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New updates!

The return of the previously abandoned Kirigakure clan ninja, as well as a new Unchained Ninja Archetype:

The Kirigakure Clan are now relegated as the maritime ninja. With a selection of new Ki powers and tricks making them suitable for campaigns set on the high seas!

The Shugenja makes the ninja draw from the Kannagi and Miko mythologies of being able to strike maladies and hexes upon their foes.

Be sure to check it out!

Just a little homebrew project I've been working on alongside my Unchained Ninja Homebrew.

The Avatar is a hybrid class of the Barbarian and the Druid.

Their general idea is based around media portrayals of 'martial class elementalists', such as the ones found in the avatar cartoon, the elemental spirit brothers from DotA, among other examples.

They fit the same role as that of the Bloodrager - as a full-BAB martial class with some 4th level spells and a variety of powers.

Feedback is highly appreciated!

New exciting updates!

Three new Unchained Ninja Archetypes to give even more new way to play the ninja!

The Origami Master archetype lets any Ninja create tools and weapons out of paper from mere playing cards, parchment, and even Harrow Decks and Spell Scrolls.

The Yama-Inu archetype gives the Ninja the terrain versatility of the ranger, allowing them to serve as the party's frontline scout and ambusher in hazardous places.

The Oniwaban archetype turns the Ninja into an information gathering spy, sacrificing the Rogue's toolkit, in place of the Investigator's versatility!

Please check it out!

Anyways, can I also get feedback on the specialized ammunition and gunpowders?

I feel like a lot of headaches would go away if I just removed the Larger Capacity modification.

Or maybe rewrite it as follows:

Larger Capacity - Increases the ammunition of the firearm by 1 but increases the reload time by one step.

Good observations, I'll consider more thought placed into the homebrew.

As for modern and unusual firearms as well as even technological weapons, the best solution may as well be "let the DM decide on it".

The purpose of this homebrew was initially limited to early and emerging firearms in mind.

Coidzor wrote:

Flared Muzzle seems pretty circumstantial, since most weapons that already have the Scatter quality already have the same or better range increment. Although I can see some cases where one would add that anyway, just for the increased options without having to use a separate weapon. If Flared Muzzle is compatible with Adjusted Sights then that would ramp it up a significant amount by allowing the option of a 45-foot cone attack.

Bayonet Holsters I could potentially see coming into play at very low levels, though I note they aren't restricted to two-handed firearms, potentially enabling some form of TWFing that switched between stabbing and shooting.

All in all, the price increases look like they make more basic weapons, like Pistols and Muskets, cost relatively modest amounts, around what one would pay for basic magic weapons, and thus be affordable to be purchased before the PC could have enough ranks in Craft (Firearms) in order to make them. Whereas something more expensive, like a fully-kitted-out Pepperbox Pistol or Revolver would cost in the 12,000 to 20,000 gp range, and thus be something that more characters would prefer to wait until they could craft them themselves, especially when it comes to pairs of Lightweight Pepperbox Pistols or Lightweight Revolvers.

Larger Capacity and Speed Loader don't have enough of an explanation provided for them to be usable in their current state.


Larger Capacity - (increases base cost by 20% per upgrade, Craft Firearms: 4 ranks)

Increases the ammo capacity of one type of firearm by 1. For every upgrade which doubles the original capacity of the firearm, the time required reloading the firearm is increased.

Speed Loader - (increases base cost by 50%, , Craft Firearms: 10 ranks)

By implementing automatic mechanisms in the chamber of one type of firearm, the time required reloading the firearm is reduced.

Increased by what? Reduced by what?

Larger Capacity...

Thanks for the feedback, highly appreciated!

As for the Flared Muzzle, it only grants a Scatter weapon quality of 15ft. I will specify that it does not stack with Adjusted Sights.

