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I noticed the chronicle sheet has no items listed, not even the wand of widening (burning hands) given at the end. Was that intentional or were they missed due to an error?

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Nullpunkt wrote:
So what was the announcement? Could anyone share for us Europeans who were sound asleep when the stream was on?

The link at the top goes to Level Up Dice's twitch channel, and the video of the sneak peak is there. Here's a link to the specific video: LUD Life with the lovely Shawn

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Rysky wrote:
John Compton wrote:
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David knott 242 wrote:

Is Favored Enemy even a thing in PF2?
As of this posting not to my knowledge.
The Core Rulebook also doesn't have rules for deet. Sounds like you folks are in for an itchy ride.
Is Sanctuary still a thing? That should totally work.

This scenario seems to be getting a lot of buzz.


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Thank you, Paizo, for continuing to work on this. It's been disappointing to not have minis that match a game with such a diversity of character races, not to mention the starships.
Crossing fingers that things go much better with this partnership!

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For Starfinder Masterclass, the update mentions the sculpts are "fully re-engineered and ready for production", which would seem to indicate the manufacturer could start making them, they just need to be paid to begin work. Where would that money come from? It seems like Ninja Division is broke, so it's had to understand how any of this will be fulfilled.
In any sense, now that this update from ND is out, I hope Paizo will check into things and post their own update here.

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Sayt wrote:

Is it me, or are the rules for stripping persistent damage incredibly rough?

You get clipped by, say, acid arrow, and start taking 1d6 acid damage/round. If you want to get rid of this, it's a flat DC 20 check. so you could reasonably expect to each 10d6 damage off of that one spell over time.

That said, you can reduce that flat check to.... DC15. That's still a really hard check, and consequently a lot of damage.

Does this seem...problematic, to anyone else?

I agree that it seems a bit too much. Even though it's been said that you can spend all 3 of your actions to give yourself a 76% chance of putting it out.

I guess if the persistent damage drops you to zero HP, you're pretty much dead. Also, with no set duration on the items, it seems like you throw a vial of acid, kill your target and it bores a hole to the center of the earth.