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Excellent Product


I bought this product based on Eric Hinkle's review and I am very glad that I did. I love it. It is a great tool and I can't wait for more. Those centaurs? Going straight into my Kingmaker campaign. Probably those angry peasants, too!

The best part of this product is the clever set of abilities given to each troop type to differentiate them from all others.

I'm looking forward to many more of these. I'd love a troop of hobgoblins, trolls, orcs, heavy infantry, light infantry, heavy cavalry, light cavalry, robots and, since I'm running Kingmaker...owlbears.

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Excellent Product Support


I really love these paper miniatures, which support the Dragon's Demand module. These are even better than using painted plastic or lead miniatures, because each and every villager in Belhaim is given his or her own unique miniature and likeness. The art is excellent and so is the variety. I particularly appreciate the serious art style which is significantly less "cartoonish" than some previous Paizo paper miniatures.

If you're running Dragon's Demand, or indeed any adventure based in a town or urban area, I can't recommend these highly enough. I'm running a play-by-post game and use the images to give life to the characters as they appear in the game.