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Speaking from personal experience, returning to higher education after a while can be an exhilarating and frightening experience. I wish you the best of luck in school, and it was a true delight to have the privilege of meeting you these last two years at PaizoCon. Best of luck and I second that hopefully you will have time to make PaizoCon again, it won't be the same without you! :)

I would like to offer the following compromise, there seems to be a lot of interest in a subscription offer for the class decks, and while people seem to express a lot of interest in that, might I suggest this:

How about a rotating schedule of Class decks one month, and then Adventure Decks on the other month? This might satisfy the camps who are voting for the bi-monthly releases, yet also might satisfy those who would like monthly releases as well. I am more interested in what Vic, Mike and Tannis can realistically expect to accomplish, and if they might feel that this might be more feasible from a design and business point of view.

I have been a big fan of the PACG since its release, and when it first came out, people were blowing through the decks before the others came out. Now that we have more options, some people seem to enjoy replaying ROTR or S & S with the new character decks, or exploring other options, and the general feeling from this thread seems to be that people might want to slow down a bit.

Just my two coppers worth...

The Pale :)

Dear Tanis,
Thank you for your prompt and courteous reply to my silly question. Your feedback is always appreciated. :)

Dear Vic,
I would be interested in a subscription for class decks as well. :)

This may be a silly question, but would it be safe to assume that one of the characters from each deck will be an iconic? A new Amiri would be fantastic! :)

I would have to say no as well, we just got ten new classes, and there is a lot of exciting stuff on the horizon as well. As a compromise, perhaps they could do Pathfinder Revised, where they revise the core Rulebook with updated errata and clarification on some difficult rules. A new edition is not something I want, with some of the new options being presented with new releases, I think there is still a wealth of material to continue to look into. I think we should at least see what Unchained has to offer, that may slake the thirst for a new edition for a while.

Going with a Watchmen reference, Rorschach was in every definition a Sociopath. He only saw his actions as good because he was directing his rage at the criminal element. Rorschach was no better than the criminals he victimized, he openly defied the law, and was by no means neutral, and using fear, violence and murder, clearly marks him as evil.

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Truly sad news. A gifted comic, gamer, actor and a true one of a kind. Thoughts and prayers to his family as well. A unique voice has been silenced. :'(

If these sell well enough, would you consider doing sets of four for each of the class decks as well? That would add a great visual aid to the PACG and they would be great for PC or NPC minis for the RPG as well. :-)

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Someone who lived life exceptionally well, but someone who lived an unexceptional life. :-)

I'm sure they would have mentioned it already if they had said anything, but was there any mention of upcoming class decks being announced?

Hey I saw your first and last post was in 2009, but believe it or not, I am in the Sweetwater County area. If you are still looking for a fellow gamer, reply on this post. I know of a few other players if you would like someone to network with.

I probably won't make it for free RPG day, and I know it's early, but any idea when Ranzak will be available for purchase? I would really like to buy one, as I am not a subscriber, and no one in my state participates in free RPG day ; (.

Can you ask one of your friends with the Herolabs to let you use theirs instead of buying it?

Just wanted to say thanks for the quick responses to my questions, and the answers clarified a lot! :-)

I thought of another question after my last post, are these decks a one-time thing, or will there be a new version of the fighter deck with every new base set? Another way to ask this I guess is, can I buy the fighter deck, play one fighter in ROTRL,and use the same deck with a different character for Skull and Shackles, and use the other two in upcoming sets? If they are a one time thing, I would most likely buy them all for the character options, but if there are seven additional decks with each base set, and the character add-on deck, and the scenarios, if each of these character decks run $20 each as was speculated earlier in this thread, that is a total of $320 every six months, and even with my OCD when it comes to these things, I may not be able to afford everything, as much as I might like to. :-( I know it may be early for these kind of questions, and I am very excited, but reality is forcing me to play accountant. Any info on this at your earliest convenience would be greatly appreciated. Love the game btw :-)!

My big question is: Why 109, and not 110 cards? Am I the only one wondering this? :-\

I think for story line, I'd like to see Carrion Crown, not to mention the cool monsters you could bring in with every expansion deck :)

But for truly interesting tweaks and mechanics, Kingmaker might make a truly interesting twist. There could be a wealth of locations for that one, and perhaps even turn some kingdom events into some interesting barriers...

Jade Regent might offer some exotic locales as well, as might Serpent's Skull.

