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Xenocrat wrote:
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We dont have a GM here, that entire argument doesn't work.

Are we not all GMs and/or players, here to discuss how to run/play the game properly? Or are we just arguing for argument's sake?

My only point is that saying something like "according to the Rules, only things with the Disrupt tag can possibly disrupt an action, and nothing else can, ever" is idiotic, not least because the same set of Rules explicitly tells you to "work with your group to find a good solution, rather than just playing with the rule as printed".

For the purposes of the rules forum, a rule to houserule, which is what you're citing, is pointless, because it's not an answer to what the rules require. Such discussions belong in advice or general discussion threads. Here the answer is either (1) this is what you do, see pg XXX, or (2) ask your GM, there is no rule.

So a Monk with Stand Still feat has someone move out of the threatened square and they get to take a reaction. In theory the reaction to make a strike should then happen. If a non-crit then just damage, if a crit there is an disrupt and they aren't able to move and lose the action.

The distinction here is when they exit the square (valid trigger) then you get to do a strike. If we're following the logic presented here that the action doesn't get stopped/halted or whatever you want to call it, through a reaction, the person could simply finish their move and be out of range of the Monk when we now are saying they can react. We know that isn't true because then what's the point? The reaction should get to finish resolution first.

The order has to be Action declared and taken/in process of happening (movement) -> Ready Trigger gets met -> Reaction happens and is resolved (including any disrupts) -> Action (if possible) finishes but if not possible doesn't finish. Otherwise what is to prevent a move action simply moving out of the range of Stand Still and making it an irrelevant power?

Reading some of these interpretations here would mean that if your Stand still non-crit killed someone as they were leaving a square they should still be able to complete finishing their move, scooting their corpse along the floor because you can't disrupt it with just an non-crit Stand Still hit, the same if they were finishing a spell? Pathfinder 2.0 Weekend At Bernie's y'all.

I don't think that makes any sense from the reading of the rules.

Page 462 of CRB states:
When its trigger is satisfied—and only when it
is satisfied—you can use the reaction or free action, though
you don’t have to use the action if you don’t want to.

Krastor remembers he searched damn far and wide for a great cook and he better pay dividends now!

In rousing the caravan Krastor finds the cook sleeping and wakes him and says, "Remember when we saved your life from a terrible swarm of killer bees that we actually set loose? Well, you can repay us now" Ulf looks over and Krastor frown at him, "Not you. I think you're doing a great job navigating us by not moving"

Krastor being digging through the caravan trying to find their food supplies they were storing. He points to various odds and ends out to the cook to bring along with him.

"I want you to prepare a dish we can call 'Tears of Lucien'" Krastor says to the cook.

The dish includes
1) Artic Wolf sautéed over a bed of heart-shaped crackers
2) Crunchy spider leg appetizers
3) A leafy side with dangerous looking flowers shaped like moons. In the middle sits a green, almost acid looking dip for the crunchy spider legs.
4) Some nuts and shells when opened reveal an edible human man made out of chocolate, covered with some of the green dip. Most of the shells have a massive crack through them as if someone had tried to delicately cut in to the inside but instead gashed it entirely.

As people try it Krastor makes sure to serve it with his "Special Ingredient" (Casting Prestitigidation on the food) to make it taste delightful.

We will make sure and inform Ameiko about the goings on about the nobles, bandits on the Spirit Road and the presence of the Oni of Five Storms, The Forest of Spirits and “The House of Withered Blossoms”

Krastor looks the puppet show, fully understanding it but not really appreciating the humor. When the Prince challenges him for something to match he thinks for a while and then…

Krastor suddenly slightly modifies shadows to look like a horse with a dragon‘s tail and fangs. There are sounds of hoof prints clamoring along rooftops. Krastor explains to the audience in Tien that this is the story of feared and hated “Sandpoint Devil” and how it would eat and murder those who would dare to go outside at night. Krastor recites with great detail the terrible stories Koya used to always be so afraid of when she was younger but so loved.

Ability to recall the Sandpoint devil and all the scariness – Knowledge Local – 32

Periodically he makes the sound appear all over! Next to someone’s ear, behind someone else, never knowing where the sound or terror is coming from, only the hoofs and then tales of people being attacked, never seen again, or simply a pile of ash. Only the terrible worshipers of Lamashtu waiting, waiting for any opportunity for her monsters to come forth and kill everyone, making sure it is spoken in Tian for maximum coherency.
(OOC Casting Haunted FEY aspect and Prestigitation for a minor illusion and Ghost Sound for the sounds)

Krastor finishes and mentions to the Prince, “Anyway, that is one of our happiest tales at least. Maybe later I can tell you about the real enemies in Varisia.”

