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tee hee!

A fine mood the monkey's in tonight

To let one like me go japing under pale moonlight

Inside an old fortunetelling tent a painted harlequin in ragged motley hunches over a rose-colored palantir. He giggles occasionally, his white-painted features twitching

"Maerlyn's globe,
Orb of the Rainbow Tredecim,
Show me mine enemies

Rhea's downfall
Cerise window
Show me my enemies

Palantir of Pain
Breaker of the Beam
Show me my enemies ..."

The horrid figure giggles more, the choked sound like a drowning victim coughing his last. The pink globe paints the tent fabric with a sickly fuscha glow - a sick-room color more suited for nasty-tasting nostrums.

A deserted big top sags against the yellowing sky. A murder of crows cackles along several paint-peeling wagons. In the fitful wind, a giggling can be heard.

Lolpus wrote:
Ethelbert the Octopus wrote:
Maelstrom Taig wrote:



The Giggler must come by and see what's new

'Cause that is what the Giggler likes to do ...

hee hee hee

Kirk vs. Picard? Toss in whoever played Kirk in the movie for added zest?

The Giggler barks

Indeed my sweet,
Your hound must go.
To chase some rabbits,
to and fro.

The Giggler prances off, Kytania following after.

Lucinda Darkeyes wrote:

Does Mr. Puppy want a biscuit?

The Gigggler prances over and grabs the biscuit, Kytania following

Dog I may be,
But Coyote was my sire
I have come to the threads
To start their funeral pyre..

Looks over at the small lizard

Wisdom comes from unexpected places
Sometimes from small scaly faces!

The Giggler straightens

This dog once bit a divine Jill
And sent her tumbling down Death's Hill
'Tis not good form to raise the dead
I think we'll stop the fools instead...

The Giggler looks at the woman appraisingly

Now here's a lass of chaos,
A true scion of the mad!
She seethes with madness' power,
She is the chime that will strike the hour!

The Giggler gets on all fours and barks quite convincingly.

Lucinda Darkeyes wrote:

A beautiful woman in a coral dress and with a hermit crab in her hair is arguing with an apparently imaginary friend as the Giggler and Kytania arrive.

The Giggler looks at the woman, as does Kytania

Greetings fair maid!
We seek your aid!
Perhaps you know,
which way to go,
If Evil we seek,
and havok we wish to wreak!

Two figures flash into being on the dock with the boat readied by the Denezins of Leng. One beats out a hornpipe dance on the ancient pilings while singing aloud, the other giggling as her chains beat out a lively tempo to her companion's gyrations.

Free at last!
Free at last!
My durance vile,
Shall now be past!
For now the Harlequin is finally free!
To sail the foaming Interthereal Sea!

The clown cavorts, the chained girl giggles and the boards creak and maunder.

The harlequin bows

My liberator, Kytania sweet
Some friends of mine we go to meet!
Perhaps they'll have the proper key
To aid as as we try to flee!

He opens his mouth and a gout of foul-smelling water comes bursting forth. The water swirls in a circular pattern, hovering in the air. The center opens up to reveal a portal. The Giggler steps through, holding out one bony hand for Kytania. They disappear and the water portal collapses on the ground.

The black vapor reforms into a skiny man in greasepaint and motlry clothes. His hat is festooned with multiple bells that jingle and cry.

My love my sweet!
You've come at last
To set me free
And seal the path

But 'fore we leave here one last trick
For there's still one more lock to pick!

The man capers around the chained creature, cavorting madly and giggling

Jack Hammer wrote:
The squirrel allows LJ to take the dagger. No one else.

As the squirrel allows LJ to grab the dagger it suddenly shoots up on a column of water. The Giggler reforms and plunges the dagger into Lynora-Jill.

And so the prophecy comes true
That I become the end of you ...

Yames Boornd wrote:

Yames Boornd made a post, where he took a shot at The Giggler, which seems to be currently in limbo...

OOPS didn't see it

The bolt strikes the giggler as he circles Oroth.

Alack! I'm struck!
What cursed luck!

The harlequin collapses into a puddle and absorbs into the earth

The Shadow wrote:

"Hope you didn't forget about me, you insane clown. You'll pay for what you did to that boy."

The clown grins evilly

The shadow with a weeping heart,
Now comes into the fray.
If vengance is what you desire,
You must earn it today!

The harlequin shifts his dagger and advances on Oroth

The harlequin pauses, noticing the young dryad on the elk


I think I've seen that twig before
Perhaps it's time to carve once more!

Unsheathing a wicked knife he passes it in front of his eyes

Weeping sap
And crying racks
Stop the sapling
in her tracks!

A harlequin cartwheels along the troops

Alack alay!
We kill today!
Be swift be sharp!
Cleave and don't stop!

A group of ragged carnies and freaks arrive trough a portal, led by a harlequin in motley.

"Aha! Hooray! The battle nears
And heroes will shed such sweet tears
I'll take my knife and carve new smiles
On all the corpses that I pile."