As for the possibility of having a heavilly modified firearm, I decided to place limitations to the number of times a weapon modification can be applied to a firearm. I have also rebalanced the Improved Rifling modification, having the absolute minimum misfire chance of 1 instead of 0 (thus still requiring a gunslinger to slap the reliable enchantment on their firearm).

In the case Air Repeaters, while their base cost is lower, it is still an unwieldy weapon that takes at a long time to reload and cannot take certain modifications such as specialized gunpowders, thus reducing their versatility in combat.

This homebrew attempts to make firearms more fun and immersive by offering new options to players when playing a gunslinger, swashbuckler or any class proficient with firearms. They must possess the Gunsmithing feat to be able to modify firearms and craft these new specialized ammunitions.

Link: Gunsmithing Expanded

Just saying. It would save you so much headache to make a Saiyan homebrew if you just make it an Kineticist Archetype.

Give it a Ki Pool and Improved Unarmed Attack and Flurry as class features.

Burn affects Ki Pool instead of CON.

Gather Power replenishes the Ki pool. At later Levels, Gathering Power exceeding beyond the Ki Pool makes this kineticist a Super Saiyan, granting bonuses to Attack and Damage per round equal to its level.

As an added bonus, it can use Flurry of Blows with Kinetic Blasts.


Minor update. New Ki Powers and Ninja Tricks. 1 New ninja clan, but I removed an older clan due to poor implementation.

Updated. New ninja clan.

Upcoming ideas: Alternate Capstone for each Ninja Clan.

My suggestion:

Stiff Stomach

'You have a picky palate, and an even more sensitive gullet than your peers.'

You take a -2 penalty to saves against ingested poisons, diseases and drugs.

Errant Inlad wrote:
This is amazing. Have you considered publishing this as a PDF? It's high quality and just needs a bit of proof reading, plus a few more tricks for some of the clans. Long as the upfront doesn't cost you too much, it could be a way to earn a bit of cash off your RPG developer skills.

Currently, I have no plans yet to publish a pdf. This is just a hobby of mine, but thanks for the words of encouragement!

Updated! There are now a total of 14 ninja clans to choose from, new ninja tricks, new master ninja tricks and updates to the ninja's weapon proficiencies!

Hi, thanks for the input. This is greatly appreciated. I'll try to explain each point:

>Text has 1d6 sneak attack gained each 4 levels, table has 1d6 each 5 levels.

The sneak attack progression is based on the marionette's HD, not levels.

>The bard has no obvious ability to repair their marionette, or to replace it if its destroyed.

Yep, you're correct. Aside from mending, the bard has no access to Make Whole. I've added an entry to explain how to replace a lost or broken marionette as well as added the spells to repair constructs. Thanks.

>Is there a maximum range the bard can control the marionette at? Do they need line of sight or line of effect to it?

The range is given on the table. Line of sight required.

>Do wondrous items need to be specially called out to work on a construct/marionette, or would most work?

Pretty sure I already wrote that down. the marionette 'cannot benefit from or use wondrous items except from those that would affect objects and constructs.'

>I'm not sure why you'd call this a trickster bard. Combat yes, teamwork yes, performance not especially, but not a trickster in any case any more than a cavalier is.

Ventriloquy lets the bard fight through his marionette as though there was a 2nd bard in the party.

The marionette can hold and deliver touch spells and even maintain a bardic performance, letting the bard do other tasks such as concentrating on illusions, skill checks, performing a separate performance, etc. Take note, all the puppeteer needs is a free action to maintain control of the marionette, he still has a standard, move and a swift action.

Furthermore, the marionette gains Construct Points, granting it special abilities that further specializes it to excel at certain tasks.

>At a glance no, right now it trades a lot of out of combat ability for a lot of in-combat ability, but I might change my mind.

The marionette shares the same skills as the puppeteer - letting the puppeteer perform tasks through his marionette as pickpocketing, disarming traps, manipulating objects, etc at a safe distance, or performing multiple tasks in unison. What it lacks in skill versatility, it makes up for in other aspects.

