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After years of convincing, we finally convinced the wives of some of our gaming group to try RPGing once with us. Suggestions on a nice entry level Paizo Pathfinder module or adventure?

Whigh book of the Pathfinder adventures was created after the Pathfinder RPG experience award system?

My group is making the switch to following the P-finder RPG rules and I don't know how to transfer XP awarded previously. We are currentli in RotRL #2 Skinsaw Murders. Does the new RPG XP system transfer to this books CR XP rewards?

How do you keep up with the rate of DDM's released? I find that I buy a whole bunch one set, then three stes go by before I can afford more.

I cannot wait to receive my Zombie Fluxx game! I love the original game Fluxx, and zombie stuff...should be a great mix.

OK, just an odd question, but where does the name "Paizo" come from? And what's whith the purple goon logo guy?

OK here's an issue we ran into last night during the weekly session. The Half-Orc Barbarian in the party was raging during battle, then failed a "Horrifying Gaze" save against a creature from the City of the Spider Queen module, and cowered in fear. Next round a member of the party cast a Remove Fear spell to temporarily negate the fear effect.

My question is would the failed "Gaze/Fear" save stop the Barbarians Rage? If so when the fear was removed he would be fatigued. This was an issue last night because if he was fatigued the flow of the fight would take a severe turn for the worse, for the party that is.

Thank in advance for any comments.

Does anyone else think that the spell Acid Ball in this book is WAY overpowered for a 4th level spell?

Anyone gaming around Youngstown?

Is there a way to search for only the threads that I have started? It would be nice to be able to see a capsule of all of my own threads instead of searching all over for them.

Just my thoughts.

How do people get only a portion of a previous message in grey in their post? I only seem to get the whole message in grey or nothing.

What is the smallest effective group size you have played with?

My Group went from 6 players + DM to 4 + DM in a year, now we only have 3 players in town + DM, and may start playing with just that. I am worried that the group will be to small to get a lot of ideas going and maintain momentum.