The harlequin man prances through the carnival, then pauses, head c0cked to the side

By the pricking of my thumbs ...something wicked this way comes ..

He leaps up and addresses the shadowy crowd.

The pale girl nears! The time for the autumn people to rise up is nigh! Follow me and we shall dance the Danse Macabre!

The odd crowd roars and follows the Giggler as he leads them out and away towards the distant Threads of Light

The carnival's loudspeakers crash out an off-kilter carnival tune as the Giggler leads a parade of shadow children, freaks and undead down the midway

Hurry hurry!

See the freaks!
See them play!
Just a copper coin today!

The line of weirdly mutated and oddly amputated beings shuffle hop and slither to the din of the carnival organ's tune

Smagnavast the Black wrote:

With a snort the dragon turns, leaps into the air, and sweeps majestically out of the thread...

A skinny man in motley dances along the carnival

A lizard with an ego huge
Did offer us some aid
But though his help would be quite nice
The price was high to pay

Perhaps we have no acid dire
or claws of burnished steel
Perhaps a shiv is just as good
For making heroes squeal ..

The man jumps and cartwheels along the grotesque inhabitants giggling in a high-pitched voice

A skinny figure dances among the garish tents of the morbid carnival. He turns a flip or a cartwheel every so often.

Blood on the threads where the heroes now linger
Blood on the roofs of their clubhouses and groves
Blood on the rise and the heavens are bleeding
Bloody red sun lights the pale girl's return

He giggles occasionally, a sound that makes hearers uneasy as he prances down the ghastly midway.

The skinny harlequin dances the Chaleston around the spot where Oroth stood:

A shadow with a bleeding heart
Did show his colors true this morn
If he returns, tear him apart!
And make his soul true shadow born ....

The harlequin tickles the chin of a newly-formed shadow minion.

I think he's stolen only meat
And left behind the soul so sweet...

The skinny harlequin giggles obscenely

'Tis not the laughing clown,
Who tied him to the frame.
Our host the Jack of Tears,
Must take all of the blame ..

The Giggler snatches up two more daggers and pitches them downrange. They each land in one of the child's eyesockets. His screams cut off like a light switch. The Giggler bows to Oroth.

I have done as you have asked,
And set the poor child free.
His soul can now serve a new task,
In our host's shadowy coterie.

The lean clown does backflips and cartwheels around Oroth, laughing raucously.

The skinny harlequin snatches up a dagger and tosses it downrange. The blade sinks into a kidney, elciting a wail

An ace I'm not,
My throwings bad!
I think that tot,
Will now be sad ..

The clown capers along the shadowed midway

A man dressed in fool's motley steps out from behind the erinyes' wings

Water water everywhere
A fine setting I think
I enjoy water in all forms
For it helps people sink!

The Harlequin grins, and his mouth opens impossibly wide. A gush of foul fetid water comes streaming out of his painted mouth with firehose ferocity, slamming into the heroes.

Ashaundra wrote:
The Giggler wrote:

The skinny harlequin pipes up

Fallen angel, take me along!
I swear you wont regret it!
I can sing a funny song
To make your friends emetic!

Let's just assume she agreed.

OK! :)

The skinny harlequin prances after Ashaundra

The skinny harlequin pipes up

Fallen angel, take me along!
I swear you wont regret it!
I can sing a funny song
To make your friends emetic!

The harlequin pops into scene, prancing and juggling several cobra snakes.

A wasp did buzz about the land
In search of bread and butter
Her nest was broken by Death's hand
And eaten by another

The Eighth Runelord wrote:

Whilst the Runelords of Wrath and Envy might very well be pleased to hear such plans you hardly paint a picture of a future likely to appeal to the rest of us.

The harlequin turns cartwheels around the Runelord

Your satisfaction plagues me not
For that is no concern of mine
I simply wandered by this place
To please myself and waste some time

The raggedy acrobat backflips away.

The Eighth Runelord wrote:

The Eighth Runelord begins to grow impatient with the clown's delay.

Do you choose, having come here, to say nothing to account for yourself, and your errand?
My junior colleague here is most anxious to have done with you.

The skinny clown dances about

My errand is to search for clues,
The satisfy the evil crew,
And find a future full of fire,
Where chaos fills my heat's desire ..

Pokes head in

A thread of evil overlords!
A group of vile beasts!
Perhaps they'll help us shove the sword
Right in the Jacks' hearts at least...

The skinny ragged man seems unusually animated, prancing about and chanting nonsense rhymes

A priestess and a harlequin
Did sup on squab for dinner
And though the bird was mighty fat
the dinner guests got thinner

A bottle, spoon and pot of sauce
went dancing on the town
The bottle tripped upon some moss
And dragged the others down

A braggart crowed up to the skies
That he was lord of all
But looking up with heedless eyes
He never saw his fall...

