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NPC classes don't count for multi-class purposes and that includes favoured classes.

Starting Money for npc classes:

Adept: 2d4x10gp (80gp)
Aristocrat: 6d8x10gp (480gp)
Commoner: 5d4gp (20gp)
Expert: 3d4x10gp (120gp)
Warrior: 3d4x10gp (120gp)

Commoners gain a +2 bonus to any ONE of their saving throws and begin the game with a free weapon selected from those they can wield whether its a simple weapon or one gained as a result of their racial abilities.

Regardless of the fact npc classes don't effect favoured classes they still get the choice of a bonus hit point or skill point as a starting character only.

Heal skill also has the effect of allowing the recipient to recover lost hit points as long as they're not been reduce to below 0 hp which means every 10 you roll on this check adds 1 to the hp the recipient of this skill's use recovers, please note if the user of the Heal skill tries this on themself the difficulty increase to every 15 rolled as some injuries are that difficult to treat.

It is however not necessary that this recovery needs the use of a healing salve or ball however if a healer's kit isn't present these items are the exception that allows this skill's additional benefit to be used (That's druids for you they had to get some benefit cleric's don't get after all...)

Listed below are the traits;


Basic Traits
These come in four types;

1) Combat
a) Anatomist: +1 to confirm critical hits
b) Armour Expert: Reduce armour check penalty by 1 to a minimum of 0
c) Bullied: +1 on opportunity attacks strictly unarmed in nature doesn’t grant access to improved unarmed attack by the way
d) Courageous: +2 to saves vs fear
e) Deft Dodger: +1 to reflex saves
f) Dirty Fighter: +1 damage with flanking attacks
g) Fencer: +1 on opportunity attacks using daggers, swords and bladed weapons
h) Killed: Deals extra damage equal to the critical multiplier of a weapon when doing a critical hit but this damage isn’t multiplied
i) Reactionary: +2 to Initiative checks
j) Resilient: +1 to Fortitude saves

2) Faith
a) Birthmark: Resembles holy symbol of patron deity grants +2 to saves vs charms and compulsion effects
b) Caretaker: Gain Heal as a bonus class skill and +1 bonus to this skill
c) Child of the Temple: Gain either Knowledge/Nobility or /Religion as a bonus class skill but also gains a +1 bonus to both of these skills
d) Devotee of the Green: Gain either Knowledge/Geography or /Nature as a class skill but also gains a +1 bonus to both of these skills
e) Ease of Faith: Gain Diplomacy as a bonus class skill and a +1 bonus to this skill
f) History of Heresy: As long as having no levels in a divine class gains a +1 bonus to saves against divine spells
g) Indomitable Faith: Gain +1 to Will saves
h) Sacred Conduit: Gain +2 to Turn or Rebuke Undead checks
i) Sacred Touch: Can stabilise a dying creature merely by touching it
j) Scholar of the Great Beyond: Gain either Knowledge/History or /The Planes as a bonus class skill but gains a +1 bonus to both of these skills

3) Magic
a) Classically Schooled: Spellcraft is a bonus class skill and gains a +1 bonus to this skill
b) Dangerously Curious: Gain Use Magic Device as a bonus class skill and gains a +1 bonus to this skill
c) Focused Mind: Gain Concentration as a bonus class skill and gains a +1 bonus to this skill HOWEVER Concentration has been merged with Spellcraft and doesn’t exist as a skill now
d) Gifted Adept: Select one spell you can cast, you are so adept your caster level is treated at +1 level when casting this spell
e) Hedge Magician: Reduce the cost to craft a magical item by 5% in both money and xp.
f) Magical Knack: Multi-classed character whose spell casting level is increased by a maximum of +2 as long as it doesn’t exceed their total character level.
g) Magical Lineage: Select one spell and any meta-magic feat they possess when used with that spell has the level alteration increase reduced by 1 for that spell only.
h) Magical Talent: Select one 0th level spell gains the ability to cast this spell once per day treated as caster level 1st if no spell caster levels possessed and the save against this spell is Charisma based.
i) Mathematical Prodigy: Select either Knowledge/Arcana or /Architecture & Engineering as a bonus class skill and gains a +1 bonus to both of these skills
j) Skeptic: Gains +2 to saves versus illusions