Thanks for letting me shout out! :)

This may not be in the vein of locales and characters, but what I think would be terrific would be a trade paperback style anthology of Golarion and its locales and inhabitants. A few years ago Marvel comics and Berkely Boulevard put out some excellent prose collections, such as Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate Hulk, Ultimate Super-Villians and more that were just fantastic, and you could do anything with Pathfinder anthologies. You could have an all-goblin anthology, or solo exploits of the iconics, or dungeon delves into the famous dungeons, or a Distant Worlds anthology, or even an all evil anthology which could debut the back-story of the iconic anti-paladin... Top it off with a tasty cover, (maybe by Mr. Reynolds?) and I think that would be just fantastic! Some of the ideas mentioned previously in this thread would go great in an anthology format! Thanks for letting me toss in my two coppers ;)

As an alternative, you could ask your DM to allow Knowledge rolls when you encounter creatures to give an in-game rationale for gauging a creature's relative strength. I'm not surprised to hear about your party having such a tough time with a CR 4 encounter. Kingmaker is about an untamed wilderness and the random encounter lists have some brutally high CR monsters. There are times when you will have to run, but there is no time limit. If you run one day, you can always return later. And no Kingmaker is nothing like TOH, you get savings throws in this one. Sounds just like a few bad rolls and a mistake we've all made at one time, not running when we should have. View it as a learning experience as a player and as a character. The wilds of Golarion are dangerous, tread carefully my friend :)

The Pale :)

As an aside, for inspirational material for tone, ideas and a guideline for a lone barbarian campaign, be sure to read the Conan stories by Robert E. Howard. The Kull of Atlantis stories are great too. A lot of the monsters and foes Conan and Kull faced work excellent in Pathfinder.

The Pale :)

Without delving too deeply into the math and XP arguments, I'd say make his Profession skill be Soldier and put other skill ranks in Survival. He'll earn XP on the job and can save all income by using Survival to live off the land. Just an idea...

The Pale :)

Who are some of your favorite authors?

Loved Dungoenscape btw! :)

The Pale :)

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While I would love to see Ultimate Grimoire as well, Paizo has to walk a fine line between reprinting previous material and new stuff. For every person that would be willing to pay for the convenience of having spells in one volume, there's going to be another person griping about "I already have this, why should I buy this?"

If they set it up like Ultimate Equipment, breaking each school into its own section, that would be terrific and an invaluable resource for players and DMs alike. I would definitely buy! :)

The Pale :)

The final preview was both bittersweet and incredible! I am delighted to see the new options to the kingdom building and mass-combat rules, they were all so wonderful, and the addition of law and fame stats to kingdoms sound really exciting! Next week cannot come soon enough! Absolutely loved these previews these last four weeks! :D Thank you for taking the time to give those of us who were going to buy this on day one and those of us who were undecided four excellent glimpses into Ultimate Campaign, it really seemed to generate more anticipation and excitement for what is looking to be an outstanding book!

I asked during the first weekly preview if these could become a regular thing, and while I understand that your time is devoted to developing new goodies and toys for us, any previews for upcoming products would be sure to bring a smile to my face... ;)

Thanks again, for brightening my Thursdays!! :D CANNOT WAIT TO READ THIS!!

The Pale :)

Here's a thought, take a page from "Army of Darkness." Have miniature NPC creatures with a "hive mind" so to speak that combine either into a solo powerful being, or use a swarm-type creature such as a Worm that Walks.

It would be hilarious to imagine several miniature evil Valeros duplicates torturing him... ;) only to form a Dark Valeros commanding a horde of skeletons...

I have to watch that movie now!

The Pale :)

Thank you for your polite response! I am delighted to have been of help :) Best of luck! :)

The Pale :)

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Having run a solo campaign for a dear friend of mine, I can offer a few crunchy bits from a DM perspective, if they might help:

1) You'll want to design encounters with the following key points in mind:

a) CR will be = to APL -3. My player was a druid with a hippo companion, and at 1st level I had her facing mites and kobolds, as well as low-level vermin, and single monster encounters. She did well and that kept the challenge at a reasonable level. (CR 1/4 at 1st, for example)

b) as stated in Gamemastery Guide, be extremely careful with traps. Obstacle traps like a portucullis trap probably wouldn't slow a barbarian down much, but magical traps are going to be brutal.

c) seed treasure with plenty of disposable goods, especially potions. Giving a solo PC extra treasure in the form of disposable goods doesn't break the game, and helps off-set other class abilities that are missing as well.

d) monster selection is best done by comparing character ability vs. special attacks and defenses, as well as movement modes. A spell resistance and attacks vs. Fortitude won't matter much to a Barbarian, but you put her up against a spellcaster who knows fly and Will-based spells, and it's game over. Pay special attention to her combat style and play to that. Pay close attention to her feat selections, and use that to guide enemy selection.

e) although this may sound like cheating, always give her the option of some sort of escape plan. When you have a mastermind villian you'd like reappear in another adventure, you give them an escape route since they are unique, and in a solo game, it's the PC that is unique, and should have an option of escape for self-preservation.

