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"But that means we shouldn't even be in Hell. But..."

Seems like a diplomacy thing rather than an intimidate thing.

"What would be the point? We're still in Hell."

"It doesn't matter. We are bound to serve."

Leona, Lady of Laurel wrote:
This doesn't make sense, Leona frowns. Had they done something illegal? She certainly couldn't think of anything in the heat of this new conflict. "Have you got an extra copy of that for us to see?" she calls out, uncomfortable.

"Of course, it was prepared in triplicate. All nice and legal." the Hellknight holds out a copy for Leona to come look at.

Leona, Lady of Laurel wrote:
"I can think of no reason for there to be bounties out on us so further information would be welcome." They were still within their time limit, weren't they?

As far as you know you are still within your 48 hour window.

The Hellknight calmly pulls a parchment from her quiver and holds it up. "These beings are wanted criminals."

The woman on the rooftop merely stands with her bow, watching the melee.