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Definately worth getting


Okay, I'll start by saying that this product isn't as cost effective as it first appears, once you start taking into account the cost of colour ink. Having said that, I'm still giving this product 5 starts for the following reasons:

  • The artwork is great on this one - kudos to Callous Jack
  • My initial trepidation in purchasing this was that all the cutting and glueing would be time consuming, but with a good craft knife and glue dispenser they are quite quick to get together.
  • Most of these figures simply aren't available elsewhere. I have the full set of RotRL Battles minis, but I'm still going to be supplementing them with these.
  • There is a wide varity of figues. You can fill up the Town Square and make it feel like a dense crowd, and still have so few duplicates that they aren't even worth mentioning.
  • These figures are generic enough that they have use beyond RotRL or Jade Regent. Anytime you need a random NPC, there is probably a figure in this set that will do the job.

All in all, this product is worth getting. It's a must have for the opening scene of RotRL, but it's a handy resource even if you aren't planning to play the AP.

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Excellent product


As a relatively new GM I'm finding this an excellent reference. A lot of the things it says might be considered "common sense", but being able to read it is an assurance that you're on the right track. A lot of the material in here also seem to be responses to common questions on the message boards (e.g. how do I deal with a party that goes invisable all the time?) and the advice it gives is sound. I'll certainly be reading this book cover to cover and refering back to it from time to time. I think even an experienced GM can learn a thing or two from it.

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Awesome cartography, mind the creases


Okay, the map itself is awesome. I was expecting it to be big, but you can't get a sense of the scale of it until it is tacked up on your wall. I tried taking a photo of it to email to my friends, but a photo cannot capture the scale.
The colours are great and the level of detail is amazing. Looking at it, it's hard to believe that the Inner Sea Region is an imaginary place.
The one flaw, and the reason I've given it four starts instead of five, is the fact that it is packaged folded, not rolled. The product consists of four tiled poster maps, each of which is folded into eight segments. The folds mean that it does't tac onto the wall quite flat. Previous reviews have commented that the joins on the maps don't quite match. This isn't true - joins do match. The problem is that because the maps are folded, the edges don't always match up where you'd expect them to. Getting the four maps to fit together requires some effort to stretch them out first and then fit them together.
All in all a great product. I don't regret my purchase at all - the map is basically what I expected. If it had been package in a tube instead of a folio, though, it would have captured five stars from me.