Thought of a neat little bard archetype idea while working on my Unchained Ninja Homebrew. Gonna share it here.

Presenting the Puppeteer Bard archetype.

What it lacks in versatility as a skill-monkey bard, it makes up for by being a trickster bard, capable of specializing in combat, performance or teamwork shenanigans using their marionette.

Please tell me what you think of this homebrew.

Updated! Added two new Ninja Clans, new ninja tricks, author notes and other details.

Be sure to take a look!

Good Dhampir Cleric or Paladin. Everytime he heals positive energy, it hurts him.

Ethereal Gears wrote:

I think you've done a great job with this. I honestly think almost all classes would benefit from having something akin to domains/bloodlines/oracle mysteries/cavalier orders, etc., i.e. a little package of thematic abilities sort of like a mandatory archetype. In this respect, I love the ninja clan concept, and it's also so immensely flavorful and cool. I haven't gone through all the clans yet, but the structure of them is really nice, with the unique Ki Power, the skill bonus, mastery and restrictions. I've dabbled some in trying to make an "unchained ninja" myself, but this is leagues ahead of what I accomplished.

Don't really have any specific balance notes right now, except possibly the Oni's Healing ninja trick seems to require an unnecessarily high level and grants rather paltry fast healing. I'd suggest requiring level 12 and having the fast healing be equal to your Cha mod, rather than just 2 hp per round. I've been away from PF for a longish while though, so maybe my balance instincts are a bit rusty. It's just my gut feeling right.

Anyway, great work!

Hey, thanks for that feedback. I appreciate it!

Regarding The Oni's Healing Ninja Trick, the reason it is kept at level 16 is due to how ninjas aren't supposed to be a one-man army, in terms of survivability, as they should rely on a cleric or paladin to provide healing. The Oni Healing ninja trick is essentially an emergency option due to how lethal certain monsters are at higher levels of play and its meant to keep a ninja alive after taking an unlucky crit and should not be meant to be a ninja trick to replace a cleric's healing.

Regardless, I rebalanced it to be available at 12th level instead.

Bestiary entry can be found here..

Standard Racial Traits

Ability Score Modifiers: The ability scores of Thriae are determined by their roles in the hive.
• Thriae Constructors gain a +2 to CON and INT but a -2 to their CHA to reflect their hardy and industrious nature as they serve as the builders and architects of their hive cities, but they lack a sense of individuality or personality.
• Thriae Soldiers gain a +2 to STR and WIS but a -2 to their INT to reflect their roles as the strong and vigilant protectors of their hive but their strict training makes their thinking rigid and inflexible to new ideas.
• Thriae Dancers gain a +2 to DEX and CHA but a -2 to their WIS to reflect their roles as graceful courtesans and the diplomats of hive society, their lackadaisical nature makes them susceptible to outside influence.

Type: Thriae are humanoid creatures with the Thriae subtype.
Size: Thriae are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Base Speed: Thriae have a base speed of 30 feet and a fly speed of 30 feet (poor maneuverability).
Languages: Thriae begin play speaking Common and Sylvan. Thriae with high Intelligence scores can choose any languages they want (except secret languages, such as Druidic).
Skilled: Thriae gain a +2 racial bonus to Profession checks.
Hivemind: Thriaes share a similar thought process to that of bees, granting a degree of mental resistance akin to most vermin. Thriae gain a +2 racial saving throw bonus against charms and compulsion spells and effects.
Hive Talent: In addition to their ability scores, Thriaes also possess unique special racial abilities based on their chosen role.
• Thriae Constructors can secrete sticky wax for repairing their hives or trapping intruders. These Thriae can use adhesive spittle 1/day as a spell-like ability (caster level equals the Thriae’s level; DC 11 + Charisma modifier)
• Thriae Soldiers are the only ones in their hive born with a poisonous barb that secretes a potent neurotoxin to weaken their foes.
Thriae Poison - injury; save Fort DC; frequency 1/round for 6 rounds; effect 1d2 Str; cure 1 save. (save is constitution based)
• Thriae Dancers with a Charisma score of 11 or higher gain the following spell-like ability: 3/day—charm person (caster level equals the Thriae’s level).