After meeting up with Cirwell later in the library, Krastor tries to think of any history or local knowledge he might have picked up about this “House of Withered Blossoms” in his studies:

Knowledge History – 32

Krastor tries to think on this and any other local customs or ways to identify who the Oni around the area might be with after researching information here

Knowledge Local – 30

Krastor talks to Shizu, “We need to get closer to the Prince so we can find his real intention. I don’t trust a smiling man, especially one who never stops. We need to get more information on those close to him or we may not know exactly what he is up to before it is too late.” He then looks over at Cirwell, "If things come to it we at least know one thing he will be interested in"

Krastor gets the information from Scry and relays to the party telepathically, “The guard Chua is asking about our every move. It appears we should watch him more closely, in addition to tracking this Prince. On our next day out let’s try to plant some coinage on him and if we’re lucky the Prince or one of his close associates. Let’s not discuss any plans unless through this magic connection, there appear to be too many ears”

**Next morning**

Krastor eats all the food he can muster and tries to use the chopsticks, after having been rebuffed by the local shopkeeper about his *Perfect* accent!

Attempt at using chopsticks – (Natural 1) for a total of 4.

Krastor yells out, “These things are useless and now I’m a mess!" The gross syrup leaking everywhere he curses again. As people watch he casts a spell and suddenly his clothes appears to be clean again (Prestidigitation) but not his mood.

During the festival Krastor is watching around, trying to find anyone looking at his party or staring for too long
Perception – 28

Krastor also continues to watch the Prince, hoping there is an opening for Shizu to get close enough to plant the coin to gather the much needed information. Perhaps a hulking brute of a fighter might provide the right distraction!

Krastor looks at the horses and the combat request and shrugs, telepathically he speaks to the party “If you want to feel more heroic I may be able to help!” He tries to have a diversion to make sure those participating have Heroism (if this isn’t allowed or impossible then ignore) Krastor thinks to himself “Why ride a horse when you can fly?”

When the wrestling tournament begins he hopes this can be the moment for Shizu to plant the coin on the prince or someone close to him. He thinks Parmenion should jump in and offers to get him “battle ready” by casting Grease so he will glisten and shine for certain victory and the locals might thinks he just has some sort of sweat gland problem!

Krastor agrees with everyone we need to look around for any prying eyes or divination magic
*Cast detect magic*
Arcana roll - 31
Spellcraft roll - 31
to ID any scrying/other non-party magic.

Perception - 33 to see who is observing us

After the party agrees to the plan, Krastor hurries everything around a corner which we then Dimension door out of sight. Krastor says, "Ok, if anybody was following us we have a moment" and he begins to wave his fingers and cast an incantation.

Where once were elves and humans now appear to be normal human Tien citizenry of the place. The illusion now in place, Krastor casts another spell and beings to speak telepathically to his party, "We should be able to inform each other on what is happening without any interference now. I'm going to go to the magic curiosity shops and see what I can find out about the magical power structure in town."

Krastor heads to the various shops and chats up the locals, trying to find out about magic items and other merchant wares. He ends up purchasing an Ioun stone to get the purveyor of the shop to be a little more chatty. Speaking in Tien, Krastor says, "Friend, these are magnificent items you have. I'm a travelling merchant and would like to know who in this town could procure such powerful magic and wares? I may have a great business opportunity. I would make it worth your while of course"

Diplomacy - 17

Krastor spends the rest of the time observing any guards and if they or anybody else is following him as he continues to visit shops

Perception - 17

Krastor tells his allies telepathically, "I'm going to return to the inn where we can meet up and drop our disguise and head back to the gates. Meet me there"

Upon returning to their chambers Krastor asks Shizu telepathically "If you were able to plant the coins let's see what this person(s) of interest are doing right now on the evening of such a festival. Parmenion and Cirwell, is there anything else you found out?"

**Cast Scrying** and waits to see what the coin reveals
DC 22 Will Save if the subject possess the coin. Due to Gilded Whispers they get -5 on this save.

