask *Captain Yesterday* to make aliases based on ALL your questions here!<<"
You said you didn't like the idea, since you only make aliases spontaneously, so I didn't make the thread.

Then, a whole four days later, thegreenteagamer made just the thread I had previously suggested, in spite of your rejection of my idea.

In the OP of THIS thread, though, you say

Captain Yesterday, Credit Denier wrote:
First of all Thegreenlanterngamer came up with a similar idea awhile ago but, truth be told, he had the format wrong and i get uncomfortable when people do things for me,

You gredit TGTG with the idea, even though it wasn't his idea! He stole it from me!

Moreover, I had the courtesy not to make the thread you said you didn't want, while TGTG had no such courtesy. Therefore, I deserve way, way more credit than TGTG!

Oh sure, everything looks bad, if you remember it.

Except sheet cakes, those are magical moments that should be cherished always bro.

Anyone want some cake?

Bro! Dude!

Not cool man! Not cool.

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Dude, Bro, compadre.

Thegreensaucegamer is totally cool!

By the way dudeman, opening up my own business Cupcakes I totally didn't f**%

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Bro, you'll never catch me with 27 aliases, I understand the Korean spammers used a lot of great names, but still.

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Bro! Accept the dark side.

Caineach wrote:
I've started making cold brewed tea using a 3 inch tea ball and putting it in a pitcher overnight. So far it has been delicious every time.

Bro! You said Tea Ball.

Bro! That chick is b@@%@%@ crazy and just wanted the attention, her "beliefs" were just a means to an end.

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Tea n' Brau!
I totally got slammered last weekend and went to town on my wife's cupcakes!

It was epic!!

Don't tell me these things:-D

I once smoked 21 joints in one afternoon because I counted how many they smoked in the song Smoke Two Joints

For the record once you get past ten it stops having an effect:-D still I regret nothing!

Did you get the message I sent, about my crowning achievement so far:-D

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Bro! You're missing so much! I totally zinged Kobold Cleaver! He was all "what!" And I was all like "you know it!. Dude! I'm on fire dude!...... Zzzzz....

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Hopefully you'll never look at Solar Dragons and store bought birthday cakes in the same way:-D

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Bro?...dude?.... homie?.......

pours an Arizona Iced Tea spiked with Southern Comfort on what he assumes is a curb (it wasn't) leaves a well loved sheet cake of some undetermined celebration

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Dude! I met a Pole, once.

Had a sign that said No Parking after 11p.m. dude was totally stuck up, didn't say a word, F@*+ him anyway yo! I'm doing just fine on my own...

passes out five minutes later, against a different pole

Bro! Dude! Homepadre!

I could totally go for some Head Cheese... that's, like Cheddar isn't it... f@~&... fajitas dude!

Want some sheet cake bro!

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