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Three types, the most common are Eberron shards which are crimson in colour (better known as Blood Stones), then there's the blue with gold veined siberys shards and the midnight to oily black veined Khyber shards.

Whilst bloodstones are the most common, siberys shards best known for their use by those bearing dragonmarks are thought to be the remains of falling stars whilst Khyber shards are found deep beneath the ground where the dangers grow the deeper you delve especially with the legends that the ancient fiends and devils spoken of by the Silver Flame and other faiths are said to have been bound somewhere deep below.

Your equipment have notches for where shards can be implaced allowing for them to become more potent and for the purposes of this game allows for the presence of improved items without having to go looking for a crafter.

The item you have been asked to find is supposed to be a Siberys Shard said to resemble Aureon's Spellshard except for its blue with gold veined in coloration.

The tor holds an ancient tomb said to be dated from the Darguun Empire and the king buried here is said to have received a boon from an ancient overlord who ruled over where Sharn currently resides, the boon was thought to have been some trinket but the description you have been given suggests it might be something far more valuable...

XP Tally:

Graz: 871xp
2 Sacks of 30 platinum pieces in each
Magic Hide Armour +1
Magic Longbow +1

Havelock: 1371xp
Sack of 20 gems worth a total of 500gp
Magic Orb +1
Staff of Winter +1
Magic Robes +1 (to AC)

NaDarr: 1285xp
Magic Chain Mail +1
Magic Holy Symbol of Life +1

Nass: 846xp
Sack of 20 gems worth a total of 500gp
Magic Shortswords +1 (both of them)

Richard: 1523xp
Sack of 30 platinum pieces
Vicious Greatsword +1 (Level 2 item)
Elderhide Armour (Masterwork)

Verys: 1000xp
Bloodstone Ring: An ancient signet ring bearing the heraldric symbol of a Darguun noble family carved into a eberron bloodstone.

This ring when worn effectively turns any weapon or implement the wearer wields into a Magic +1 item. However it doesn't stack with any magical weapon and is an ancient Darguun artefact designed to allow the wearer to make use of any otherwise unenchanted weapon or implement and wield it as if it were enchanted. This is a Level 1 item and can be enhanced further as any weapon or implement can

Wind: 1000xp
Magic Longsword +1

Magical Item Notes:

Necrotic Clasp: A platinum and silver cloak clasp bearing the symbol of a Soveriegn Host faith.

This clasp is designed to allow the wearer to recharge an encounter power they use once per encounter or at the cost of depleting it for the day recharge one daily power used by the wearer