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I'm debating on whether I want to spend a feat to get ki powers for my monk, but I can't seem to figure out a couple of things. The ki build monk that's in the core book recommends having a high wisdom, but I can't find anything that makes wisdom even necessary for ki powers. Unless it has something to do with the tradition you choose to take, divine or occult, because I can't figure out what those do either.

Monks become trained in Divine/Occult Spell Attacks and Spell DCs when they select a Ki Spell.

I also wondered whether Wisdom or the Monk's Key Ability Score was used to calculate those in this thread here.


Wisdom is used to calculate Monk Spell attacks and spell DCs.

K-kun the Insane wrote:
Wisdom is used to calculate Monk Spell attacks and spell DCs.

What this means is that if you pick powers that don't need Spell attacks and spell DCs, you don't need wisdom for ki powers. So Abundant Step no wis needed but ki blast, you'll want it.

The only powers you will currently want wisdom for seem to be Ki Blast and Quivering Palm. Nothing else requires an enemy to save against your DC.

Wild Winds Stance is a bit funky, at least to me, because it is classified as a spell, but says that you make a ranged attack with the wind crash unarmed strikes. I'm inclined to think that means you use your Dex to hit rather than your Wis, but I could also see an argument being made for needing to actually use a spell attack roll and the language of the power simply being blurry.

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