4) Social
a) Adopted: Can pick up a racial trait from the race of their adopted parents
b) Bully: Gain Intimidate as a bonus class skill and a +1 bonus to this skill
c) Canter: Gains +5 to both Bluff and Sense Motive checks when received or deciphering secret messages
d) Charming: +1 bonus to Bluff or Diplomacy checks with people who find them attractive
e) Child of the Streets: Gain Gather Information as a bonus class skill and a +1 bonus to skill checks
f) Fast-Talker: Gain Bluff as a bonus class skill and a +1 bonus to this skill
g) Natural-Born Leader: All followers under your charge gain a +1 bonus to Will saves versus mind affecting spells and if the Leadership feat is obtained this grants a +1 bonus to this score.
h) Poverty-Stricken: Gain Survival as a bonus class skill and +1 to this skill
i) Rich Parents: Initial cash increases to 900gp
j) Suspicious: Gain Sense Motive as a bonus class skill and a +1 bonus to this skill

Standard Adventurer's Kit consists of;
(Cost 15gp and weigh 28.5lbs)
Backpack (2gp, 2lb)
Belt Pouch (1gp, 1/2lb)
Flint and Steel (1gp)
10 days worth of Trail Rations (5gp, 10lb)
50' of Hemp Rope (1gp, 10lb)
Waterskin (1gp, 4lb)
2 Sunrods (4gp, 2lb)

Mount: Light Horse each has a saddle pack and a riding saddle the packs hold the backpack and gear and anything you wish to add to them within reason.


Light Horse Stats:
Large Animal, CR: 1, HD: 3d8+6 (19hp), Initiative: +1, Speed: 60', AC: 13 (-1 size, +1 Dex, +3 natural), Touch AC: 10, Flat-footed: 12, Attack (melee): Up to 2 attacks with Hooves as a full attack -2, Damage: 1d4+1 (per hoof), Reach: 10', Special: Low-light Vision, Scent, Saves (F/R/W): +5/+4/+2, Abilities: Str 14, Dex 13, Con 15, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 6, Skills of Note: Listen +4, Spot +4, Feats: Endurance, Run.

Carrying Capacity: Can carry up to 150lbs as a light load, above this and up to 300lbs, a heavy load is up to 450lbs whilst it can drag up to 2,250lbs.

XP Update:
Herve Esterel

As an Aristocrat you are at 5th level, for xp purposes you have 3,740xp and require 5,000xp to reach 6th level.

Tenna Milcress

As a Commoner/Ranger you are at 1st/2nd level for xp purposes you have 4,000xp and need to reach 6,000xp for the next level.

Talden Skard

As a Warrior/Ranger (Druidic Variant) you are at 1st/2nd level for xp purposes you have 2,235xp and need to reach 3,300xp for the next level.

Willard Barnable

As a Commoner/Barbarian you are at 1st/2nd level for xp purposes you have 3270xp and need to reach 3,300xp to reach the next level.

Bogorin Rockstomper

As a Warrior/Cleric of Torag you are at 2nd/1st level for xp purposes you have 4,305xp and need a reach 6,000xp to reach the next level.


As an Adept/Druid you are at 1st/1st level and for xp purposes you have 1,040xp and need 1,300xp to reach the next level.


As a Commoner/Scout of 1st/1st level you have 1290xp and need 1300xp to reach the next level

Dale: Human female Commoner, Feat: Improved Initiative, Martial Weapon Proficiency/Long Sword, still undecided on the second feat.

Current Xp total: 160

Jonas: Gnome male Expert

Hobgoblin Handler's Ring: A plain copper ring that seems to be remarkably polished.

This is a Ring of Hide from Undead once worn the wearer is invisible to the sight of any undead unless they attack and even then if they're allowed to disengage for a round become invisible again

Hobgoblin Captain's Suit of Studded Leather: Masterwork suit of studded leather reduces the armour check penalty by 1 when worn.

Ogre's Javellin: A one use Javellin of Lightning that when thrown turns into a 5d6 lightning bolt and is destroyed in the process.

Leonine Bracers of Mighty Constitution: A pair of bracers bearing a lion motif across them originally known as Bracers of Health but under pfb rules is known as above.

Ogre Bane Arrow:

+1 Long Bow Arrow treated as +3 against Ogres also does an additional 1d6 damage against this monster type

Hobgoblin's Tisane:

Found three jars of tea each act as a potion of cure light wounds when prepared and drunk

Laboratory Potions: Consist of 6 potion vials three are green, two are blue and the last one is red

A total of 6 on the northern desk consist of 3 potions of cure light wounds, 2 potions of cure moderate wounds and 1 potion of lesser restoration

Goblin Jailor's Wand:
This is a wand of colour spray and currently has 24 charges left each use requires those caught in its effect to make a Will save versus a DC of 11

Chelish Guards Bracers:

The three chelish guards are wearing bracers of mighty consitution identical to Tenna's and grant a +2 bonus to the wearer's constitution score but must be worn for 24 hours for this effect to work

Leafy's Scimitars:

These are a pair of halfling sized scimitars +1 so they're small sized weapons that do 1d4 damage each they also shed light like a torch when unsheathed in the dark