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I don't understand why people are saying we're in decline. Taldor is still the dominant force throughout the Inner Sea and people from other countries still have the same respect for us that they always have. And no meddling adventurers can mess that up!

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Finally, the most important group in PFS gets their due.

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AlgaeNymph wrote:
I'm looking forward to learning more about Taldon; it's good to know about Andoran's future territory. ;)

That's a really funny way of describing being brought back in the fold.

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It's about time that Taldor gets the recognition that it deserves. Those silly children in Andoran get a book before us? The shame!

Sovereign Court

Jacob W. Michaels wrote:

I agree with Thomas that I like country-themed issues as they're easy for me to focus, though I think mountains could fall somewhat into that field (as opposed to, say, fey).

Personally, I'd be more excited about a Taldor issue than Andoran, but I could see getting into the latter with some possibly neat archetypes.

It is understandable that you would be more excited about a Taldan issue. After all, Taldor contains a vast treasure trove of history and great deeds to draw from. When you have a refined sense of culture and glory like us, it allows all art to blossom.

Three cheers for Taldor!