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How am I supposed to test a system without fighting The Tarrasque?


Would you be able to get Full Plate of Speed as grey maiden plate, or Hellknight Plate, or would that be considered a custom item?

Grey Maiden Plate wrote:
Gray Maiden plate is mechanically identical to full plate, and any effect that functions with full plate functions with Gray Maiden plate.
Hellknight Plate wrote:
These distinctive suits of armor are a special type of masterwork full plate that grant additional effects when worn by a character with levels in the Hellknight prestige class. Apart from its distinctive look (each order of Hellknights has its own style of armor), a suit of Hellknight plate functions the same as a suit of masterwork full plate.

The mechanically identical statement makes me think it might be possible, but I'm not sure.


The zealot archetype says that it casts spells "as an inquisitor". Does that mean if a zealot took levels of inquisitor they would stack for spell progression, caster level, spells know etc. Or would that all be seperate as normal with multiclass casters?

Since Swashbuckler weapon training doesn't count as weapon training for the purpose of feats, does it stack with fighter weapon training?

Sovereign Court 2/5

So I want to refrain out of an archetype, and reading over the reteaining rules it says

retraining rules wrote:
To gain an archetype that replaces standard class abilities you already have, you must spend 5 days for every alternate class feature you would add, subtract, or replace by taking that archetype. At the end of the training period, you lose the standard class features and replace them with the archetype's alternate class features (if any).

But the archetype only alters existing features. I'm guessing it would still count and I would need to take 5 days for each feature, but I would like some confirmation.

In case someone can answer based on exactly what I'm trying to do I'm trying to refrain out of the Immolator inquisitor archetype.