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Mine is also hanging, if this could fix with the others. Order 36806283, Thanks.

Hi Raychael

It will help a lot, if it could be combined with my march subscription, so I would like that.

Hey CS team

My subscription from January have not arrive yet and it is now 41 business days since. My December package was also very late (around 30 business days compared to my normal 10, that the time usual is)(I live in Denmark, if that info is helpful/needed).

I just want to hear if I can get any info about the package or what todo about it. Luckily have my group not been meeting for the last couple of months, put we are hoping to start up in April again and I could really use some of the items here.

Best Regards

I can see that it have been combined with my Septemper shipment, which is totally fine by me, ignore this thread and have a nice day :D

Hey CS

My August shipment have not been ship yet.
I can see there is a "Waiting for backordered product(s)" under Transit Estimate, but I can not see which items that reference too.
I know that my side cart i quite big for this one and can be of that reason, but I will be happy with a update regarding it.

Best Regards

CorvusMask wrote:
BTW, does anyone recognize which demon lord rune that one in second map is?

My best quess will be Angazhan, as he also have some connection with the Mwangi and jungle


I hope that there is a problem with the calculated shipping cost, as a single AP should not cost 40$, especially because last month it only cost around 5$ dollars.

I will be happy to hear if this is just a mis calculation or it is for real.

Best Regards


It looks perfect now, thanks for the help and stay safe.

I have gotten a new order for the march subscription (15934540) and I really wanted to have AoA pawns with it, is it possible to add?


I have tried to set up two new subscribtions:

- PF adventures (Starting with FoP)
- PF pawns (Startting with AoA pawns)

The problem is that they just stay in my cart and can not process from there.

Another thing is that I have already ordered the next two adventures (The slithering in Order 12393692 and The dead god's hand, which are in my sidecart). Is it possible to get these remove, so that i don't get double and just those which will come with the subscription.

And thanks for the early PDF regarding the February subscriptions, it help alot!

Best Regards
Mads Gotthardsen