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I'm debating on whether I want to spend a feat to get ki powers for my monk, but I can't seem to figure out a couple of things. The ki build monk that's in the core book recommends having a high wisdom, but I can't find anything that makes wisdom even necessary for ki powers. Unless it has something to do with the tradition you choose to take, divine or occult, because I can't figure out what those do either.

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This is my first 2e game. I was supposed to play it, but the GM had an emergency and I had to run this thing cold in a system I don't know so I have a couple questions.

How was the haunt in the haunted house supposed to work? It had a stealth DC instead of a perception DC like old haunts and I couldn't figure out what to do with that. Also is it supposed to do 4d6 damage to anyone in the room cause I almost killed half the party with that.

My other question is how much money were the players supposed to get? There's a table at the end, but the values seem pretty low even for a low level game with a silver economy.

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I've run this myself and now I'm in a game playing it and in my party we have a summoner whose eidolon got memory drained by the hyakume. This has lead to an argument about how the memory drain ability will affect the eidolon, what it will do and if it can be broken. It never came up when I GMed it so I have nothing to go on here.

I have a Drunken Master monk that I took this feat on and much like most of the things with that character this feat has some ambiguity to it that has lead to debates about how it functions. The feat states that when you drink alcohol you gain temp HP, a bonus to fort and will, and a penalty to dex. The bonuses last for 1 hour or until the temp HP runs out however the penalty remains for the full hour. We've already determined that the bonuses and penalties won't stack with each other, however the question that remains is whether I have to wait the full hour to reactivate the feat or if it can be refreshed as soon as the temp HP runs out. Also because my character build can cast restoration effectively at will for no cost can I just remove the penalty using that ability.

doomman47 wrote:
I would say yes since items that boost effective levels and don't stack together are called out as not being able to stack.

The way I read it the banner boosts your level and the horn gives you a bonus equal to if you were a higher level

The two particular are the Banner of the ancient kings and the Three reasons to live.

The banner states:
"A bard who carries a longspear or pole to which a banner of the ancient kings has been attached is treated as four levels higher than his actual bard level for the purposes of determining the bonuses granted by his inspire courage bardic performance ability."

The three reasons states:
"When a bard uses the horn to start a bardic performance, all effects of that performance are calculated as if the bard were 6 levels higher. This doesn’t grant the bard access to new bardic performances; it only enhances those to which the bard already has access."

I'm comparing two items that both count my bard level as higher for the inspiration do they stack or do I only get the higher of the two.