Alternate Racial Traits

The following alternate racial traits may be selected in place of one or more of the standard racial traits above.

Merope: Rather than sticky wax or poison stingers, Thriae nobility can instead produce the honey Merope, which grants herself or allies who imbibe on the sweet nectar with supernatural benefits. A Thriae can produce 1 dose of merope/day.
Creatures that consumes this merope as a standard action gains a +2 insight bonus to their attack rolls and saving throws for a number of rounds equal to half the Thriae’s character level (minimum 1).
This racial trait replaces Hive Talent.
Stinger Training: Thriae Soldier only. Some Thriae soldiers do not develop poisonous barbs, and make up for it by learning to use weapons resembling their missing appendage, gaining proficiency with all simple and martial melee piercing weapons.
This racial trait replaces Hive Talent.
Harvester: Thriae Constructors only. While most Thriae Constructors serve as hive builders, these Thriae are the hive’s gatherers trading away their wax-making for better senses for finding food. Thriaes with this alternate racial ability gain the scent racial ability.
This racial trait replaces Hive Talent.
Pheromones: Thriae Dancers only. Thriae Dancers constantly exude a sweet scent that attracts others to them. They gain a +2 racial bonus to Diplomacy and Bluff checks.
This racial trait replaces Hive Talent.
Seer Magic: Very few Thriae develop the innate talent of magic. Those that do are often venerated within and outside of Thriae society for their soothsaying abilities. Thriae Spellcasters are treated as one level higher when casting spells from the divination school.
This racial trait replaces Hive Talent.
Exoskeleton: Certain Thriae species develop a tougher exterior carapace that provides them a higher degree of defense than their other counterparts. These Thriae gain a +2 natural armor bonus to AC.
This racial trait replaces Hivemind.

WIP: Racial Class Archetypes

[b]Mead Brewer Alchemist Archetype
Merope Alchemy - Adds insight bonus from Merope to potions and infusions, but causes the drinker to make a fort save vs sicken condition from getting drunk. DC is based on spell level. (Modifies Alchemy)
New Discoveries - Wax Bomb, Summon Swarm Bomb.
Apis Mutagen - Grants improved fly speed and poisoned stinger natural attack to mutagen transformation. Later on adds swarm skin as a mutagen mutation. (Modifies Mutagen)

Royal Apiarist Druid Archetype
Adds various bee swarms to list of monsters summoned through summon nature’s ally (Modifies Spontaneous Casting)
Must select Druidic Herbalism as Nature Bond (flavorwise: honey as main ingredient for potion brewing)
Vermin Heart as a bonus feat (replaces woodland stride)
Pheromone - while bees swarm creature, adds level scaling insight bonus to attack and damage rolls to druid and allies, reveals invisible creatures. (replaces trackless step)
Hive Queen - gain DR against swarms and resistance vs swarm effects like distraction (replaces resist nature’s lure)

Updated with new Ninja Tricks and better wording for some class features.

TheGreatWot wrote:
I didn't mention this in my comments, but props on not only the function, but the style of the additions. I love the diversity of choices, and some of the names are pretty cool and fitting as well (although I don't know anything about the Japanese language, honestly).

Thanks for the feedback, the Japanese words are based on the research I did on actual tools, martial arts styles and weapons ninjas used historically. Even the clans are all based on actual ninjas (obviously I had to embellish certain things, but I tried to keep it as accurate as possible)

Things like the Fuuma clan being talented marksmen is a fact, and they did invent the Fuuma Shuriken, which was a stacked shuriken.

