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Ok let's try this.

Male Dwarf Fighter 7/Barbarian 2 AC29 HP128 F+14 W+6 R+6 Perception +14

Make a post here gang so I know you guys have found the thread.

An online continuation of over twenty years of tabletop friendship.

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I started with the red box. My first conquest was the caves of chaos then I moved to the small town of Threshold in Karemakos.

I first jumped to AD&D 1st edition in 1981? I was going to play a fighter, but rolled up using the 3d6 method a character strong enough to be a ranger who tried to return the fire gems from a keep across the river Styx.

I even got to play a game hosted by the man himself in the 80's at a three week summer program called Gateways. For 15 three hour sessions my 24 companions and I battled a band of the most dangerous orcs I have ever seen in a graveyard using miniatures in he most extensive modeled graveyard in a forest you've ever seen. Hundreds of grave stones and each held a miniature underneath it that would reveal itself as the battle raged over
Them. I remember one fireball disturbed 6 wights and 14 skeletons in a single blast like it was yesterday.

Second edition came with dragonlance and the forgotten realms. Who didn't want to play a Drow back then.

Spell Jammer really grabbed my imagination for a while.

Then my friends kind of outgrew D&D and moved on to Earthdawn, werewolf, Vampire and others I have forgotten. I still read ever Dungeon magazine that came every two months.

Along came 3rd edition. D&D was now what we had been searching to table rule it into. Then 3.5 refined it and fixed the power curve. Full steam ahead and into 4th edition.

4th edition was a turd. Wow, it was like a top ten restaurant just stopped making their house specialties and decided to become a microwaved hot dog stand.

Thank god Paizo stood on the hill with a beacon burning bright. They may have killed Dungeon Magazine, but they had not killed Paizo. They had a desparate plan, we would evolve 3.5 into pathfinder and so it was that Paizo became the guardians of the flame. The keepers of the spirt of those of us who discovered d&d when we opened that red box so many years ago.

I still had a gaming group going a few years ago. I broke my neck and was bedridden with a spinal injury, one of my friends died of cancer, one moved away and others had to chose marriages over a four hour session every other week (b%*%#), but the spirit of the game never left me.

I still love reading the material and I can calculate the battles in my head.

But perhaps I have said too much already!

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