2) I can't help much with Kellids as it sounds like you have a wealth of info anyway, but you might look at Humans of Golarion if you haven't yet.

3) Just as an idea, the ferret could begin with an altered bag of holding-type pouch that the characters awaken with as a "blessing" that doubles as its home to prevent it from being sold. A bag of holding is a useful, but not overly powerful item that won't break the game, and solves a few problems for you.

Here's just a few ideas and lessons I've learned to get the ball rolling :). BEST OF LUCK!! Hope you have a blast with it! :D

The Pale :)

Hello, this may not be the correct thread to pose this question in, but with the inclusion of stats for Cthulhu in Pathfinder terms, would there be any possibility of some of Robert E. Howard's creatures or characters as well? The Conan stories are part of the Cthulhu mythos, and the Zuvembie in Bestiary 3 from the REH story "Pigeons from Hell" was spot-on! :) Would you be interested in, and able to include some more creatures and characters from his literary estate? Again, I apologize if this may be the wrong thread to ask in, but reading about Lovecraft on the board got me to wondering about Howard's creations, and the feasibility of seeing them in Golarion.

Thanks in advance, and very happy that this book will be this subscriber's Halloween treat! :D

The Pale :)

15 new reasons to make this book truly live up to the word ULTIMATE! I am loving the previews! On either side of the screen, I cannot think of a book I have ever been more excited for! Thanks for helping me make it through another week of waiting! :D One more preview, one week later and to quote Igor Olman: "IT MUST BE MINE!!" :D

Thanks again for another awesome preview! Can't wait to see next week's glimpse of greatness! :D

The Pale :)

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LOVE THE WEEKLY PREVIEWS!! :) Can't tell if they make the wait easier or more agonizing, either way, I eagerly look forward to next week! :D

The Pale :)

I just wanted to say "THANK YOU!!" Ilove the idea of weekly previews leading up to a product's release. If we play nice, could this become a regular thing? :D

I have never been so excited for a sourcebook as this one, and the previews will help ease the excrutiating wait. Thanks again for bringing a smile to my face! :)

As an aside, I like the ideas of the background feats giving both a story reward and a game reward. To Bill, always remember, as a DM, it's your game, your rules. :)

Already looking forward to next week! :D

The Pale :)

I can't wait for August! Mythic and a new way to play Pathfinder? DOUBLE GOODIES!!

+1 Subscriber! :)

The Pale :)

Hello, I know I'm a little late to the discussion, and it may be far too early at this stage to answer this, but it sounds as though you might be considering introducing new races and if you are, will they be generated with the racial points system introduced in Advanced Races Guide?

I have been rabid with anticipation for this since I heard about it, and when the Kickstarter is a reality, I would be delighted to support it!

Thank you for resurrecting what was looking to be a tragic end to a very exciting sourcebook! Best of luck, and with the desires voiced on the boards, together we can make this an epic book!

Thanks for the renewed hope and the info so far! Hope to hear more soon!

The Pale :)

Fantastic book, will save countless hours of prep time, and infinitely customizable for any class. In a prior thread, Erik mentioned that they would see how well this one did before putting out another codex incorporating classes from APG and others. Due to the space constraint, I have no problem at all with limiting it to the Core only. I sincerely hope that there are more to come, and with the recently released Paths of Prestige book, the next codex could incorporate APG classes, and even begin to dabble in the newly introduced prestige classes as well. Having some examples of Hellknights or Pit Fighters would be just great, and if there are more to come, I will gladly snap them up! I just loved the personalities behind some of the characters, and it is fantastic to see that the creative fires at Paizo still burn bright! If you are asking if there would be interest in future volumes, I hereby give my vote for yes in writing! :)

I received my Paizo catalog last week and it was mentioned there, I was just looking at FRP games and they had a tentative release date for March 2013, I hope that this helps. :)