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HP 38 | AC 19 | Saves 7/9/7 | Perception +5 |


PFS ID: 133608-2005 | CG Female Human Oracle of Flames 3 | Focus Points 2/2 | Hero Points 0 | ◆◇◈↺ |


Alter Ego | Spell DC 19 | Spells -/3/1 | Curse: Minor |



About The Carnelian Signet

Issil Telfae, the woman she certainly is not.

Pathbuilder 2e character sheet for Issil, you know, just in case.

PFS items:
Minor Healing Elixir

Who is the Carnelian Signet?:
The Carnelian Signet arrived during Grandmother Issil's time, a true Hell's rebel. Clad in flowing red garments and a concealing mask, the Signet made loud yet fashionable strides into the underbelly of Chileax, roasting their corruption and misdeeds with her flames and her otherworldly magic. No one knows what happened to her. Maybe she went up like kindling in some devil's pit. Or maybe she made a mess in Hell and is evading their vengeance.

The Carnelian Signet flared up a few months ago. Her flames and magic still aid her while her rapier and whip protect her from harm. Rumor has it a noble woman is supporting her efforts, but the Carnelian Signet owes no one.