The Kato clan were the very progenitors of 'ninja riding on kites' myths, particularly Kato Danzo, nicknamed "the Flying Kato". I just changed it to an actual flight power in PF.

The Hosoya clan, although not ninjas (though their roles extended into being saboteurs and arsonists), did design pyrotechnics and were under the service of Nobunaga to create cannons and muskets.

The only actual person in the Sarutobi clan who was known of being an animal handler is Sarutobi Kizuki, who kept monkeys as pets but never used them in actual missions.

The Koga ninjas weren't the only ninjas to use poisons, but were the most successful in using poison to kill several prominent warlords.

And lastly, the Mochizuki clan were indeed a geisha school under the ownership of Mochizuki Chiyome who did train kunoichi (female ninjas).

Updated. New Tricks, Rebalanced Features and couple more minor changes!

TheGreatWot wrote:

Play a slayer if you want a sneaky martial character who's actually useful both in and out of combat. (I love your guide, but snark is obligatory)

This guide takes a character which is already vastly better than rogues in every way, and makes them even better. I also like ninjas and hate rogues, so this doesn't overly bother me.

I left some comments on there.

Thanks for the feedback, I'll work on them immediately.

As for the input regarding the Slayer = Ninja parallels, I do understand there is more room for my homebrew UC ninja to be less martial-focused and be more "ninja-like" (more stealth, infiltration, scouting foci) I'll see what I can do to make the clans less Slayer-like and add more versatility options outside of combat.

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I've seen several unchained ninja homebrews in many PF forums, many simply taking notes from the unchained rogue without adding more or less of what makes a ninja stand out from the rogue.

This is my version of the Unchained Ninja..

What separates this from the UC rogue and other UC ninja homebrews are 4 new things:

1. Ninja Clans - A new class feature, it allows ninjas to be affiliated with a clan, gaining new Ki Powers, Class Skills and Ki Masteries at the cost of restrictions. This makes ninjas more diverse in how they're made, lending inspiration from historical ninja clans.

2. Ninjutsu Training - Replacing the old ninja's No Trace class feature, Ninjutsu Training lets a ninja select two class skills to specialize based on their selected clans, letting them specialize further into their role.

3. Improved Light Steps - The old ninja's light steps class feature was good, but not great. I simply included new things which grants the UC ninja more mobility, without being broken.

4. Ninja Weapon Stances - Included in the new ninja tricks section, Ninja Weapon Stances allows players to even further customize their ninjas by making them have a unique fighting style based on their ninja weapons similar to the monk's style feats. Currently I'm only providing the 'standard' stances, and the 'improved' and 'greater' stances are still WIP.

Feedback is highly appreciated!

I decided to work on an unchained version of the Ninja Class.

Unchained Ninja Homebrew

It borrows heavily from the UC Rogue, but comes with a new class feature known as Ninja Clans.

Ninja Clans grants the UC Ninja new ninja tricks, new ki powers, and a different set of skill bonuses for the No Trace feature. They also gain a ninja specialty and a mastery at 10th level, as well as restrictions based on their chosen clan to further make the UC ninja separate from the UC rogue.

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Ciaran Barnes wrote:

First off, well done on the filling out the concept. I knew you had more ideas.

This is just a weird thought I had, but what if the language changed, depending on which element he was channeling? Or maybe a requirement that he can't channel an element until he can speak the language? Your way is much simpler. I'm just spitballing.

Is there some length of time to choose a new element, such as spending 15 minutes contemplating the natural forces or an hour performing a ritual? Currently, it seem like he wakes up and has a new one.

There is some redundant info at the beginning. You say that he picks a new spirit (singular) each day, but just above that you say that at higher levels he can pick more than one at a time. Redundancy has a time and place in the rules, but small changes can create contradictions if you aren't careful.

