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Still looking

Thanks Tyncale

PM me pls

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As title suggests, looking to buy a DT rewards card if anyone that is no longer playing PFO has one laying around.

Found one. Thanks, no longer on the market.

Raising my offer to $200 plus monthly time....

I would also consider any DT account that has one character as a T3 tanner or T3 Apothecary and no blank character

TEO Drogon wrote:
I would be willing to pay $150 for a DT account with at least one character with fully backdated unspent XP.... PM me

I would also pay on top of this for any additional game time months that are tied to the account already.

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I would be willing to pay $150 for a DT account with at least one character with fully backdated unspent XP.... PM me

Nice drops....I'm still farming for my next one......

Good question, I had a 94 local at the time of the Blind drop.
I would have to ask about the others but will add it to this thread when I can.
Also Cheatle has informed me that we have had between 15-20 T3 recipes drop between MS and the Ustilavs. We have yet to consistantly farm the Duegars and my best drop on the elemenatals was a Hunting Holding kit :/

Spell - Harm - Ustilav Random mob

maneuver - Adamentine Bolos - Mordant Spire (collected by Tea)

In the interest of getting this back to the recruitment thread it was meant to be I went ahead and started a new post listing all known T3 drops for people to see what has been dropping and by whom....


Wanted to start a thread listing all known T3 recipe , spell and maneuver drops.

Spell - BLIND from Mordant spire random mob

I posed the question on paizocon live today and they said that at the moment the higher T2 escalations like MS have a extremely slim chance to drop T3, like 1 every 200 boss kills..... :/

Kind of lame imo, we can go kill skeleton or razmirian bosses for T2 wizard spells, shouldn't T2 bosses be dropping T3 spells?

Btw....What was the boss and what drops did it give?

Nice job, I'm sad I missed it.....house rule is on wife's bday cannot play video games

Bludd, thanks for the input. Since that night we have refined our tactics further which has made the grind much more fluid with less chatter in the channel. Hopefully we can hunt together again in the future so you can see first hand the changes we have made....

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MS is now dead.....

Thanks to everyone that showed up on Saturday. @Phyllain, HEY, I am an Elf.....in all seriousness, it would be nice to get beyond the "enemy" thing and have you join us, even if it is only for specific activities and we can ensure everyone involved that their will be no PVP during a strict PVE event. PVP does and will have its time in different situations and future game goals.....