Krastor looks up from studying and relaxing, trying to remember what his toes felt like after that frozen wasteland he had to trudge through and says, “Amieko, you know we will help you, but how do we know this isn’t a trap to separate us? I can speak the language here but know little of the customs and it looks like all of us are already persons of interest and any movement we make will be met with resistance. Oh… and Ameiko… we’ll expect even more reward when you’re set to your rightful position, ok? I want to retire with people to rub my feet as I explore with my mind”

A short pause happens and Krastor then looks over at Shizu, “Shizu, you know this area….perhaps we need to disguise ourselves and use the same divinations that were used against us against our enemy. While almost freezing to death and being blind I have finally seen an idea that may work and has only about a 50% change of getting us all killed! Things are looking up!”

Krastor fiddles around with his spell book looking for the right item to help until he finally exclaims, “Ahh! My new research has lead me to a spell which will let us disguise ourselves. Perhaps our enemy could see through it but not before we get the information we need about who they are first. Shizu, if I disguise our group to look like local residents, can I give you some of these coins for you to plant on persons of interest so we can turn the tables on them? Cirwell and I can speak the tongue and can perhaps gather some information. Parmenion can…make sure he has a strong cup of ale posing as our bodyguard or whatever they call it in these parts.”

//OOC – I’m proposing to cast Seeming on the group to disguise us all as locals and hope the illusion stays up long enough for us to gather information. I’m also going to cast Seeming to disguise the entire party to allow us to infiltrate and gather information without having a target on us. Also I want to cast Gilded Whispers – which will let me give Shizu 2-3 coins which can be scryed on for those who get them planted on their persons. I’ll also be casting Telepathic Bond so we can all communicate our maneuvers.\\

Considering the next module in the line is coming out this month and Wardens still doesn't appear to be PFS sanctioned, is there any estimate on when it will be?

I hope you guys can get the module lines sanctioned a little bit faster going forward but I understand you can only do so much. It would be nice to get the modules and have people get a chance to run it for PFS and not wait 3-4 months.

John Compton wrote:
Syntaxed wrote:
Is there any time-frame on this getting sanctioned for PFS Credit? I want to bust out my level 12 to the Mana Wastes!
The draft for sanctioning Wardens is on my desk to work on this week, in fact. My aim is to catch up on sanctioning before starting on scenarios.

Is there any estimate on when it might be sanctioned?

I'm turning in to a Mana Wastes Mutant and the only cure is chronicle sheets!

Is there any time-frame on this getting sanctioned for PFS Credit? I want to bust out my level 12 to the Mana Wastes!

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roysier wrote:
The issue with Dragons Demand is PFS players I know don't want to play pieces of it, nor do they want to play it in campaign mode so it simply doesn't get played anywhere in the PFS public that I have seen in the entire Bay Area. I know players who would play it if the whole thing was sanctioned in PFS mode.

What exactly is stopping it being run in campaign mode with PFS rules for credit if the players want to run through the whole thing?

Most of the chronicle sheets in DD cover the critical areas and if it was done in campaign mode you'd get 4 chronicle sheets anyway. It is just going to be a function of the new format, which unfortunately doesn't allow for a single day to complete one like doing so at a convention or game store. The Dragon's Demand also throws loot like candy in order to power you up through 7 levels which has some issues along with the some pretty grindy dungeon crawls to get players there.

After continuing to read Wardens of the Reborn Forge I really hope it gets sanctioned like the Dragon's Demand did, but perhaps break it up even further with chronicles so more parts can be included in smaller play sessions.

This 12+ content is badly needed as an alternative to running Eyes of the Ten in PFS and I hope more people purchase this module to show demand and desire for higher-tiered adventures.

roysier wrote:
Keeping my fingers crossed that the entire module will be PFS elgilible, that will make it in demand in the PFS world. If chopped up and only pieces are eligible I will probably never buy nor play it.

I would think it would be like Dragon's Demand where you can play in "campaign mode" or piecemeal like an AP. You still get chronicle sheets for both. It would really help fill in the much needed level 12+ material if so.

Hopefully Paizo can give us confirmation that it will be sanctioned and if it will function like Dragon's Demand did.

catalyst06 wrote:
I'm refreshing this page like every ten minutes...

You must be getting pretty tired!

Is there any estimate if these are going to make it out this week? Did a Dragon breath on them?

Jay836 wrote:
Any word on the release of the chronicle sheets?

I'd also like to know when these will be available as I'm currently running this. Previously I saw it was supposed to be shortly after Gencon but still nothing.