He twirls and gambols all about the Carnival, pinching prisoners and chucking the chins of the small shadow children

The harlequin man prances about

I've done my best to tip the side
To bring the threads to chaos' side
But there still is a gallant foe
Who even now still dams the flow
If evil is to win the day
Perhaps we should enter the fray.

The skinny dripping man giggles obscenely, bowing and scraping before his dread lord

A harlequin-garbed man traipses in

Lord Momus your plans are near
To build a carnival of pain and fear
The goddess rises and the goddess falls
And chaos is the sweetest laughter of all!

The man trails droplets of water as he bows to Lord Momus, runnels of water pooling on the floor under his long feet.

The Giggler looks about

I am no ones sacrificial pawn
So with the others I am gone!

Departs with the others

The Giggler returns, with a basket of goddess chunks

A tisket a tasket
A chunk of god in basket!

He looks around at all the clones

Oh me, oh my,
Has something gone awry?

A pool of water seeps out of the flagstones and coverges into a man-shaped form, turning into the Giggler

The goddess need her sweetmeats back
The time is now to get on track!

The Giggler picks up his wicker basket and skips off, trailing runnels of water as he goes.

The skinny man giggles and howls as the chain wraps his neck

Hee Hee Hee Hee!
You can't catch me!
You'd be better off,
Trying to catch the sea!

With that, the harlequin's entire body turns into water and splashes to the ground. The liquid oozes into the cracks of the Record Room floor. Soon there is no trace of the Giggler save for the echo of his insane laughter.

A skinny man in fool's motley climbs over the edge of the eyrie where the wise birds sleep. He dances along, a trail of wet footprints behind him. He reaches into a small crevice and withdraws something, putting it in his basket. He hums softly to himself as he skips over to the sacrificial altar.

What came first, the chicken or the egg?
I don't really care which.
If it was the chicken then we'll have squab,
If the egg then to omlettes we'll switch!

Pauses to sprinkle some strange dust on the sacrificial altar and then skips to the edge of the precipice and begins to crawl down the rocky slope. A faint sound of manic giggling wafts up as he descends.

The skinny man in fool's motley sweeps into the Records Room. He places two small pieces of the Goddess in front of the Bookkeeper.

I found two chunks of mistress dear
At this quick pace she'll soon be here!

The mans voice has changed, sounding very phlegmmy. His footsteps trail behind him outlined in water, but his clothes are dry.

A skinny man dressed in fool's motley comes skipping into the weed-choked parking lot outside the ruined temple. He picks up something near the sewer grate and places it in a basket on his arm.

Tralaa tralee ...
Let's see what we can see!

Observing the many zombies wandering around the grounds, he capers and laughs

It's a dead man's party,
Who could ask for more,
Everybody's comin',
leave your body at the door!

The skinny man raises his arms and makes like a zombie, staggering into the ruin. He follows the trail of squished revenants until he reaches the dias with the water sphere. The many zombies don't seem to pay any attention to him. He sees the revolving sphere and giggles to himself

Water rolling back and forth
A clever joke I think.
Water water everywhere,
But not a drop to drink!

He leaps onto the dias and grabs the sphere. The water collapses, running down his arms until it flows into his laughing mouth. The entire sphere disappears within the laughing figure. He gurgles, his voice much more watery.

Blub blub blub
There was a fool in a tub
He drank his wine
Was feeling fine
'Till he slipped on his soapy scrub!

The figure hops and dances along the corridors, eventually emerging and skipping offscene.

A skinny man dressed in fool's motley prances along the war-torn fields.

A trisket a tasket
I've got a little basket!

And indeed, the man is swinging a wicker basket on one pipe-thin arm as he skips to and fro.

He stops by a grove of trees and picks up something

Aha! I think I found a part!
Now is it spleen, liver or heart?

He looks up and sees the young willow tree. He reaches into his pouch and pulls a razor-sharp dagger

Time to let them know I'm here,
For soon I'll teach them the meaning of fear!

Carves a evil smile on the small tree, with the word 'Giggler' underneath.

Time to go, I must fly!
Many other places to try!

Skips off, not noticing the weeping sap his deep cuts have caused to roll down the willow's tender bark.

The Bookkeeper wrote:

"You look fit for the task" the undead hag says with a wicked smile. "Go forth and search for pieces of our mistress. Bring them back here to me. We must have all the pieces."

The motleyed fool opens a pouch and the daggers and skulls drop in.

I shall gather the mistress as you have asked,
You'll find the Giggler's up to the task!

The strange man prances out of the Records Room, giggling in a high-pitched manner

A slender man dressed in ragged fool's motley sweeps into the Records Room. His face is made up in the form of a clown, making him look almost jovial, if you didn't notice his flat, dead doll eyes. He sweeps up to the Bookkeeper and gives her a sweeping bow.

I hear you search for secrets dire
Dark things that most consign to fire

The skinny fool withdraws several round white shapes from a pouch and begins to juggle them.

Perhaps this fool can help your quest
By doing the things I do best!

The skinny man adds several daggers to the juggling routine. Upon closer examination, the round objects are small skulls.