I like what you've done here so far. Obviously I could suggest variant sets of skills, but so could anyone who reads this. For example, I might swap out fire' Diplomacy with Perform. Or, I might extend the bonus to all Charisma-based ability and/or skill checks. Similarly, I like light as a free cantrip, but spark would also be thematically appropriate. So if I understand correctly, these bonuses are active 24 hours a day, depending on the element chosen. At 5th, two elements are active, 24 hours a day, etc. Is that right?

The duration is probably not a big deal, but there are two other ways to go about it. You've got barbarian style rounds/day split up as needed, and you have hunter style minutes/day split up as needed in one-minute increments. One of those would be simpler and still do the job. Yours has two scaling numbers: duration and uses/day. The numbers start small, then ramp up very quickly. At levels, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 the total durations are 1, 2, 6, 8, 15, 18, 28 and on and on. If you retain this method, then what if you made is so that channeling more than one element at once consumed a...

For bonus languages, the first thing an Avatar might need to commune with an elemental is to speak its language, hence why the bonus language has no restrictions. (Though this sort of logic can be safely ignored in the confines of this game. Too many arbitrary rules as is...)

For elemental embodiment, thanks for pointing that out. Revised and added.

For nature's boon, yes variant skills can be done, but that is up to you and the DM. The reason why I chose Light instead because Spark has a lot less utility going for it. And yes, the more spirits an Avatar can attune, the more abilities he gets indefinitely until he attunes to a new set of spirits. This isn't a big deal with the Nature's Boons because it only offers skills and cantrips and a few feats that are thematic but very situational.

As for avatar form, I'm having trouble rewording it because the Elemental Body spell only reaches up to 'Huge Elemental', but tell me what you think of the new revised wording. As for the duration, this is actually slightly based off of the Druid's wild shape ability which is a 1-hour ability with an addition use per day. Mine is a bit more scaled down to several minutes with an additional use per day.

You're right about the Air Boons stacking with the Avatar Form's stat bonuses. This is designed as intended. As you may notice from the Air Avatar's Wrath Powers, he is the least offensive-based avatar and more focused on stealth and overall damage evasion.

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Overhauled the Class, updated with new content.

I'll need additional feedbacks and suggestions please!

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The Avatar is actually not based off of 'Avatar the animated series'

Instead, they're based off the Ember, Storm and Earth Spirits from DoTA. Particularly, the entire premise that they're entities whose powers come from becoming living vessels to the elemental spirits.

The only difference herein is that the spirit and the host can coexist without the spirit destroying the main hosts' soul.

The Incarnate Archetype however, is much closer to that concept, as the elemental spirit and the soul are almost one and the same, preventing the Avatar from adopting other elements, but making his primary element much, much stronger.

@ Bitter Lily
I was planning on keeping the name, but since I'm in the process of overhauling the entire class, I'll definitely revise the fluff text as well.

Dang. That's a LOT of good points. Very appreciated, I'll keep working on the concept, but you're right. Tying the domains limited the scope with which I can improve the Avatar. I'll need to scrap these domains and do a total rework.

Okay, done with it. Nothing special, just gave the Avatar some bonus feats to give it more available options at 1st level.

Cyrad wrote:
Maybe they get a blast that can be full-attacked like the vigilante warlock?

I addressed that in the Avatar Form class feature.

"While in Avatar Form, an Avatar may use his 1st level domain powers at-will as an attack rather than as a standard action. Furthermore, he is not restricted to how many times he may use his domain powers per day."

Its not powerful, but its something of a 'backup ranged weapon'
It becomes a bit more potent with Wraths that improve their range, damage and ability to deal splash damage, but will never be as powerful as when an Avatar performs a full attack with elemental damage and a small bonus to their attack & damage rolls after casting a domain spell.

Okay, thanks for the input. I suppose you guys are right that this isn't my best idea and needs more time to be polished.

I'll be back once I have a good idea how to fix this thing.

