House Chiroptera Recruitment


Ok let's try this.

I had a bat in my house once. It's a good reason to always keep your chimney flue shut unless you have a fire going.

The Goblin wrote:
Ok let's try this.

Sure! Why not? It sounds like fun!


Just judging by the title, I'm imagining a noble with a secret, and a cadre of capable hangers-on. They aren't what Erelhei-Cinlu needs. But they are what it deserves.

The Drow Knights?



How about a drow version of Avariel. They could have bat wings instead of bird wings. And slightly larger ears.

Let's mix in some vamp, then we can say, "The Drak Knight" :)

How are we making this private? - Romo

Can I play a man who wears very baggy pants and wields a bludgeoning weapon?

It appears perhaps this thread was intended as a staging area for a private game.

If my posts worked against the intentions of the original poster, please accept my regrets.

Your intentions were unclear to me.

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