1) The reason I chose cleric domains for this was multifaceted.
I wanted to tie some divine aspect to the Avatar for aesthetics. I also wanted the bonus spells and the energy resistances for mechanics.
The 1st level domain powers isn't that impressive, true. It simply wasn't something I needed for the class and merely a small perk.

2) As for the Avatar Form, there already are new powers and stat boosts once they gain access to the Elemental Body spells. Specifically, in addition to stat boosts, they gain a size bonus, elemental immunities, elemental abilities like burn, vortex, whirlwind, etc.

3) Yes, you're right. I should definitely flesh out the Avatar Form and the Wraths some more. I tried to make it similar to the Barb's Rage and Rage Powers, which I suppose is very unoriginal. The Class Features at 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th and 20th, I am quite happy with already, at least until a better idea comes up.

No, you were right. The Avatar had barely any features at 1st level, so I readjusted and moved his class features around.

Good to know, thanks. I'll look into your input and try to adjust things and see how it goes.

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Can I please get some feedback and input on my new homebrew, the Avatar?

The Avatar Class

Its designed to be a frontline combatant, capable of transforming into an Elemental known as his Avatar Form and using Wraths to further improve his combat repertoires.

They're pretty much designed as a divine-oriented elemental barbarian and expected to function just as well as one would expect, but with some added versatility.

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Thanks to the input of Mr. Turner, I have updated and reworded the Empyreus and made some more fixes and updates.

I'd wholly appreciate more feedback and more constructive criticisms.

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Yeah, thanks for the advice. I actually got the idea from the Empyreus from reading about most of the DSP classes notably the Vitalist and Tactician.

Also, I have 4 other homebrews that need some extra eyes to fix. But I want to do this one class at a time rather than all at once.

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Thanks again, guys.

I'm sorry, but this class feels like you just grabbed the Ranger, Bard and Investigator and put it in a blender.

Hybrid classes are supposed to stand out from their parent classes by taking a route not taken by either parent classes.

Your class has a good approach but a lack of its own original features.

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I updated and reworded some of the abilities and the class features mix well with each other now.

Can I please get some more feedback on this?

Barbarians already get damage reduction, which makes more sense as them shrugging off pain.

"This doesn't work, you can't have a swift and immediate action on the same turn."

Yeah, you're right. Its not on the same turn, I'm still figuring out how to let an Empyreus use his Attacks of Opportunity to aid his allies using his Quintessence powers.

Any good suggestions?

Thanks for the advice.
I've worked out how I want to integrate the Empyreus into the world at large. I posted it on the doc, I'd appreciate some more feedback.

I also followed your suggestion regarding the split talent pool. Its a good idea, especially since you're right regarding how the Empyreus is 3/4 BAB with no spellcasting.

I also fleshed out his class features more, making him more in-tune of the 'Magic Battery' sort of class, being able to use wands and rods by using his own pool rather than the wands' charges - as well as logically applying it further by letting him replicate spells for crafting.

If possible, can I ask you to balance-check the Quintessence powers as well?

I'd like to recommend checking out the Riven Hourglass martial discipline from Path of War for help regarding the wording on some of your abilities.

"All classes vary in flavor, but all of the published ones have some kind of concrete example"

I already explained quite well that an Empyreus is an energy manipulator not bound by arcane, divine, psionic, occult or any descriptor. The closest descriptor to it would be similar to the Kineticist as "living channels for elemental matter and energy, manipulating the world around them by drawing upon inner reserves from their own bodies."

Also I fixed the anti-pattern, thanks for pointing that out:
Siphon is now attainable at 1st level.
Quintessences are now attainable at 2nd level and every 2 levels after.

At 1st level, Siphon decently works well as its primary damage dealing ability, until the damage scales poorly at later levels that it works better as a backup or debuffing ability.

You have to understand that no two Empyrii are alike due to their selection of talents. You stress over the debuffing nature of the Empyreus, but I designed the Empyreus to be fully capable of disregarding much of his siphon powers (save for the Siphon Essence talent) in favor of being a more support oriented role.

Thanks for providing the specific questions I need to answer for this class, I have already updated my docs to answer those questions, as well as giving the Empyreus a few more of its own class features that helps make it a more unique class.

"You said that siphon's primary use is debuffing, but siphon doesn't debuff unless you get a talent for it."

If I may be so impudent, you gain a quintessence at 1st level - Either the Empyreus chooses to be a supporter and select an essence augment or chooses to be a debuffer and select a siphon augment. It really depends on your build whether you invest in making your Link better or your Siphon better.

"What's the narrative behind the class? How do they fit in the world? What do most of them do? What profession do they typically have? How did they get their powers? Are they like monks? Are they like scholars?"

As I said before, the class was based on actual people who believe that all living things possess an energy that they can manipulate either for combat or for healing.

In India, these are chakra practitioners. In China and Korea, quigong practitioners. In Japan, Reiki practitioners, etc.

As for professions and the nature of their powers, its actually varied by their lifestyle and background, which I personally believe would be appreciated as this lets players integrate Empyrii in any group or society.

They could be healers, much like clerics, who use their natural talents to deliver a healing touch.

They could be monastics, much like monks, who use these energies for self-perfection much like Ki.

They could be hermetics, much like druids, shamans and witchdoctors, who uses these supernatural sensitivity to natural energies to be watchers, protectors and guardians.

They could be scholars, much like wizards who wish to study more into the secrets of their powers, or sorcerers who have a natural inclination to controlling these energies much like a bloodline power.

Thank you both for the input, I'll see if I can polish this class even better.

@Cryad, the Empyreus is not a strictly default debuffer or a strictly default buffer. He combines both roles in a single round of action thanks to how his class features work.

As a standard action - He uses Siphon to take away a target's strength or speed or senses, etc.

Then with a swift action - He uses Link to pass those bonuses on to his allies, or he may opt to keep those bonuses to himself.

Finally, with an immediate action - He may use essence boosts through his link to temporarily grant a minor bonus to allies such as increasing their AC against an attack or their saves against a spell.

This variability and identity is inline with the Alchemist in terms of how their choice of talents decide their roles.

The empyreus could be a Reiki practitioner, who chooses to invest more in augment quintessences rather than siphon quintessences.

Otherwise, could be a Black Magic practitioner, who chose to invest more in siphoning rather than supporting.

@Theliah Strongarm
I tried to ignore giving the Empyreus a solid backstory or mold. Because I personally believe, much like certain classes, the empyreus come in many names within culture, history, lore or mythologies.

Since you insisted, I have made an entry in my google doc that I hope might satisfy you.

Brief bit of trivia: The Empyreus is based off Empyrean, a greek idea similar to alchemy that dictates that all creation in the world is made from light and energy.
In Greece, these are the classic elements of alchemy
In India, this is the outer chakra traditions
In Japan and Native America, this is the religion of animism

Nevertheless, the idea is that the Empyreus is an individual who knows how to shape all these sorts of energies into abilities that does not fit any classification of arcane, divine, psionic, occult, etc.

Cyrad wrote:

The class falls into the same issue I see with plenty of other homebrew classes. It's basically just a bag of talents. They get one interesting class feature that doesn't feel fleshed out, a massive talent pool, and an at-will blast that deals typeless damage. That's it.

Overall, while it's not a bad class, it just feels like a much less fleshed out version of the vitalist, which I'm pretty sure was your inspiration.

Thanks for the input.

Yes, the Empyreus borrows dominantly from two classes: The Vitalist and the Warlock, but without encroaching on the two classes' primary role and carving its own niche.

Though he may have the Warlock's at-will blast and infusions, it doesn't scale damage high enough to outmatch the rest of the party and instead uses Siphon as a debuffing mechanism.

Though he may have the Vitalists' collective, he cannot reliably heal or protect his allies to trivialize combat and instead uses link in his own way.

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